Effective Ways to Promote Customer Services

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There is a perception that advertising for services cannot be as effective as promoting real goods, but this is absolutely not true. Over the last few years marketers have proven the effectiveness of using advertising tools for any kind of business.

That's why we would like to dispel the myths and tell you more about the ways you can try to effectively advertise and promote a business with customer service, as well as how to make it easier for your business to attract new customers.

1. Create a support community

Create a support community

One of the best marketing techniques is to talk about your service to your close people, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and so on. A satisfied client won't wait, he will share the positive experience with his friends himself. The next stage of this method is to develop a loyalty program as an integral part of your own marketing strategy. At this stage you can offer your clients a bonus for each new client they bring in.

For example, our colleague recently went on vacation to Dubai, where he used the car rental services. He was satisfied with the provided service of the automobile company, as he could find and rent a car in Business Bay, the district where he lived and worked, for a modest sum of money, though he had a really good vehicle. Now, the chances that other colleagues will use this particular car rental service are much higher, because we have received a direct recommendation, in that way we could admit that the hiring service already has potential clients.

2. Educate potential customers

Another marketing tool is educating; provide customers with the information they should know about your service. You can do this by offering free seminars and open events to tell them more about your services.

Also, you may write articles for magazines and local newspapers, blog on your own website, or actively participate in trade shows and conferences in order to make people recognize your company’s service and its benefits. With such an educational marketing approach, you need to emphasize the features of your product and the advantages clients will have in case of turning to your company.

3. Show the best features of the service

Clients may be unsure about whether or not they should use your particular service. Show them all the benefits of your service and encourage the customer that you could solve the problem they have. Perhaps, offer a free consultation with a demonstration of how your service works.

Another advice is that you make a short video, which will show how you perform the service and make people see all the processes. Here is an example, a company that’s making pizzas, turned to this strategy and made a video in order to show the process of making their pizza. People passing by the restaurant paid attention to the display and were interested to try the product themselves. By this technique the company's sales were up.

4. Social networks

Social networks

Today it's almost impossible to escape using social media to promote your business. There you may also get in touch with your customers, get their feedback or by creating a contest to attract an additional audience.

By combining this strategy with an educational one, you help your target audience make the right choice and use your services.

5. Get customer feedback

Experienced marketers analyze customer feedback on a daily basis, as it can be used to optimize performance much better. This approach shows that you care about your customers, and gives the client understanding that you are always eager to provide the best service.

Remember that promotion techniques take a lot of time and money as well, so that you need to carefully monitor the entire process of the advertising campaign. A systematic approach can help you to achieve the necessary goals. Don't be afraid to try something new, this is the only way to find the methods that will be effective exactly for your company.

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