The Best keyboard app for Android (Free Cool Keyboard Apps)

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Are you tired of the stock keyboard pre-installed on your Android device? Try out any of the following keyboard apps for Android

Are you tired of the stock keyboard that comes with your Android phone? You are not alone. Most people do not like that this keyboard is not customizable. Others prefer to make their typing experience better by adding special characters such as emojis and GIFs.

Luckily, there are multiple third-party keyboard apps on the internet today. Unlike conventional or stock keyboard apps, top Android keyboard apps have all sorts of functions that go beyond the intended purpose to deliver a polished and refined typing experience.

However, not all third-party keyboard apps will prove useful to you. We have made it easy for you to choose by compiling a list of the top 6 Android keyboard apps that are sure to strike your fancy.

So, What is the best keyboard app for android?

Top 6 Cool keyboard apps for Customizing Keyboards

1. Gboard – Google Keyboard: All-round


If you are in need of a thoughtfully designed and free keyboard app, Google’s Gboard will prove worth your while. The Gboard does a pretty decent job when it comes to tap-oriented typing and swipe-based typing.

Swipe typing enables you to slide from one letter to another without having to lift your finger. It also has an in-built auto-correct feature as well as word prediction capabilities which enable faster typing.

Key Features of Gboard keyboard :

  • The handwriting option where the text your scribble is converted into a regular text
  • The floating keyboard mode
  • Integrated Google translate mode
  • One-handed typing mode
  • Google search and paste option which enables you to paste search results directly on the text field
  • Speech-to-text capability

The Gboard keyboard app users also benefit from regular updates. You can choose the simple white or black theme. Currently, the Gboard has more than 3 million users and a 4.4-star rating.

Download the Gboard keyboard app here : Git it on google play

2. Swiftkey – Best swipe keyboard by Microsoft


This is one of the best Android keyboard apps that was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 at an impressive amount. The app uses artificial intelligence which enables it to learn and predict the next word you intend to type.

Its gesture typing and autocorrect features allow for faster input. While in the past you had to pay to unlock all the available themes and features on Swiftkey, the app is now free.

Key Features of Swiftkey Keyboard :

  • Ability to sync the keyboard with your calendar and browse through your agenda
  • You can integrate it with your web search system and view entire web pages on an overlay window
  • It supports over 100 languages

Download the Swiftkey keyboard hereGit it on google play

Try out its beta version here:  Git it on google play

3. Chrooma – Color adaptive texting keyboard app 


Unlike other keyboard apps where you just choose a theme, Chrooma goes a step further and changes the color depending on the app you are using.

For instance, the keyboard turns green when you are on Spotify, blue when you are on Twitter, and so on. The gesture typing features on Chrooma allows you to fast delete a single or multiple words, select your text, access Google Now, and the activate one-handed mode.

Key Features of Chrooma :

  • A clipboard manager was frequently used text is stored or pinned. It also stores copied texts
  • A night mode feature
  • It is lightweight and fast
  • It supports more than 60 languages
  • You can choose from a myriad of emojis

Download the Chrooma here : Git it on google play

4. Fleksy – Lightweight keyboard app support GIF


The Fleksy keyboard app wins over the competition through integrated GIF support and colorful and vivid themes. While it does not support gesture typing, the keyboard allows you to swipe across the keyboard to delete unwanted characters and words.

Fleksy is quite customizable as you can choose from over 50 different color themes, 800 emojis, GIFs, and three keyboard sizes, among others. The app supports over 40 languages.

Key Features of Fleksy :

  • Strict privacy policy
  • Next-generation auto-correct features
  • Ability to navigate different apps from your keyboard
  • Ability to make keyboard shortcuts

Download Fleksy here : Git it on google play

5. Touchpal – Most customizable keyboard app


Touchpal is an impressive keyboard app that has been around for at least 10 years and boasts of more than 500 million users across the world. It is a feature-rich app that packs such features as GIF support, gesture typing, speech-to-text, predictive text, autocorrect, multilingual support, and so on.

Touchpal is perhaps the most customizable keyboard app. It has over 5,000 themes that are individually customizable.

Key Features of Touchpal :

  • The app has its own AI assistance
  • It features an integrated store which handles add-ons and advertisements
  • Tons of customizing options

While Touchpal is an ideal keyboard app, the free version is riddled with full-screen ads which you can get rid of by paying the annual fee of $5

Download the Touchpal app here : Git it on google play

6. GO Keyboard – Best emoji keyboard app for android


This is a great keyboard app with an appealing minimalist look. The keyboard app supports more than 60 languages and has over 1,000 themes.

You can also choose from the AZERTY, QWERTZ, and QWERTY keyboards. This is one of the few keyboard apps which allow you to add sounds as well as special characters to your messages.

Key Features of GO Keyboard

  • It allows for multi-point touching
  • It has pretty accurate dictionaries
  • It allows you to import contacts
  • It supports gesture typing
  • It has the swipe-to-unlock feature

Download the GO keyboard app here : Git it on google play

Safety concerns for keyboard apps

In an age where identity theft and cybersecurity are a major concern, it is understandable if you are wary of the security of Android keyboard apps.

You will probably be using your keyboard to log in to social networking sites as well as mobile banking applications. An unsafe keyboard app is similar to a scenario where a person is constantly monitoring such login details and your mobile activity. Mobile apps also ask for access to other areas of your phone such as the contacts, gallery, microphone, and so on.

Some of the top tips that will help you install secure 3rd party keyboard apps include:

  • Install keyboard applications from reputable developers such as Microsoft and Android
  • Choose keyboard applications that have an editor’s choice remark as these have been tried and tested by Google Play safety authorities
  • Review the app’s permissions while installing. An app that asks you to grant access to your contact list, gallery and other areas of your phone might not be safe
  • Go through the reviews. While it’s not uncommon for even the most reputable app to have a few negative reviews, you’ll want to refrain from an app whose negative reviews outweigh the positive ones.

So, what keyboard app are you using? We’d be happy to hear your experience.

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