Inflact Services: Best Automation Tools for Instagram Downloader and Viewer

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Is there any automated tool to view and download all content right from Instagram, without a quality loss? Here I’m talking about the one I like more than others on the web.

With these multifunctional Inflact tools – Downloader and Viewer you can get any visual content just with one click, and even make the process of download fully automated once – and forever.

Top Tips for Inflact to View and Download from Instagram

What Are These Tools About?

Inflact is an experienced and tested service which provides us with cool and updated tools for a successful promotion. These two magic wands are not exceptions – the tools are simple yet effective for those, who need to have all information from the social platform on hand.

Ingramer tools

  • Automatic download of every new published Story. The simplest and most convenient thing about the Downloader tool is that you switch on the download once and it does everything for you.
  • Perfect quality. You won’t have such a quality of a downloaded content anywhere else. No screen video can capture content so well.
  • Scheduled posting. This posting automation is a useful feature for planning content for publication.
  • Any content is yours. Any content? Really? You can get photos, video content, IGTV, and even the whole profile with these tools.
  • All you can do with both tools from a downloading to viewing is a 100% anonymous processes.

Let’s dive into these tools with a more detailed approach

Instagram Photo Downloader

A tool to save Instagram photos, videos, Stories, IGTV, profiles from your own Instagram account, or any public one.

Instagram Photo Downloader

  • Tick and get. All you need is to do is to enter a name of your competitor or any profile you like – and choose what type of content you want to get.
  • Even highlights. Yes, this is a gorgeous function. Now you can get all categorized info in one click.
  • Best quality. You get all the content in the best quality possible.

best quality Instagram Downloader Tools

  • Compatible with all devices. Use Inflact Instagram Downloader for your PC and mobile. Download videos and photos to your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Price: $22/month

The key thing about content download is the possibility to reuse it for your needs. With a right and convenient downloader you can have on hand all content from your favorite authors, from your strongest competitors and the leaders in your industry.

Instagram Story Viewer & Saver

This is an irreplaceable tool for those who need to get all Stories content at hand. With it, you can track 24-hours posts from several accounts. Watch them and save them even if they disappeared automatically.

Instagram Story Viewer & Saver

  • Add and get. Just type or copy the profile name into the Story saver search line – and all Stories from any IG account are in your pocket
  • Start and stop. Begin and pause the Stories saving process with one click.

Instagram Stories saving process

  • Watch anonymously. View any Story without appearing in the list of viewers.
  • Save device memory. The service collects the content right in your Inflact profile.
  • Price: $1/month

With this tool, you can save a Story to any device in one click. Also, turn on the saving of any Story updates automatically.

Imagine: you will track every new Story a user you monitor has uploaded! Choose up to 100 profiles. All their Stories will be collected in your Inflact profile. Story Saver can also save Instagram Live streams.

All information from your favorite profiles, from your competitors, and any important accounts will be waiting for you in a safe place – ready to be watched and reused.


How automation can help you to boost your profile?

Automation tools are not just helpers for marketers in 2022. They are must-have for being successful, organized, and fully-equipped Instagrammer. With suitable services you can:

  • Hold pertinent information for content creation
  • Ride the wave of trends at the lowest cost
  • Get tons of content to reuse and inspire

If you know how to use automation for your IG business – you’re halfway to millions of followers and high engagement.

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