iMind Is a Great Platform For Businesses and Individuals Who Want to Connect With Others Online in the U.S.A.

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New digital or virtual communication technologies create many opportunities for both ordinary people and business entities.

Thanks to the development of services and platforms for online communication in the videoconferencing sector, such as iMind, people are getting the opportunity to communicate with friends from other countries, learn, gain new knowledge, and even work remotely. What once seemed impossible is now a reality.

Why are video conferencing more popular than audio conferencing?

Why are video conferencing more popular than audio conferencing

Many users do not understand what is the secret to the success of video conferencing. Some people think that there is no significant difference between these formats (audio and video). Actually, it is not.

Audio conferencing is like a regular phone call with more than two people. This communication format lacks the non-verbal interaction available with video communication. Consequently, the second type of online communication is considered more productive, since the participants in the conversation can see each other, respond to emotions, facial expressions, and gestures. Thanks to this, the barrier of remoteness disappears.

Video conferencing is more business-friendly than audio-only conferences. Often during online interviews, meetings, and important discussions, executives require employees to have their cameras turned on.

So you can make sure that all employees are involved in the workflow and are not distracted by other things while communicating with colleagues. At the same time, if each participant in the meeting subconsciously understands that they are being observed, this can make work more efficient and productive.

Unlike communication in audio format, video conferencing offers more functionality. Participants can share their screen, share presentations, or other documents.

Numerous observations by scientists have proven that visual memory works several times better than auditory. For teamwork, joint projects, or training to give the best results, it is worth preferring the video format of online communications.

Why iMind Leads the Video Conferencing Market

While iMind is not new to the teleconferencing market in the United States, it's had a strong root in Europe where it first started and get popularized. iMind offers quality and variety of tools to all segments of the video conferencing target audience. Whether you want to start and grow your own business online, hire professionals, find responsible partners, learn a new language or chat with friends, this service will help you realize your desires with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Even if you are a strict user of mobile devices, you can easily create or join a video meeting. All you need to do is enter the name of the room into the system, copy the link and send it to all participants. Just a few seconds later, they will be able to enter the conference by simply clicking on the link.

You can download the iMind app or access iMind video conferences directly from your browser. The quality of communication in both cases will be at a high level. Parallel to the video conferencing session, participants have the opportunity to chat, where everyone can share files, documents, or creative ideas.

The ability to share a screen is a step towards improving the effectiveness of the participation of each employee involved in the workflow. This allows colleagues to feel their importance in achieving the overall result.

High quality in every aspect, from picture and audio level control to features such as 24-hour conference calls, is what makes iMind unique. Attention to detail and user satisfaction is a key value for this platform.

Who Is iMind  Designed For?

Who Is iMind  Designed For

This communication format has a very wide target audience. Below are some of those it's designed for:

  • Individuals: Those who want to communicate with relatives or friends located in other cities or even countries. This tool of communication will create the effect of direct interaction.
  • Businesses: Organizations with employees that practice remote work get the opportunity to hold meetings and discuss projects online.
  • Investors: Investors looking for professional partners to implement joint ideas can use videoconferencing to build connections.
  • Freelancers: Freelancers who want to work from home or combine work and leisure can use video platforms to find new clients, discuss new projects, and make money.

You will find your category in this list. The platform is built for everyone who might need a video conferencing tool.


Now you see why iMind is taking the internet by storm. The advantages and features it offers clearly demonstrate the level of interest of the developers of this platform in meeting the needs of users in the business field.

Since iMind values ​​its customers, the service is constantly improving by developing tools and expanding capabilities. With this platform, everyone can discover the world of convenient, fast, and secure online communications.

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