4 Most Effective Tips to Use Instagram for SEO

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Social media signals are part of the Google ranking factor! So lots of markers use Instagram as a part of your SEO campaign to drive value for your business!

It is increasingly becoming a trend of these modern times to include social media platforms as a part of the overall SEO schema and strategies. Social media has high visibility and reach when it comes to extending the popularity and the brand image of a business concern. So, in other words, that is exactly what you are aiming to achieve with SEO strategies.

The fact, as mentioned earlier, is one of the main ones that every entrepreneur is invested in social media. It is almost mandatory, according to some experts in the field. Keep in mind that a social media presence will in no way, shape or form affect your Google rankings and ratings, but will create the much needed organic traffic and redirect users to your site. So, if you are looking to improve your organic ranking, social media is something you should look into and thoroughly.

About Instagram

This is the third-ranking social media platform which is just behind Facebook and YouTube as far as the global reach is concerned. There are over 700 million users on Instagram, with hundreds of new accounts being opened on a daily basis.

There are immense opportunities for business through Instagram if you are looking to mobilize your efforts on that front. And, by that, we mean the very art of gaining followers and contributors on your page.

How will Instagram help SEO?

If you think that how will a photo and video sharing platform help you with SEO, then all you need to do is read on. Keep in mind that when you are posting about your business on your Instagram page, then you are in reality increasing the organic traffic not just for the social media page but also for the website of your business. This is simply because of the fact that Instagram has a global outreach of millions of users, and it is one of the more compelling reasons to invest in it.

Yes, there is a lot of work involved!

How to Use Instagram for SEO

4 Most Effective Tips to Use Instagram for SEO

Build your audience

Build your audience

Just like your average SEO strategies, you will need to put in the hard work and the hours required for updating posts and posting newer content. A large following on any social media platform doesn't happen overnight, and even if you are looking to buy Instagram followers, you will need to post consistently to keep your audience happy and glued to your page. Keep in mind that building a band of followers as well as maintaining the rankings will require you to employ strategies and to optimize the profile at every opportunity you get.

Here is a trick of boosting your follower strength. You can buy followers for the social media platform, and on the downside, all you have to do away is with the principles of building an organic following. It is legal, and all you have to do is pay an amount of money to firms and companies that specialize in selling followers.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that there are many services that offer followers that turn out to be bots. Bots, won't engage with your content the way actual users would. So, make sure that your followers are made up of real people. Keep in mind that Instagram can suspend your account if you have too many bot followers on your profile.

Post optimization is important

Keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform that contains around 90% image content. Therefore you will need optimization measures so that the posts are accessible across different platforms and internet connections.

Not only do you need your posts to be creative, informative, and assertive enough, but you will also need optimization so that the site loading times do not increase. Attractive captions are a welcome addition along with hashtags, Here are 1,000+ examples of captions that give you the idea to create great Instagram captions for Instagram.

Additionally, keep in mind to engage the audience with replies, so maintain the relevancy and trend-factor on every post.

Maintain your profile

It doesn’t stop with the buying of followers. Provided, you have bought legitimate followers, you will need content to keep them engaged with your content. Make sure that the name of your service, logo, and taglines, if any, are consistent across all the different platforms. This will go a long way in ensuring the branding of your service.

Make sure that you score well on the credibility front to keep your audience and follower base interested and active on your page. If you are thinking about putting together teams to handle the social media, account then make sure that the team is dedicated to avoiding sending out spam posts or errors during the posting of any content.

Additionally, keep in mind that your handle should have high-quality images with legible texts that describe the product, service or the content posted. Always make sure to provide backlinks for your main website and other social media accounts to make sure you maximize the output from similar platforms.

The importance of hashtags

Hashtags are crucial when you are looking to perform your SEO through Instagram. Hashtags are incredibly relevant to the business objectives as it focuses more on the local SEO. Hashtags are high-quality traits that are a factor when deciding the trend-factor of any post on Instagram.

Keep in mind that brand and slogan hashtags are extremely popular and can get picked up by scores of users all around the world if you can make it to the top. Keep in mind that you can increase the relevancy and the consistency of your postings with similar hashtags for posts that are alike. You can even tag the location of your store/office or use a date if you are looking to launch a service.

The Instagram handle can have a direct impact on the SEO of your venture if you invest time and effort the right way. More and more entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alongside leading brands are using Instagram to maintain the foothold on a global scale. Where are you?

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