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Instagram activity history was a great feature for marketers and individuals could also track someone else’s activity on Instagram. In order to make the platform more private, the development team took away the Instagram activity tab.

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After this update, you are unable to watch or track other’s actions on social media. This might be a positive step for some users but the majority did not appreciate this step.

Whether you are a parent or someone’s spouse, you know the importance of watching for someone for their own safety. For kids, social media is a dark world where these little souls can be the victim of content or profiles that are not appropriate for them. Instagram activity history allows you to monitor their interests without having any access to the profile.

Why is Instagram activity history important how can you track activity history on Instagram? We are going to answer all of these queries in this article.

What is Instagram Activity History?

Instagram activity history is the record of all actions performed by a user on the social site. If someone liked a photo, shared a post, or followed someone, all of these actions will be recorded in activity history. It is not possible for Instagram users to track someone else’s activity history. Luckily, we have the right solution for you.

This is helpful when you want to check what posts your friends have liked or when businesses are advertising their products on your feed.

One way to obtain this information without having to go through all of your posts is by using an app called Snoopreport, which allows you to view a user’s activity history in a web browser or download it as a data file.

List of user's follows on Instagram provided by Snoopreport

This data file also contains all the comments left by other users and their activity history, giving you greater insight into this person’s behavior on Instagram. We are going to talk more about this amazing Instagram analytical tool later.

5 Reasons to Track Instagram Activity History

There are several professional and personal reasons to track Instagram activity history. Many users do it for personal reasons while marketers opt for this solution for a better understanding of their audience. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to track someone’s Instagram activity history:

1. See what your followers like

You can see what photos and videos your followers like better and react to. It is also necessary if you want to build a good relationship with them. If you keep posting the same photos or videos on Instagram, chances are that they will decrease in engagement, or even if this does not happen, they may eventually get bored of seeing the same content over and over again.

2. Keep up with your competition

This is very useful for businesses that want to keep up with their competitors at all times. They can track their competitors’ activity on Instagram and see what they do better than them and what they can focus on in order to be more successful.

3. Track your audience’s mood

It is a good idea to track your audience’s mood and see what posts get the most engagement and therefore, will be better suited for your future posts.

You can also see which of these posts get more interaction on the comments section and pay more attention to it in the future, while maybe trying to steer away from posts that get less interaction or no interaction at all.

4. Track your friends

In the case that you want to find out what some of your friends are posting on their accounts, it is a good idea to track their activity history as well. This way you can see if they are actually going out and doing what they say they are doing or maybe taking a few photos of them instead.

5. Monitor for suspicious activity

If you think some of your followers may be fake users specifically made for marketing purposes, you will want to track their activity on the account.

If you see a sudden change in behavior from being inactive for a long period of time and then starting to post videos or photos multiple times per day, chances are that these new posts have been made by a bot.

How to Track someone’s Instagram Activity History?

There is no built-in feature in Instagram that might help you to track other’s activities. So, you need 3rd party assistance to make it happen.

Manual Way to Track Instagram Activity

There are some manual ways to do so but you are not going to like these methods. There are a lot of efforts involved like monitoring the profile, tracking the accounts followed by the user, and then checking the posts of these accounts. The whole process can take days. In simple words, this manual way is only applicable if the other person has a few followers or following a few accounts.

Smart Way to Track Instagram Activity

The easiest and smartest way to track someone’s activity history on Instagram is to use the smart tool Snoopreport. This smart program is an online tool that can help you to take control of your marketing strategies and other requirements related to other Instagram users.

What is is an advanced and trusted Instagram activity tracker that works just fine despite all recent updates by social media channels. You can see what others are doing on Instagram and what type of content they are following, liking, or sharing. These insights are obtained legally without posing any threat to you.

Snoopreport map of user’s interests

This is a premium tracking tool used and trusted by professional marketers and individuals. You simply signup for Snoopreport and add the account that you want to follow and you are all set to track their every move and action on Instagram.

These insights provided by the Instagram activity tracker are legit and verified by using advanced Big Data technology in a legal way. It’s time to equip you with useful tools for both personal and professional uses.

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