10 Best Instagram Stalker Apps 2024 (Story & Profile)

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Are you always curious to know about those who always view your Instagram profiles and keep stalking you on Instagram? This article provides you with the top Instagram stalker apps that can help you identify anyone who secretly views your Instagram profile.

Instagram stalkers are those that illegally access your profile and harass you. This is avoided by some people who choose their profiles to be exclusive.

However, if your profile is open to the public, stalkers can stalk your every move.

With the help of the Instagram stalker application, it becomes a breeze to detect anyone stalking your account.

The user ID can be retrieved as well. You can limit or delete a user's access after you know their username.

If you're worried about an Instagram stalker, I've come up with an authentic list of the top Instagram stalker apps that will help you catch them the next time they try to stalk your account.

1. DataJam — Features Instagram anonymous story viewing

DataJam Overview

If you're looking for an application to identify your stalkers, go no further than DataJam.

It is easy to see who is following and unfollowing you on Instagram and who is just monitoring you with DataJam.

Furthermore, user stories will remain accessible for about 24 hours after posting. You can view their accounts in complete privacy if you like.

You can even access previously removed comments inside the application. Regarding Instagram, DataJam is the best app, hands down.

Why I choose this app:

  • Aside from helping you view those who stalk your Instagram account, you can utilize it to analyze any Instagram account.

2. InstaFollow, Stalker Reports — Best anonymous Instagram stalker app

InstaFollow- Stalker Reports apps from Play Store

When it comes to keeping tabs on potential stalkers, InstaFollow, Stalker Reports is one of the most reliable apps available.

With such a descriptive name, you may guess this program is quite effective at identifying stalkers who secretly peruse your profile.

Stalker Report is a trusted and widely used alternative to this space's many questionable third-party apps.

Numerous well-known critics have praised it online. As a whole, this program will not let you down.

Why I choose Stalker Reports:

  • In addition to helping you see who stalks you on Instagram, this app is also useful for viewing people's stories anonymously.

3. FollowMeter for Instagram — Best for managing your Instagram account

FollowMeter for Instagram apps from Play Store

Use the handy Instagram app FollowMeter to monitor your many covert lovers and stalkers.

If you're feeling stalker-like, you can use this software to follow somebody around without them knowing.

FollowMeter For Instagram is beneficial not only for finding out who is stalking you but also for seeing who has banned or unfollowed you on Instagram.

Why I choose FollowMeter for Instagram:

  • It provides a powerful analytic feature that enables you to generate an in-depth insight into those who stalk your Instagram account.

4. Find My Stalker Analyzer for Instagram

Find My Stalker Analyzer for Instagram apps Download

You can also utilize Find My Stalker Analyzer to keep tabs on who is following and stalking your Instagram account.

You can also use the social networking application to track out those who aren't following you or have banned you.

You can set up your account to alert you on your mobile device whenever an individual blocks or removes you.

Find My Stalker Analyzer is a solid program to help you learn more about your Instagram followers.

Why I Choose to Find My Stalker:

  • I like that this app notifies you instantly whenever someone stalks you on Instagram. This feature makes it easy to use the app.

5. InReports Analyzer for Instagram — Provides a simple user interface to simplify your experience

InReports Analyzer for Instagram Apps Download

You can monitor and control your account on Instagram on Android and iOS with the help of this third-party application.

You can keep tabs on your stalkers in actual time with this handy app.

This program does more than just let you spy on your stalkers; it has a ton of valuable extras.

You can check to see who isn't following you or who has prevented you from seeing their activity.

Why I choose this tool:

  • I like that it has a feature that enables you to catch those who stalk you and download user stories in high definition.

6. Followers Insight for Instagram — Active for finding who visits your Instagram account

Followers Insight for Instagram apps Download

If you're a Content Creator or run a business on Instagram, the Followers Insight is the most useful analytical tool for tracking your fans and customers.

This software is an in-house analytics suite that compiles information about your Instagram account and makes it accessible.

There is no cost to using Followers Insight for Instagram; it is a remarkable software.

If you want to take social media marketing seriously, you should pay for the premium edition.

Better monitoring and data export options are coming your way.

Why I choose this app:

  • I like that it enables you to switch Instagram accounts for you to check who stalks you in more than one account.

7. Follower Analyzer — Best for analyzing Instagram account

Follower Analyzer apps from Play Store

Suppose you want to learn more about your Instagram followers; you can use a Follower Analyzer analysis tool.

Access the profiles of people who have unfollowed, banned, stalked, or followed you with this handy tool.

You can also see your mutual followers and who has just started following you.

