10 Best IP Lookup Tools in 2024 [IP Checker]

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Do you want to look up or gain more details about any IP address in the world? Only the best IP lookup tools can help you achieve this. This article has got you covered, as it provides you with the best IP lookup tools in 2024.

IP addresses, or Internet Protocol addresses, are unique numerical identifiers for each device on a network. As each computer connected to a network is assigned its unique IP address, IP addresses are utilized on the internet to distinguish one user from another.

It's interesting to learn that IP addresses serve more purposes than merely as network identifiers. A person's location and time zone can be deduced from their IP address.

More information than just the ISP's name is available. On the other hand, not all of these specifics are supplied automatically.

An IP lookup service must be used. Corporations can determine a user's physical location for geo-targeting purposes, prohibit them from accessing certain material, and censor websites based on their IP addresses.

Someone's physical location can be inferred from their IP address. It's feasible to do all of these and more using an IP search tool. Nevertheless, this is only the case if you are using a reliable IP address search service.

I've had a lot of success with several IP lookup tools, and I'll be recommending some of them in this article.

1. NSLookup.io — Top-rated OS IP lookup tool

NSLookup for IP Lookup Tools

My first recommendation is NSLookup.io. It functions as a domain name system (DNS) client that queries the internet for information about a given domain.

What I like about this tool is that you can view all of its DNS records in one convenient place.

Since every website is assigned an IP address, NSLookup.io can look up that address by using the domain name connected to the website.

Maybe you're curious as to how all these work. When you type a URL into your browser, the first thing it recognizes is the domain name.

After that, it would locate the internet protocol (IP) of the server and utilize it to connect to it. When a connection is established, the website's code is downloaded and displayed.

2. IPVoid.com — Optimized for use with internet protocol reputation application programming interface

IPVoid for IP Lookup Tools

IPVoid.com, a popular IP address search tool, offers a plethora of resources for exploring IP addressing in all its forms.

This entails doing many types of research, such as whois queries, DNS lookups, and IP blacklist checks.

You can employ this program to look up an IP address in several DNS blackhole lists (DNSBL) and IP reputation services, which can reveal whether or not that address has been associated with spamming or malware.

The website of the program also reveals your genuine internet protocol address and the HTTP request headers given by your web browser.

Of the IP Reputation APIs I tested, this one performed the best.

Furthermore, if you need to convert an IP address to an ASN, IPVoid.com is there to help you out with that, too. It's just a simple piece of software that correlates IP addresses with ASNs (autonomous system numbers).

3. MxToolBox — Most reliable IP lookup service for domains

MxToolBox for IP Lookup Tools

In our opinion, MxToolBox is one of the best IP lookup tools available. This resource is best put to use in doing IP address lookups for certain domains.

You can make use of the bulk lookup function for multiple checks on an internet protocol address, either by entering the addresses one by one or having them automatically extracted from the data.

This utility has allowed for the addition of bulk lookup functionality inside the MxToolbox Professional user interface.

4. Scamalytics — Ideal for blocking fraudsters on social networks and online dating services

Scamalytics for IP Lookup Tools

Scamalytics provides IP search services in addition to being a fraud detection system.

By immediately identifying potential scammers from dating sites, they aid in enhancing a brand's credibility. Undeniably, they're fantastic at it.

Furthermore, if you need to search for an IP address, Scamalytics is a fantastic resource for doing so.

5. AbuseIPDB — The most effective method for identifying abusive internet protocol addresses

AbuseIPDB for IP Lookup Tools

AbuseIPDB is an alternative IP address search service to thwart malicious actors like spammers and hackers.

What's more, it's the best IP address search tool available today for tracking down the sources of malicious activity.

Also, this application allows you to search for initially reported IP addresses or report an IP address that has been related to harmful conduct.

You can start your IP search immediately upon arrival on the homepage by entering an internet protocol address, domain name, or subnet into the relevant input form.

