How to View Private Instagram Accounts [12 IG Account Viewers]

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Do you often get disappointed not being able to view your favorite Instagram user’s content because it’s often set to private? This article has got you covered. This article will show you how to view private Instagram accounts.

Private Instagram Account

Private Instagram Account overview

More recently than 10 years ago, Instagram was created. The use of social media applications has rapidly expanded to permeate many aspects of modern society and the workplace. It’s the most well-known and convenient social networking service available today. Connections with other social networks, including Facebook, have propelled it to the forefront of the industry.

You can now discover individuals from all walks of life and all corners of the globe utilizing the site for a variety of reasons. Everyone from up-and-coming to established actors, musicians, writers, and business moguls falls under this category. This means that a wide range of Instagram accounts is available for perusal, but not everyone will be able to evaluate each one.

Often time, you may get disappointed not being able to view your favorite Instagram personality account being that the person might have set it to private. There are several reasons a user may decide to set his or her Instagram account to private. Some young people may prefer that their parents or guardians not monitor their activity on the site.

Some individuals may not want their ex-lovers or persons they’ve broken up with to review their stuff. Not all companies are comfortable with the idea that their rivals may learn their trade secrets and use them against them. It’s possible that some famous people might want to have some time away from the public eye. The reasons above are why some individuals may want to view private Instagram accounts.

Below are easy tips for viewing private Instagram accounts.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

1. View Private Instagram Accounts by Sending a Follow request to the Private Profile

Doing things properly is generally recommended, and this is particularly true on Instagram, a social networking site with stringent rules and regulations governing its members’ behavior and activity. Even a little mistake may get you banned from Instagram.

So, the first method is a simple old-fashioned, gentlemanly strategy for reading a private profile. Sending a follow request to the desired private account is all that is required. Your patience and perseverance are going to be tested as you wait for the user to approve your request after submitting it.

To your good fortune, the person may have been online at the time you issued the request, in which case they may have chosen to answer. If the user isn’t on the app when you send the request, you won’t know the outcome until they log in again. Your request to access the user’s profile will be granted if they approve it. If your request is denied or kept pending, however, you will not be able to see the user’s profile.

Not everyone is a fan of this strategy. The recipient of your follow request will now know who you are. Their choice to provide you access to their profiles and content is entirely voluntary. A parent who wishes to covertly watch her kid on the app, for instance, is likely to have her efforts futile if she sends a follow request that the youngster would almost certainly ignore. Therefore, it is not a suitable option for those who value their privacy.

2. View Private Instagram Account by Asking Google for Assistance

Asking Google for Assistance

Alternatives are required if the first approach does not work or takes too long. A Google or similar search engine will do the job. Simply launch your preferred internet browser, whether it is Google Chrome, Opera, or another. Select the search icon and then enter the username of the desired secure account.

This concept is feasible because of the fact that Google maintains detailed logs of every user’s activity across all of their social media accounts, including Instagram. If you were to access the target account, you would see its previous contents. Typically, these are items the user submitted when the account was open to the public. Given that everyone on Instagram must first create a public profile, it’s likely that the user has already shared several photos and videos before making their account private.

This means that if the user has made their account public, the search results page will include the person’s videos, profile images, photographs, and tales. If you simply need a photo of the individual for certain requirements, this is the best option.

3. View Private Instagram Accounts by Searching Them on Other Social Media Platforms

Other Social Media Platforms

You can also try to find them by searching on other popular social networking websites. Let’s pretend you can sneak a peek at someone’s private Instagram feed anyhow. If that’s the case, you can expect to see them on other networks like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and probably a lot more besides. To find them, just do a search using their names or Instagram handles on these other services.

There is barely anybody in this day and age who does not use social media and who will not have several accounts across many different social media platforms, so you are sure to face them after you have gone through one or two of the sites. As a result, you can find more information about these people, including images, videos, and bios, on other social networking sites.

4. View Private Instagram Accounts Through a Friend

There is always a possibility that a mutual buddy or acquaintance follows the secret Instagram account you’re longing to see. Request their assistance in accessing the user’s account, then have them copy and send you the data you need. The WhatsApp status feature makes it simple to inquire as to which contacts are fans of a certain user. A follower would answer if they are one of your pals.

5. View Private Instagram Account Using Private Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

Private Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

If you wish to access a private Instagram profile, you can do it by using one of the several Instagram private profile viewer apps available. These programs are third-party software that can be used to discreetly review Instagram accounts that are set to private. These apps might be useful if you want to secretly monitor an Instagram user. A parent, for example, might find such an app quite useful for keeping tabs on a youngster.

Using the software’s built-in search box and the private account’s login, you can easily do this. They would essentially reverse-engineer the search to produce the desired outcomes. Thus, you have access to the secret Instagram account of the intended victim.

Here are a few of the most reliable Instagram private account viewer tools:

12 Best Private Instagram Account Viewers

1. Instagram-downloader — Best Private Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Instagram-downloader Homepage

You can use this private Instagram viewer to see and save the profile picture of a certain user. To accomplish this, copy the picture’s URL, then paste it into the app’s website’s download box, and finally, click the “download photo” button.

