How to Get a Hulu Deals: Student Discount with Spotify Premium

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Are you wondering how to stream your favorite movies and TV shows on Hulu without having to spend much on subscription fees? These steps will guide you on how to get the Hulu student discount.

Stream your Favorite Movies and TV Shows with Hulu Student Discount

One of the best streaming platforms to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without spending much is Hulu. It provides a large library of content for your streaming pleasure. Hulu has an amazing user interface that enables you to surf the site and search for any movie of your choice without stress.

One of the major reasons Hulu offers student discounts is to enable students to stream and watch their favorite TV series or shows without worrying about subscription fees since they barely work yet.

Hulu Discount for student

With the student discount, every student is sure of saving some bucks off the subscription fee. This benefit comes as a result of the partnership between Spotify and Hulu. This was to ensure students are well satisfied without the stress of finance when it comes to streaming movies. In case you don’t know, Spotify is a popular online site for streaming music. It offers users amazing showtime and premium content at affordable prices.

If you are a student who desires to save money, Hulu is the best streaming site where you can watch movies without bothering about subscribing with huge fees. The good thing about Hulu is that it gives you three months free trial period. Also, you won’t experience any setback with the student subscription. The platform gives you access to unlimited entertainment at a reduced fee.

Steps to Get Hulu Student Discount

One unique thing about this streaming site is that it is relatively easy to use and recommended for any student who wishes to save some bucks while still enjoying amazing movies, TV shows, and TV series. Hulu also allows you to share the subscription fee with your friends. This is another way to save up some cash. So, if you’re a student who will like to enjoy all these amazing benefits, here are the steps you need to take to get the student discount.

  • Step 1:

The first step to get the Hulu student discount is to go to your computer browser. Access the official website of Spotify. Spotify is the platform where you get the student discount offered by Hulu as both companies partner to give students this amazing deal. Once on the Spotify website, you can access the student discount page. Alternatively, you can simply access it through here.

Hulu student discount page

  • Step 2:

Once you have accessed the home page, click on the free trial period of three months displayed on the page. Once you click on it, the signup procedure will begin immediately. Note that you will be required to register using a new account.

signup procedure of hulu

  • Step 3:

You are expected to either sign-in to the platform with your previous account or create a new account to log in. Alternatively, you can also sign-in with your Apple ID, Facebook account, or any other social media account you have. If you do not have any social media account or haven’t had an account on the platform before, you can simply create one on the platform by clicking on the ‘Sign up for Spotify’ option available on the site.

Sign up for Spotify option for hulu

  • Step 4:

Immediately you are done signing up for an account, you can now enjoy the discount. Note that you will be required to pass through some verification process during your sign up procedure. This verification is to verify whether you are truly a student. The process doesn’t take much time. You will be done in less time. Alternatively, you can manually verify your studentship if you are having some challenges doing it on the platform. The manual verification process will be discussed subsequently in this article.

verification process for hlu with spotify

  • Step 5:

This is the last step to get your Hulu student discount. In step 5, you are required to make your payment. You can pay via debit cards or credit cards. Both Hulu and Spotify accept the two methods of payment. Alternatively, PayPal is accepted if you don’t want to go through the stress of imputing your debit card or credit card details. Once you successfully pay for the subscription, you can now enjoy the amazing student discount offered by Hulu. It is quite easy and simple to follow. Note that you will be deducted 4.99 US dollars once the three months free trial ends.

Hulu activation

Ways to Verify the Student Discount Manually

Supposed you are having trouble verifying your studentship for the Hulu student discount, you can use the manual verification process. The reason for using Spotify to verify is to ensure swift processing of the premium subscription. However, you can still use the manual process if you’re experiencing an error. All you need to do is to provide the needed details about your University or College. Once you provide these details, Spotify will now verify whether you are a current student of a University/College or not. Hulu also uses this same process for its verification. Note that you will be asked to present your college admission documents.

Hulu student discount manual verification process

You can easily do all these by uploading your College Identity Card. All you need to do is to upload the ID on the site and be verified manually.

Eligibility for the Student Discount

Eligibility for the hulu Student DiscountYou are eligible for the student discount if you’re a student of a University or College in the United States. By making use of SheerID (a student enrollment database connected with educational institutions), you can automatically get verified. SheerID ensures the verification is quick and easy. It also has other identification services such as doctors, nurses, and military. It’s a large database that ensures you are easily verified without any issue.

Duration of the Student Discount

Duration of the hulu Student Discount

The student discount offered by Hulu lasts for one year. Once you register for the offer, you will be able to enjoy three months free trial period. After the three months free trial period, you will be able to enjoy the discount. Unfortunately, the student discount lasts for a year, which means you will have to re-verify your studentship at the end of every year.


If you are a student who wants to spend less on streaming subscriptions, you can go for Hulu. It is one of the few streaming platforms that offer student discounts. With Hulu, you get to spend less on subscriptions and still enjoy amazing student discount. Once you sign up for the student plan, you will be given the first three months as a free trial period, after which you begin to enjoy the student discount. To get the student discount, you need to verify that you are still a current student of any University or College located in the United States. Once you’re able to do that, you will immediately have access to the student discount.

Hulu also has amazing video quality. So you don’t have to worry about streaming low-quality content. You can take hold of this opportunity and enjoy its services at a relatively low price.

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