7 Tips To Kickstart Your Modeling Career

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Modelling isn’t easy. Anyone who has been in this field will tell you how tough it is to stand in front of bright lights for hours and strike uncomfortable poses all day. But even then, the glitz and glamour of the modelling world are unparalleled.

The Australian fashion industry was a whopping $27.2 billion in 2021, so it comes as no wonder that modelling is an extremely competitive field. But if you wish to stand out and kickstart your modelling career, here are seven tips for you.

1. Develop your skills

Develop your skills

This isn’t just for modelling. No matter what you wish to pursue, it’s important to keep sharpening your skills. Study and understand posing and know what each pose means.

Practice walking on the runway as much as possible. You can first start by watching modelling reality shows and then continue from there or speak to anyone who’s had experience in this field.

Unless you keep developing your skills, you won’t be able to keep up with the pace of the industry. Don’t worry if you look or feel awkward the first few times, just keep practising.

2. Practice in front of the camera

If you’re camera-shy, you’ll need to get rid of this as soon as possible. Ask a friend or family member to keep clicking pictures of you in different poses. They don’t have to be a professional photographer. All they need to do is make sure you don’t feel rigid or tensed in your postures.

Work with the photographer to make sure there’s a proper balance- this is what professional models do anyway. Having the right posing skills is essential and this can only be achieved when you’re confident in front of the camera.

3. Build an amazing portfolio

One of the most important steps is to have a killer portfolio that’s enough to stun anyone and everyone. It’s supposed to highlight your strengths through high-quality stylish images.

Having a good portfolio is one of the major requirements any modelling agency will have, even before they interview you personally. It also helps to have both – an online web portfolio as well as a printed version that you can show to the talent hunters. You can easily use a portfolio WordPress theme to create a website.

4. Contact the right agencies

Contact the right agencies

There will be innumerable modelling agencies all waiting to hire the next top model of Australia. But it’s up to you to choose the agency that’s reputed and authentic. For example, Hunter Talent modelling agency is one of the finest modelling organizations in Australia.

They work with reputed brands like Nike and Speedo and make sure their models are one of the finest. If you want to kickstart your career the right way, Hunter Talent is the best place for you.

5. Take proper photographs

Most agencies will look at your pictures to get to know your style and preference. So make sure you look as natural as possible. Put on very little or no makeup. Remember to be yourself in all the snaps. The photos or polaroids should never be selfies or blurred pictures.

The background should be clear and as plain as possible. Style your hair in a simple-yet-clean way and make sure there are snaps of you in different poses like with and without your hair up, up-close headshots left and right profiles, etc.

6. Prepare for rejection

No matter how amazing a model someone is, they won’t be accepted in each and every agency or campaign right from the start. It’s always better to be mentally prepared for rejections.

Even the most stunning and glamorous models you see had once faced many nos. Rejection is a part of this industry, so never lose hope. Instead, get back up and keep improving yourself.

7. Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

It’s extremely important to take care of your skin and hair. No matter how well makeup can hide acne or other skin disorders, it’s always best to eat and drink healthily. Stay away from junk food, alcohol, or tobacco. Invest in proper skin and hair care regime.

Make sure the products you use are as natural and eco-friendly as possible to minimize the side effects. Glowing skin and hair can really take you places here.

Over to you…

Being a model takes a lot of patience and dedication. Therefore, it’s important for you to follow these seven tips and tricks to make sure your career in modelling blooms successfully. Most importantly, always remember to be your best self.

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