Users who have loved your content but never commented will also be analyzed.

You'll also have access to people whose profiles you haven't interacted with in any way.

An optional subscription removes advertisements and provides unrestricted use of the app's analytical tools.

Why I choose this app:

  • I like that this app provides full details tracking about your account, such as finding out who stalks you, who follows and unfollows you, who likes your post the most, and who among your list doesn't engage your posts.

8. Profile+ Followers and Profiles Tracker — Best for finding stalkers, unfollowers, and followers

Profile+ Followers and Profiles Tracker Apps Download

Profile+, which can evaluate your social media accounts, including Instagram, is an incredible tool.

The analytics for your Instagram account are shown here for your perusal. You can also use this app to spy on your Instagram stalkers.

You can see who has unfollowed, banned, or engaged your Instagram posts so that you can keep an eye out for stalkers and other suspicious users.

You can also see which followers have bookmarked your Instagram photos and videos. A notification will be sent to you if any of these events occur.

Why I choose Profile+:

  • I like that Profile+ is effective for analyzing Instagram accounts and getting complete details about who engages your posts the most.
  • Its insights and analytics are in real-time

9. GhostHunter — Best for finding stalkers and ghost followers

GhostHunter Overview

Everyone from influential people and corporations to regular people can benefit from using GhostHunter.

This is one of the finest cleansers for Instagram, the social networking platform for which it is most often used.

You can make your Instagram account seem newly created with GhostHunter's cleaning and filtering features.

The program also allows you to track down phantom fans and those who have unfollowed or stalked you.

It has a free version you can use if you like, but the subscription plans are reasonably priced and provide many more features.

Why I choose GhostHunter:

  • I like that it features a multi-purpose app that helps you find stalkers and eliminate ghost followers who don't engage with your posts.

10. Analyzer Plus– Insta Followers — Best for stalkers and inactive followers tracking

Analyzer Plus– Insta Followers apps from Play Store

It is possible to identify your Instagram stalkers with the help of Analyzer Plus, an excellent tool.

The application has been around longer than most others in its category, and its popularity has skyrocketed.

You can also see everyone who has banned or unfollowed your Instagram profile so that you can keep tabs on stalkers and other unwanted attention.

Although the software can be used without cost, upgrading to the premium version will give you access to many more functions, such as exporting data.

Why I choose Analyzer Plus:

  • It offers real-time statistics for getting insights into your posts

How Instagram Stalker Apps Function

Several Instagram stalker apps fail to provide the goods since they are only designed to boost advertising income.

Also, these applications might be used to get unauthorized access to your Instagram account. So, it's essential to hunt for legitimate applications that can expose your stalkers.

You can locate your stalkers with little effort using most of these legitimate applications. The challenge, though, is finding these programs.

One thing about the applications is that they utilize nothing but the data of your Instagram to locate stalkers or additional factors, such as those who have unfollowed or blocked you.

How to Find Out Who Viewed Your Profile on Instagram

There are two options to see who's been stalking your Instagram account.

Changing from a Personal account to a Content Developer or Business account is an initial procedure.

Even though you can't see who's checking out your Instagram profile, you can see how many fresh views you've received.

This occurs because Instagram is committed to safeguarding its users' personal information.

As a result, you'll need a lot of specialized code to see who has seen your Instagram profile.

You can also see which users have seen your Instagram profile if third-party apps have included this feature.

Naturally, you shouldn't employ just any external program.

Your Instagram account will be in danger if you do this. That's why you must follow the application I discussed in this article.


Q. Is it safe to use Instagram stalker apps?

Using Instagram stalker apps isn't 100% safe. This is because some apps are out there waiting to rip you off your little money, all in the name of providing service to help you find those who stalk you on Instagram. The truth is that not all of them are genuine. It is advisable not to input sensitive information about you on the platform.

Q. Are Instagram stalker apps genuine?

Numerous Instagram applications are fakes created to generate income from advertisements. Unfortunately, some were probably explicitly designed to get hold of your Instagram password. As a result, the software presents you with false info at random.

Q. Do Instagram stalker apps need my Instagram account before I can use them?

Instagram stalking applications are helpful because they allow you to see a private profile without having an official Instagram account.

If you're a parent who's never used Instagram before but wants to keep tabs on your kids' whereabouts, this article is for you. But you're determined to log in since your kids spend so much time there.


If someone is anonymously spying on your Instagram account, you can identify them using the apps discussed in this article.

Reputable online reviewers have given these applications high safety ratings and written glowing reviews.

Hence, you can be confident that no one will be able to get unauthorized access to your Instagram account.

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