Is Boxing Safe for Kids?

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Boxing is a popular combat sport with many fans worldwide. However, many parents don't like enrolling their kids in boxing training. They consider it unsuitable for children because of the intensity of the punches that primarily target the head. Instead, they prefer oriental martial arts like karate and taekwondo.

On the contrary, trainers and boxing supporters believe that kids can benefit from training sessions. They argue that boxing teaches self-defence and improves disciple, self-esteem, teamwork, and leadership skills.

So, who is right? Is boxing appropriate for kids? Read on to discover the merits and demerits of the sport.

Pros of Boxing Training

Here are the benefits of enrolling your kid in boxing training.

It Improves Physical Well-being

It Improves Physical Well-being

Boxing is an intense sport that improves physical well-being. Obesity is prevalent among young children due to their increased preference for junk food. Additionally, most kids don't exercise after school. Instead, they sit on couches watching TV or browsing smartphones and computers.

If your child loves physical activities, consider taking them to a boxing training club. The training routine includes intense physical activities that eliminate excess body fat quickly, such as jumping rope, running, and lifting weights.

It Improves Mental Health and Builds Character

Lack of physical activity contributes to poor mental health. A kid who spends most of their pastime idle is more likely to experience anxiety and other mental disorders. On the contrary, practising stimulates the release of feel-good hormones and reduces the risk of depression.

Additionally, boxing builds character. It teaches anger control, ensuring that your emotions don't overwhelm you when fighting. Training also improves focus and coordination.

It Improves Self-defence

Boxing skills can prove useful in life-threatening scenarios. Although parents advocate for peace, violent conflicts are inevitable. When faced with such a situation, trained children will use their skills to neutralise the attacker before taking further action.

During training, coaches emphasise defence when faced with real-life conflicts. It's unlikely that kids will abuse their skills to harm the innocent.

It Improves Social Skills

It Improves Social Skills

When kids join a boxing club, they interact and form friendships with children from diverse backgrounds. Such bonds are vital to improving social skills and overall character development.

Cons of Boxing Training

The most significant disadvantage of boxing training is the risk of injury. Although kids wear protective pads and gloves during exercise, they aren't immune to cuts, bruises, and fractures. In severe cases, brain trauma and concussions occur.

The best way to reduce the risk of these injuries is to take your kid to an equipped training centre with competent coaches. This ensures that training follows the right safety measures.

Final Thoughts

At first, enrolling your kid in a boxing club appears dangerous and careless. However, you can change your mind after considering the potential benefits of boxing training. It improves physical and mental health, boosts self-esteem, and enhances social skills. There's a risk of injury, but this applies to other contact sports like rugby and football.

So, if your kid is interested, enrol them today!

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