6. VirusTotal — An outstanding third-party IP lookup service

VirusTotal for IP Lookup Tools

If you wish to get detailed information on an internet protocol address, you can utilize the VirusTotal service. It gives you the fundamental information that is associated with an internet protocol address.

Moreover, it checks with external security providers to verify whether a given internet protocol address has been blacklisted as spam.

Around a hundred security vendor products are integrated so that you can get the information you need.

If the IP address you're checking is trustworthy, it will provide a reputation score to you.

VirusTotal, like the other aforementioned tools, is built for both individual and enterprise use thanks to its online interface and API.

7. Talos Intelligence — The finest source of genuine ip threat information

Talos Intelligence for IP Lookup Tools

Networking giant Cisco developed the Tacos Intelligence tool. The IP information is provided by this resource.

Choose this vendor if you need information on potential dangers in the here and now.

When you go to the homepage of this website, you can see a map of the globe marked with dangerous areas and the specific danger they pose.

All relevant IP information has been given. In addition to the usual information, a reputation section is also included.

This should provide you with an accurate assessment of whether or not the IP address in question is deemed spam.

8. MaxMind — The most precise IP address lookup tool

MaxMind for IP Lookup Tools

Similar to other premium IP search tools with additional functionality, MaxMind costs money.

You can employ this tool to get information on any internet protocol address, whether it belongs to a home pc or an internet server.

But the best thing is… Excellent precision. The most precise database, GeoIP2, is used by this tool.

This method is very accurate when compared to others.

Their internet protocol address database contains almost all active internet protocol addresses. Every two weeks, the service performs an upgrade to the database to ensure its accuracy.

9. IPInfo.io — The most effective and straightforward IP lookup service

IPInfo for IP Lookup Tools

One reliable place to get IP address information is IPinfo.io.

This IP lookup tool is available at no cost, provided that you don't need the premium fraud prevention option.

Yet, the simplicity of this service is something you will learn to appreciate. If you go to the webpage, it will tell you your internet protocol address.

The IP address can be changed to one of your choosing, and the information it provides will still be accurate.

10. IPQualityScore — The top-rated ip lookup service

IPQualityScore for IP Lookup Tools

Among available IP search tools, IPQualityScore is often considered to be the most effective.

An internet protocol risk level is calculated using several factors, including but not limited to machine learning, AI, and illegal internet protocol databases, making this service much more than simply a simple IP search tool.

If, on the other hand, all you need is a way to search for information about an internet protocol address, IPQualityScore has your back.

If you use this service, you can learn where an internet protocol address or autonomous system number (ASN) is registered and where it is physically located.

Not only do you learn the internet protocol address's repute and timestamp, but also whether or not the internet protocol is fraudulent.


Q. Is carrying out an IP lookup unlawful?

The monitoring of an internet protocol address is not illegal. Given this, depending on your goals, you can safely search for any internet protocol address you choose. Even though IP lookup tools are unable to be utilized to discover a person's physical location, they can be employed to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) assault on a target's device. Attacking a server with a distributed denial of service is frowned upon and is often unlawful.

Q. If you need to find out someone's IP address, how do you go about doing that?

One of the most straightforward methods is to use one of the many IP search programs that can be found easily online. Tools such as Scamalytics make it possible to look up information about an IP address in a public register database at no cost. Have a look at all of the options and select the one that meets your needs.

Q. Is it possible to track someone down using their IP address?

Although an internet protocol address can reveal a much about a person, it cannot reveal their physical location.


Because of the rapid development of both business and technology, IP lookups have enabled many modern companies to be proactive and flexible in their approach to the ever-changing business landscape.

Customers can obtain geolocation data in real-time and evaluate many domains using the internet protocol Address Lookup tools, which in turn helps businesses increase revenue and return on investment.

Almost all of them are effective, and the free versions are widely available. I recommend looking at the choices I gave you to see which one is the best fit for your situation.

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