Instagram Growth App Vs. Buying Followers

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What’s the Difference Between Buying IG Followers and Using an App?

You'll already know that there are only a few ways to grow your Instagram account these days. One of these is to partner with the right people and collaborate on a few things.

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Another is to use a growth service, and the third is to buy your followers outright. If you're not someone who is familiar with either of the latter options, we're here to tell you why it's better to use a tool or an app than buy your followers. Let's talk about it!

Purchasing Instagram Followers

So, what does this mean, then? This means that you find a company willing to sell your Instagram followers, that can be delivered to your account straight away.

Some of these brands will also set it up so that they get delivered when you put up a new piece of content. This way of growing your Instagram account has been around for a while now, and lots of IG users have tried to make the most of it.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


  • Quick Success: if you’re someone who likes the idea of quick growth and success on IG, then this is the kind of deal you’d be interested in. You get a follower boost straight away, which makes your account look pretty good.
  • It’s an Affordable Option: a lot of the time, Instagram tools and apps charge a lot for their services. Buying your Instagram followers is a relatively cheap alternative that can save your budget.


  • Your Account Might Get Hurt: one of the biggest disadvantages to quick success through buying your Instagram followers is that your account has the potential to get hurt by it. While you may look good for a little while, it won’t be long before your followers will decrease again, raising suspicion.
  • This is Because They're Not Real: the biggest reason why purchased followers drop off is that they aren't real. They're fake accounts that the company has made up to sell to their customer base. They're not going to interact with your content, and they're only going to make your follower count look good temporarily.

Using an App or Tool

When you use an App or Tool to grow your Instagram account, you're investing in a service that's been developed to make the entire process efficient and automatic.

This means that they'll have services that can help you get ahead while saving you time on your end. They'll target the right people for you, and have authentic users check out your content.


  • It's Sustainable: this type of engagement on your content is a great way to keep things sustainable and long term. If you've got people within your niche and industry checking out your content, then there's a good chance that they will like it and follow you for a long time.
  • Always Safer: because this type of automated service fosters real, authentic Instagram users visiting your content and profile, it’s a lot safer than attracting fake followers and engagement.


  • There is a Small Risk: because Instagram in the past has cracked down on third-party usage and automated services, if the company you're with isn't careful, it could get you suspended or even banned. Always make sure that they are working within Instagram's limits.


It’s clear at this point that there’s a lot more to offer when you use a tool or an app to grow your Instagram followers. While buying your followers may solve the problem short-term, it’s not going to make your account look good in the long run.

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It could end up having an irreparable impact on your online reputation, which is the last thing you want. This is why it’s better to use an Instagram tool or app to grow your account successfully.

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