6 Tips to Select A Domain Name For Your Business

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For your business’s success, it is vital to pick the right domain name. If you make the wrong selection, switching to a different domain name can be quite a hassle.

There may be a negative impact on your search rankings and the brand. Hence, it is quintessential to shop for the best domain name right from the start.

When you are new in the business, it can be pretty hard for you to look for a catchy business name and a complementing domain name. So, here, in this article, we will discuss with you some tips and tricks that can help you select the best domain name.

Always go for brandable, not generic.

Always go for brandable

‘Brandable and creative domain names are much better than the generic ones. Always bear in mind, the domain name is precisely how the visitors on the internet will look for you and share your company with other people. It is the foundation for your brand. So, it must be brandable,’ points out Sherry, an educator who works with TopAssignmentExperts.

Now, let us quickly understand the difference between a brandable and a generic domain name.

The former is always unique and will stand out in the competition. On the other hand, the latter is unmemorable and will typically be filled with two to three keywords. The problem with generic brand names or domain names is that nobody remembers them, and nobody talks about them. They barely have a meaning.

On the other hand, when a company has a brandable domain name, it will stand out and give something for people to talk about. More so, a brandable domain name depicts the brand’s effort and thought that went into selection. So, automatically, there is more value and trust there.

Now, how can you find a brandable domain name?

  1. First things first, try to create a new word. Think Yahoo, Bing, or even Google, for instance. These are unique names that were not common before they become a brand name for the search engine. So, use your creativity, and come with a catchy brand name.
  2. Secondly, use and twist the existing words. List down some of the existing words you know that can fit your brand name, and now list down their synonyms. You can use the thesaurus to look for similar words. It will make the selection easier.
  3. Third, employ a domain name generator. Lastly, one of the biggest help that you have available is a domain name generator. You can use the tool to find some brandable, unique domain names extracted from your initial keyword list or the existing ideas.

Ensure that it is easy to type

Ensure that it is easy to type

It is pivotal for your business’s online success to look for a domain name that is easy to type. If you use a slang word, such as four instead of four or for, or words that can have multiple spellings, such as Xpressss and express, then it can be challenging for your potential web visitors to look for you on the internet,’ comments Marry, an educator who works with EduWorldUSA.

Do not go overboard

Do not go overboard

The problem with lengthy and complex domain names is that there is always a risk that your customers might misspell or mistype them. Hence, it is always advisable to go for a domain name that is short, sweet, and simple.

Use keywords


Yes, you do not have to stuff your domain with keywords, but using one keyword that rightly describes your business and services can be a pretty good idea. The keyword should automatically make the customers clear what exactly your expertise is.

Stick with .com

‘You can find a bundle of new domain name extensions to the initial and the most widely used .com domain. Today, there are extensions, such as .photography, .net, .org, .blog, and .pizza. Regardless of how closely they relate to your business, it would be best if you always went with the .com domain,’ advises Steve, an educator who works with TFTH.

Of course, it may be tempting for you to use the .pizza extension if you are a pizza delivery company but don’t. Why? The .com extension is a credible and one of the most widely used and established domain name extensions. It is also the most trustworthy and credible.

Moreover, employing domain extensions, such as .pizza, .photography, or .ninja might make your website appear unreliable and fake.

For customers, there is nothing more memorable than a .com domain. The problem also is that the users who are not very tech-friendly tend to type .com after the domain name automatically.

So, even if your website goes like tara.blog, the users might automatically type tara.blog.com, and then all your potential traffic will be lost. Moreover, these days, even phones have a .com button, which adds to their prevalence.

No confusion and trademark infringement

Your domain name should be unique and not a copy of any other domain. Of course, you won’t get the same domain name, but it should not be confusing for the customers to confuse it with any existing or prevalent brand.

Always remember, if your domain name infringes on the trademark, you are at the risk of losing your domain. You can be sued too. So, before registering a domain, ensure that it does not violate any trademark.

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