Hulu TV vs Sling TV: Which Streaming Service is Better for You?

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Are you wondering about the best streaming service between Hulu and Sling TV? This guide will provide you with the best comparisons between the two streaming platforms.

In this present age, everyone is gradually moving from using Satellite or Cable TV to renowned streaming applications. The applications make use of the internet to provide you with continuous entertainment. Many of the applications come with a video-on-demand option.

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The only negative thing about the applications is that they do not authenticity if Live Television. Irrespective of this, some persons often miss a plethora of channels and the randomness of live television. If you are the kind of person who finds it difficult deciding what to stream, it is better you make use of Live TV as it is the best entertainment method.

In the streaming world, both Hulu and Sling TV are often compared and people really want to know which works better for them. Hulu vs. Sling TV are well-known streaming platforms that provide you with a cinema experience. Because of this, we are going to examine both of them to see which one is better than the other. Or which one offers more than the other.

Hulu TV vs Sling TV Comparison

1. Compatibility Level

Our first area of comparison is in their level of compatibility. When we talk about compatibility, it means the devices they work on or the devices you can use them on. In this sense, both Hulu and Sling TV are essentially applications you can use on Android, iOS, and other OS. In addition to this, if you are using a smart television, you can also download and use Hulu and Sling TV.

Other platforms where you can also use both Hulu and Sling TV applications are Firesticks and Roku. Also, they can be used with any gaming console. However, in terms of gaming console usage, Hulu beats Sling TV to the game as it provides you with more befitting availability. Hulu can be accessed via Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, while you can access Hulu plus Live Television via the Sony platform, you can’t access Sling TV via the Sony platform.

In all, if we are to compare both Hulu and Sling TV in the aspect of availability, then Hulu beats Sling TV by miles. The only thing is that Sling TV remains one of the most used streaming platforms when it comes to commonly used devices.

Platform compatibility

2. Screen numbers

Another feature we are going to look at is the screen numbers both Hulu and Sling TV have. While this mainly hinges on your subscription type, the screen number is a form of compatibility. The Orange subscription of Sling TV provides you just a screen to stream. The Blue subscription plan provides you with about 3 screens to stream. On the other hand, you can watch TV shows and movies on two separate devices with any Hulu plans.

Note that you will have additional unlimited device add-ons. This can be used to stream Hulu on 3 unlimited home and mobile devices. With this, we can say that Hulu has beaten Sling TV hands-down again in terms of add-on package and flexibility.

Screen numbers

3. Functionalities

Both Hulu and Sling TV offer amazing functionalities and features. You can use them to stream interesting content. In this aspect, it becomes a bit difficult to decide the best in terms of content. They both have lots of advertisements and promotions. Both Hulu and Sling TV operate on a wide spectrum.


4. Live TV Experience

This is one of the most amazing features to consider. We are going to begin by looking at the Live TV of both Hulu and Sling TV. The Hulu plus Live Television is a subscription plan that provides you with entire Live Television channels. Over the years, the Hulu plus Live TV partners with lots of popular networks like Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. Therefore, this provides you with interesting Television channels. In addition, there are additional add-ons for Starz, HBO, ESPN+, Disney+, in order to expand the range of the content.

hulu Live TV

On the other hand, Sling TV offers you live television channels. However, they are likely not to have any renowned channels. Notwithstanding, it is still a reasonable collection. Sling TV provides you with Comedy Central, AMC, FOX, CNN, Cartoon Network, etc. compared to the premium channels offered by Hulu.

Therefore, it is visible that Hulu wins in this aspect. However, even though Hulu wins this, Sling TV provides you with an entertaining and affordable list of channels. It also provides you with the option of removing or adding channels and even subscribe to the channels differently compared to Hulu. Therefore, it is okay to say that Sling TV is more flexible in this aspect.

Sling TV live tv

Hulu itself does not provide any Live Television schedule which is entirely rampant among satellite televisions and other live television applications. On the other hand, Sling TV offers you Live Television schedules. This enables you to mark the show and easily prepare for the program before it starts.

Also, when it comes to TV channels, Hulu clearly wins. The only way this won’t happen is when you look at the subscription cost. Hulu plus Live Television enables you to stream live television and it’s understandably more expensive when compared to the subscription of Sling TV.

Lastly, despite the Hulu plus Television subscription that offers you live television, you are still going to be bugged with ads and commercials. On the other hand, Sling TV doesn’t bug you with ads or commercials. In this sense, if we are to look beyond the quality of the lineups for the price, it is fair to say that Sling TV clearly beats Hulu in this aspect.

5. Video-on-demand

This is the last feature we are going to compare. In this aspect, both Sling TV and Hulu provide you with a DVR that is based on cloud for you to be able to record any movies and TV shows of your choice and stream them. In addition, both Hulu and Sling TV provide you with video-on-demand. But the availability and lineup of Hulu enthrall more when compared to Sling TV.

This could be because of Sling TV’s major focus. Sling TV mainly focuses on offering a live television experience to you. On the other hand, Hulu functions as a complete online streaming application with lots of video-on-demand content. When we compare both Hulu and Sling TV in this aspect, it is fair to say that Hulu beats Sling TV hands-down.

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This article looked into the Hulu vs. Sling TV comparison. Also, we examined various aspects of their comparability such as Video-on-demand, Live TV experience, functionalities, screen numbers, and the compatibility level.

If you are the kind of person who wants quality content and is not bothered about the price, then, you should go for Hulu. It provides you with amazing discounts, bonuses, offers, and lots more. On the other hand, if you are tight on budget and still want free, nice, and interesting channels, then Sling TV will be your sure bet.

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