2. WatchInsta — Best Easy Private Instagram Account Viewer

WatchInsta Homepage

The greatest thing about WatchInsta is that you don’t even need an Instagram account to browse private accounts; the program works even if you aren’t logged into your own account. Simply enter the user’s login and visit the site to begin tracking them. Before clicking on “see profile,” decide what you’re interested in seeing (story, photos, etc.). Any content can be exported as well.

3. Private Photo Viewer — Best Online Private Instagram Account Viewer

Private Photo Viewer Homepage

Visit their website and enter the Instagram user name you want to access, just as you would with any other software that lets you view private accounts. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm the profile’s accuracy before gaining access to their content without their knowledge.

4. InstaDPY — Best for Downloading Private Instagram Profile Pictures and Videos


Among the available private profile viewer applications, InstaDPY stands out as a great alternative. At first, you’ll be prompted to paste the username of the desired profile that you want to see. The next step is to click the “Get Profile Picture” link. Right-click the profile picture that appears to save it to your device. You can access their archive of work from this location at your leisure.

5. InstaRipper — A Must-have Application to View Private Instagram Account

InstaRipper Homepage

To use this private Instagram viewer, you must first download the app; it’s available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Then, you’ll be prompted to enter the username of the desired account. Next, they’ll provide you with a link to the target’s profile.

6. InstaLooker — All-in-one Private Instagram Account Viewer

InstaLooker Homepage

If you wish to have access to private Instagram profiles, InstaLooker is an excellent alternative since it doesn’t need any downloading on your behalf. Simply visit their website, click the “spy now” button, input the user’s name you want to monitor, then click the “start viewer” button. Private media from the target profile, such as movies and images, can be downloaded using the application’s export feature.

7. PrivateInsta — Number One Private Instagram Viewer

PrivateInsta Homepage

Another popular tool that can allow you to browse private Instagram accounts is PrivateInsta, which works with Windows, iOS, Android, and more. Users need not log in to access the private profile, which is great; however, there is a survey that must be completed beforehand.

8. IGLookup — Best Private Instagram Account Viewer with Simple Online Interface

IGLookup Homepage

If you wish to view private Instagram accounts, this is another great option. The best way to view an Instagram account set to private with IGLookup is to go to their site, click the “spy now” option, and then input the Instagram account’s username you wish to access. Keep in mind that it will take some time before the private postings become visible to you.

9. Glassagram — Best Online Software to View Private Instagram Account

Glassagram Homepage

Since Glassagram is the genuine thing and can reveal the target’s secret Instagram story and account in full, it has quickly become the go-to tool for seeing private profiles on Instagram. You can easily spy on that closed Instagram profile you’ve been dying to see with the help of our multi-award-winning private profile viewer. The confidentiality of your identity is guaranteed at all times. All of their private DMs will be shown to you.

10. mSpy — Best Instagram Tracker and Private Instagram Account Viewer

mSpy Homepage

If you want to access a private Instagram account, maybe your kids’, mSpy is another great option to consider. You’ve found the perfect spot if you’re concerned about the safety of your children in the face of Instagram’s potential for exposure to sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise unsuitable content.

11. eyeZy – Best Easy and Affordable Private Instagram Account Viewer

eyeZy Homepage

By using eyeZy, you can quickly and easily access private Instagram accounts. On their site, they boast about their ability to assist with all facets of remote smartphone targeting, but Instagram is where they really want to shine.

12. uMobix — Useful to Parents who want to monitor their Kids’ Activities on Instagram

uMobix Homepage

To maintain tabs on your kids’ Instagram activity, uMobix is a great tool for parents. Maybe your kids have been feeling confined recently while online, and as a response, they have made their Instagram accounts private.

To ensure your kids’ continued safety even when they know you can’t monitor their online activity, you may want to consider using a service that can help you hack into a private Instagram account.


Q. How do I change my Instagram Account from Public to Private

At the time of signup, every new Instagram account is set to be viewable by the general public. The settings page is where you’ll make the change from a public to a private profile. To access the privacy and safety settings, choose it. Once there, you can choose the option to change to a private account. Changed your Public account to a Private one. Yes, it really is that simple.

Q. What are private Instagram viewer tools?

These programs are 3rd-party apps that let you see private accounts without drawing attention to yourself. This means you can use these apps to secretly monitor an Instagram user without drawing suspicion.

Q. Is it legal to use private Instagram viewer applications?

Since they break the site’s guidelines, they can’t be. However, the vast majority of these programs are designed to evade detection. One should check whether or not such an application really works before employing it in order to avoid getting into problems with Instagram.


You can acquire access to a hidden Instagram account in the most straightforward and ethical method possible by sending a follow request to the account’s owner. But the truthful approach isn’t always effective. It’s possible that there are others who are interested in seeing a private Instagram profile but would like to stay hidden. Therefore, it would not be helpful to make a request to follow them. To accommodate this need for secrecy, Instagram provides several means of gaining access to private profiles, including general web searches, social media site-specific searches, and a third-party app designed just for viewing private profiles.

Even if these other approaches aren’t entirely trustworthy, they get the job done. And if you’re going to use a third-party app to see a private Instagram account, make sure it’s a good one that won’t get you in trouble with Instagram.

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