GPT Platform That Pays In Crypto: JumpTask Review

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GPT (get-paid-to) websites are a popular way to earn some extra cash with little effort and time investment.

After all, you get paid to do very simple tasks, so why not do it? In a lot of cases, the rewards you receive for completing the tasks are in the form of points or credits, which you can later exchange for gift cards and similar valuable things.

Actual monetary rewards right away are quite rare to find on GPT websites. Recently, however, a new platform popped up called JumpTask that gives payments in crypto directly with no points or credits system. How does it work, and can it become a new standard for future GPT websites?

What is JumpTask?

What is JumpTask

JumpTask is a GPT platform/website that launched back in early 2022. The goal of this project is to create a relatively new model for gig workers in the ever-growing gig economy to do microtasks as well as for businesses to find the required workforce to do their tasks.

It should, according to their idea, let companies do tasks quicker via crowdsourcing efforts. On the users' end, this means completing small tasks that do not require any prior experience for a monetary reward.

Together with the platform itself, JumpTask launched its own cryptocurrency called the JumpToken (JMPT). It is used for payments to users for completing tasks. The cryptocurrency itself is not something extraordinary.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, it can be bought, sold, or swapped in crypto exchanges, meaning that if you are already involved in the crypto world, it is a great opportunity to get some free crypto. And if you are completely new to this recent craze, it might be a great place to start.

How can you earn on JumpTask?

How can you earn on JumpTask

It is no surprise that task-wise, JumpTask is similar to other GPT websites. On the other hand, considering the numerous GPT platforms available, there are few new tasks that one can invent, hence the similarities between them all.

On JumpTask, there are 5 task categories. 3 of them are active tasks where you have to do a certain action in order to get rewarded, and 2 of them are, surprisingly, passive income solutions.

The first category is simply called “Offers”. There you can earn JMPT by doing various microtasks, such as completing a quiz, installing an app, registering on some website, and so on.

The second active category is “Games.” This category is similar to the “Offers” category mentioned above but is solely focused on games. In most cases, you will need to download some game and reach a certain level playing it in order to get rewarded.

The last active category is “Surveys.” No GPT platform would be complete without surveys. As the name clearly implies, there you get rewarded for sharing your opinion on various topics by filling out surveys.

Besides providing rewards directly (as opposed to using a points system), another feature that stands out on JumpTask is passive earning opportunities. There are two categories for this – “Staking” and “Honeygain.”

Staking is the practice of locking your crypto assets for a set period of time and getting interest payments for it. Considering the market size of currencies that can be staked, it can safely be called an incredibly popular way to make your crypto work for you.

JumpTask offers staking as a passive income option right there on the platform itself. You can stake your JMPT in three different staking pools with different requirements and make your wallet grow without doing any tasks whatsoever. Needless to say, though, you need to have some JMPT to be able to stake in the first place. Hence, doing a few tasks or purchasing JMPT is needed for this.

The other passive income option offered by JumpTask is Honeygain – a partner app that rewards you for sharing your unused internet bandwidth with their network. You would need to install the Honeygain application on your device, and that is it. The earnings you make on this app will be transferred as JMPT to your wallet.

Final thoughts

When it seemed that nothing new could come out of GPT platforms, JumpTask managed to find a way. Instead of attempting to invent something on the surface level, it made changes to the core concepts of usual GPT websites.

Creating its own cryptocurrency that is used to directly pay their user base and adding passive income opportunities to a platform that should, at least on paper, be solely activity based is something that was never seen before in the field of GPT platforms.

Finally, as this platform pays out in cryptocurrency, it paves way for new people to step into the crypto world, as well as encourages crypto enthusiasts to get some free crypto for doing a few simple tasks.

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