Is A Mini Fridge Expensive To Run?

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A mini fridge, also known as a compact refrigerator, is a small, standalone appliance that is typically used to store food and drinks in a limited space.

Kismile refrigerators are mainly designed to use space efficiently and can be used almost everywhere, such as bars, home offices, dorms, master bedrooms, garages, apartments, and many more. One question that many people have when considering buying a mini fridge is whether it is expensive to run.

Mini fridges typically cost less than $50 annually to run, with efficient models costing around $20-$30 per year. The maintenance of a mini fridge basically depends on its usage and the position in which it is placed.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Running a Mini Fridge

Factors Affecting The Cost of Running a Mini Fridge

In this section, I will give three major factors affecting the cost of running a mini fridge such as its size, energy efficiency, and cost of electricity:


Smaller fridges, which have a capacity of less than 3 cubic feet, tend to use less energy than larger fridges. This is because smaller fridges have less space to cool and, therefore, less work for the compressor to do.

Additionally, smaller fridges tend to have less insulation, which can also contribute to lower energy consumption.

The energy efficiency of the model

Many modern mini-fridges are designed to be more energy efficient than older models. Look for the Energy Star label. They are more energy-efficient than standard models. They are made to use less power, which can result in significant energy savings over time.

Cost of electricity 

The cost of electricity can vary widely depending on where you live, so it's important to check your local rates to get an accurate estimate of the cost of running your mini fridge.


The amp usage of a mini fridge can vary depending on the size and model of the appliance. On average, a mini fridge will use between 1.5 and 4 amps of electricity.

A 1.7 cubic foot mini fridge typically uses around 1.5 amps, while a 3.2 cubic foot mini fridge may use around 2.5 amps. Larger mini-fridges, such as those with 4.5 cubic feet or more, may use up to 4 amps.

How To Choose The Most Efficient Mini-Fridge

How To Choose The Most Efficient Mini-Fridge

When choosing a mini-fridge, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure that you pick the most efficient model for your needs and the best product.

Size and Capacity

The first thing to consider is the size and capacity of the mini-fridge. Measure the space where you plan to keep the refrigerator, and make sure that the dimensions of the fridge you choose will fit.

Also, you must consider the number of people that will be using the fridge and how much food and drink you need to store in the fridge.

Energy Efficiency

Look for a mini-fridge with an Energy Star rating, which indicates that the refrigerator meets certain energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Energy Star-rated refrigerators don't consume much energy and can help you save money on your energy bill.


Some mini-fridges come with additional features like a built-in freezer compartment, adjustable shelves, and automatic defrost. Consider which features are important to you and your lifestyle.

Choosing the features might be quite difficult for you if you're not using a fridge before. But it will be good if you can check the features together with someone that knows the full details of the type you're purchasing.

Noise level

Consider how much noise the mini-fridge makes while it is running. Some models are designed to be quiet, while others are louder. If you plan to keep the fridge in a bedroom or a home office, you'll want to choose one that operates quietly.

Brand and Price

Research the different brands and models of mini-fridges available and compare prices. Choose a brand that has a good reputation for quality and customer service.

Also, consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on a mini-fridge. If you want to purchase a good fashion mini fridge that is not expensive, you can place your order on Kismile and get the perfect mini fridge for your home.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Mini fridges to anyone who's looking for a good-fit refrigerator to use in the office, bedroom, and others.

We can guarantee you that any mini fridge you choose from our store will not affect your energy bill, but there are factors you need to consider to avoid high operating costs.

While looking for mini fridges that will satisfy your needs, it's advisable to go for the appropriate size and Energy Star-rated to keep costs low.

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