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If you are a parent and not using parental control apps yet, there is a lot you are missing out on. Knowing the current era children, they have many opportunities, many vulnerabilities, and many vices they can succumb to.

There is no way every child is going, to be honest about a bad habit they developed, the bad company they are keeping, or being off track. This is where, as a parent, you need to step up your game. You can find more info on how parental control apps have the potential to change the dynamics of your parenting.

Is there any child who does not have Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat accounts? Is there any child who is not using texting as a primary mode of communication? You would be surprised to know that Minsky is the most effortless way in which you can garner access into your child’s smartphone.

Minspy- The best parental control app

Minspy, as a web-based parental control app, offers you much more than your basic expectations with a spy application. It is discreet, secretive, sophisticated, and convenient, all at the same time. It functions in a totally alert-less environment.

Can you imagine a riot that will be if your child finds out that you are having access to their smartphone? The concern is well understood by Minspy and that is why it has a superb stealth mode built into its very infrastructure.

Minspy offers the best form of secretive spying on your child’s smartphone. You can proactively check their call logs, call list, messages, social media updates, GPS location, and even the library of apps. 

Minspy box

Let’s have a more insightful view of the core functions and features of Minspy:

Ensures Privacy

Retention and protection of privacy is very important. Choosing just the most inexpensive spy application can have you in a fix. You cannot just trust any random app to enable you to have access to your child’s phone.

There are fears of data leakage lurking and you can’t risk out the personal information about your child. Therefore, Minspy is the most reliable and trustworthy platform that allows discreet and secretive information. 

No Trails through Web-Based Application

As mentioned earlier, Minspy is a web based application. This is an indicative of the fact that there is no need to install the app. This also leaves lesser trails and lesser risks to be caught.

Built-in Stealth Mode

The stealth mode of Minspy is so amazing and discreet that your child will not even have a clue that you have access to their phone. The stealth mode is well built in and unlike popular search engines and apps that are fully connected and generate alerts, Minspy works without any risks.

Remote access

There is no necessity of even touching your child’s phone if you intend to spy on them. Minspy provides utter remote access and you might as well be in a different country and still keep a tab on your child and their phone.

How to Set Up Parental Control on All your Devices 

The popular kinds of smartphones used are either Android or iPhones. Minspy allows you to link to your child’s smartphone, be it an Android or iPhone. The process is actually quite simple and time efficient. 

The processes of using Minspy can be stated in the below mentioned procedural set up:

  • Registration

The process of obtaining remote access to your child’s phone begins with registering on Minspy’s app.  You do not need to provide a lot of information in order to register or sign up on the app. All you need to provide is your email ID. 

Minspy sign up

  • Selecting the plan

Once you have successfully signed up from your email ID, you will then be required to select the perfect plan for yourself. Minspy has a wide array of interesting plans. Each plan serves a different purpose and dimension.

So, once you have done a quick analysis of what you want, you can select the plan that meets your requirements the best possible way. Once selected, you can pay for it and a set up link will be received immediately on your registered email ID.

  • Set-Up and Installation

 The setup link will be received upon your email ID. The link once clicked on, will lead you to a bunch of self-explanatory processes. All you need to do is follow the line of the suggested action. Within no time, you will be done with the process.

After you have registered, you will be asked about the ‘Target Device’. It is the kind of smartphone your child uses. If your child uses an iPhone, select iOS. If your child uses an Android, select Android.

  • Setting up an iPhone

It is so easy to connect Minspy with your child’s iPhone, it might seem surprising. All you need to do here is just enter the iCloud credentials of your child. That is it, nothing more. If you are aware of the iCloud ID and password of your child, you can access their iPhone even if they are on another continent.

Minspy verify icloud

You do not need to install or download any app. There is no need to root or jailbreak or even touch your child’s iPhone. It is so time-efficient and convenient that you can check up on your child without them even having a hunch about it.

  • Setting up an Android Phone

In the case of an Android phone, the process is not that straight forward, but simple regardless. You need to download the Minspy app on your child’s Android phone. Once downloaded, you can hide the app almost immediately upon download. 

Once the app is hidden almost instantaneously, it can’t be seen or even felt to exist (as it has specifically been designed to weigh only 3 MB). You can then almost immediately connect to your child’s phone and have an unhindered view of what all they are up to. 

  • Monitoring the Data

On successful linkage, Minspy helps you access the target iOS or Android phone holistically. You can see the images, video, media exchange, call lists, GPS location, social media engagements, and everything that is being done on the phone. 

Everything your child does on the phone can be seen by you. The dashboard of Minspy has been designed in a way to ooze comfort and convenience for parents. So, even if you are a beginner or expert in technology, you will be able to operate Minspy with even your left hand.

Minspy dashboard


You can definitely find more info on how with an application you can transform your parenting productively. It takes effort to keep your kids out of trouble and Minspy offers that all your efforts can be channeled in the right direction.

When it comes to parenting, you would be surprised to know that Minspy is the most preferred app by parents around the world. Its simplicity is its very highlight. So, you can know things about your child without them telling you with this awesome web-based genius app.

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