Is the SeekaPanel a Good cPanel Alternative for Bloggers and Owners of Multiple Websites?

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You may be familiar with the most common and widely used web hosting control panel cPanel, which currently dominates the market and is used by millions of website owners to manage their domains and web hosting.

However, more custom-built web hosting control panels and cPanel alternatives are emerging as customers demand change and they often offer a wide variety of very different features, which is why it is advisable to compare them first.

A blogger may have very different requirements compared to a web designer, especially if they manage multiple websites. Therefore, the web developers at SeekaHost’s sister company ClickDo have created the SeekaHost App with the SeekaPanel to make multiple website management smooth and simple to scale blogging more effectively.

The team has created a custom panel dashboard that is specifically tailored to customers looking for an easy-to-use tool to manage and host multiple websites with unique IP addresses at affordable rates.

Often cPanel users report a rather complicated interface, which obviously offers many options, but is more difficult to navigate. Also, in recent years cPanel costs have risen significantly, which makes the software less attractive, especially for users with multiple websites looking to scale.

Blog Scaling & Management Made Easier & Faster

Blog Scaling & Management Made Easier & Faster

Whether a user is looking to start a single WordPress website, or multiple sites aka PBNs (private blog network) where unique IPs are advantageous, they are not limited in any way when using the multiple IP hosting control panel SeekaPanel.

With its smart domain checker tool users can purchase a cheap .com domain for less than with other competitors, while taking advantage of managing websites all in one place with integrated analytics features.

SEO plays a vital role in making any blog or website a success and often expired domains are a great starting point.

You can see that blogs registered with SeekaPanel such as the Green Living Magazine for example, have grown continuously since their launch with SeekaHost’s WordPress Hosting:

Having registered this expired domain in the SeekaPanel in the summer of 2020, it has gone from strength to strength using the analytics features inside the panel to plan the content strategy more effectively. It currently ranks for over 700 keywords on search engines with no sign of slowing down.

Inside the SeekaPanel the user can track the live traffic of their registered and hosted website with Google Analytics and Clicky integrations and you can see below how the London Business News Magazine blog’s daily data is displayed within the analytics dashboard in the panel:

But there are more benefits to using this control panel, so let’s dive in.

Unique Advantages of the SeekaPanel for Managing & Hosting Several Websites

Within the SeekaPanel any registered user can host their websites with unique IP’s making them look like separate entities, which is beneficial for SEO.

Using the multiple IP hosting with unique IP’s will lead to search engines registering these as separate websites owned by different owners. So, backlinks from these websites will be valued as any other external backlink, based on the website’s domain authority or rating.

Using normal WordPress hosting within the SeekaPanel can often be run on the same IP or nameservers. This makes it easier for search engines to identify that all the websites are owned by the same person, which can be beneficial if you’re a big company with various smaller business websites.

By having these two web hosting options available in the SeekaPanel, the user can conveniently pick the solution that is most suitable for their web hosting needs. They can adjust the nameserver information in the control panel. Plus, they have access to a knowledgebase, analytics tools and the SeekaHost University with marketing and SEO courses, if they are new to website hosting and management.

What’s the main Difference between the SeekaPanel and other Website Hosting Panels?

As previously mentioned, this is a custom-built website hosting system, specifically designed to make website hosting and management easily accessible to anyone, even beginners. So, whether the user has a ton of experience, or they’re just starting out with their website, it is easy to navigate through the website setup via the dashboard and start registering and hosting a website as this video demonstrates:

As you can see, the dashboard is set up in a manner to manage multiple websites but also access them all in the same way just as quickly. Registering a domain only takes 4 minutes on average.

And installing WordPress for the registered domain usually takes about 1 minute. Plus, users can install an unlimited amount of tracking websites which can be connected with their free Google and Clicky analytics to keep track of how website visitors are behaving.

Additionally, users can install a free SSL certificate for any website/blog hosted with SeekaHost along with a free email account for any WordPress hosting website with one click. And they can have a domain specific custom email address set up in minutes for their domain via the panel.

For bloggers and multiple website owners it’s the ideal platform, therefore.

Is the SeekaPanel as secure as other Panels?

Is the SeekaPanel a good cPanel Alternative for Bloggers and Owners of multiple Websites

Within the SeekaPanel all hosting comes with antimalware scanning to protect accounts from malicious files being uploaded to the hosted websites. DDOS protection makes sure that people can’t easily attack or hack the websites by detecting and stopping unauthorised access.

With the many tutorials on how to add extra layers of protection available for free on the SeekaHost YouTube channel and the knowledgebase inside the panel, each user should experience a high level of cybersecurity within their account and for their registered and hosted sites.

SeekaHost also offers an uptime guarantee for all customers, which means all hosted websites stay up and running without disruption and support is always available via the support ticket system in the panel.

Technology develops and moves fast, so the SeekaPanel is being continuously optimised and improved based on the feedback of its users. And that is the strength of this hosting panel: its users are at the heart of its evolving features as anyone can test it with a free trial.

Web hosting experts like Hosting Pill have professionally reviewed this panel and their verdict is positive for the SeekaPanel as a multi-site management tool with affordable hosting compared to all other web hosting panels they’ve reviewed, including cPanel.

So, the SeekaPanel is certainly a valid alternative to the dominating cPanel, but compare both and make your own decision.

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