How to Write a Business Proposal

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A business proposal is a written document that is prepared to convince a potential business client that a company can provide answers to a particular lack.

The main challenge for most business owners is writing a business proposal that can convince a potential client to say the inevitable “yes”.

Therefore, as a business owner it is necessary to know the steps a business proposal is written, and in this article, specialists will guide you on how to write an amazing business proposal.

1. Title page

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The title page is the most important part of a business proposal because it offers clues to the business prospect about the content of the business proposal.

A title page must contain relevant information like title of business proposal, the date, the name and logo of company, contact of company, name and contact of client. This information must be supplied in the formal standard that makes sense at a glance.

2. Cover letter

Cover letter

The cover letter of the business proposal must provide a brief summary of your company. Furthermore, a cover letter must contain “thank you” and your signature.

However, the contents of the cover letter depend on the job specification of the company. For instance, a photographer can include his or her picture samples for reviews.

3. Table of contents

Table of contents

Otherwise in cases where a concise business proposal is required, list a table of contents in the business proposal. A table of content will assist the business prospect locate desired pages with ease and also, it will provide an idea of the contents of the business proposal to the readers before they navigate the pages of the document.

4. Executive summary

Executive summary

This is a section of a business proposal that reviews the reasons for the proposal. It provides detailed information about the capability of the solution rendered to a business prospect.  However, the nature of the executive summary depends on the solutions offered by your company. Also, if your target audience are young people, use industry argots coupled with little comedy to excite them.

Furthermore, level down large statistics to simple terms that can be easily comprehended by clients. For instance, if you are dealing with a tech company instead of saying “2 billion out of 8 billion in the world people use the internet daily”, be more direct by saying “every 1 in 4 citizens of the world use the internet daily”.

5. Sales Proposal

Sales Proposal

In this part, also explain the ability of the solution provided to the business prospect and the period of time it will take for the job to be completed. Also, present useful details to convince your client that the product or service offered by you, is the best option available in the market.

6. Services/Methodology

Services Methodology

In this section, describe the outcome of the job that the business prospect should expect by including anticipated data to provide enough clues on the possible result the client should expect.

Moreover, to create an exciting proposal, include sufficient information on the procedure you wish to employ in accomplishing the task, so that your business prospect will be aware of the risk involved in the job.

7. About us

About us

Although the cover letter provides a glimpse of your company’s details, in this section provide sufficient information about the activities of your company. You must assume that your client knows almost nothing about the company and as a result, supply your client with pictorial and text contents.

Also, to boost your chances of getting the job include information about the successes you have recorded and if your company has been involved in any community development project, include details of it too.

8. Pricing


In this section, provide an explicit pricing table that provides a detailed summary of the anticipated expenditure. However, be careful when estimating the price to prevent the presentation of figures that can scare off your business prospect. Nevertheless, in the process of trying to win favors avoid presenting an underestimated budget.

9. Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of business are a very important section in every business proposal. It is a brief summary of the business deal that provides details like expected duration of the agreement, the timeline for accomplishing the task, and definite details of payment date and time. However, employ legal services to back up your terms and conditions before submitting it to the prospect.

10. Agreement and Call-To-Action

Agreement and Call To Action

In this section, provide a space for the signature of your prospect and also, add the personal contact details of your company to enable your business prospect to reach out to you.


Writing a business proposal is not as difficult as it seems, however, to write an amazing proposal that is appealing to your client, make use of pictures in the “about us” section to provide quick clues to your client about the kind of services you offer. In addition, include numeric data to create confidence and confine details of your brand in every possible phrase of the proposal to show your client that you are trustworthy.

To further increase your chances of getting the job, plan to send the business proposal to the prospect electronically to enable you add useful videos and follow-up your clients closely to get feedback on the potential deal. However, to get samples of business proposals that will guide you, visit

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