How to Port PS4/XBOX Games to PC (EASY Guide)

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Video game porting refers to the process of taking video games designed for one platform and making them playable on another platform. It is an incredibly important part of the gaming industry, as it allows developers to reach more gamers than ever before. In recent years, iLogos has become a leader in this field by offering comprehensive solutions that enable publishers to quickly and cost-effectively port their games from consoles to PC platforms.

iLogos’ service covers multiple aspects of porting, starting with crowd testing and debugging existing codebase, running compatibility tests with different hardware configurations, optimizing content for different specs of hardware, providing support for the latest graphics APIs and resolution formats. After that the team takes care of fixing any bugs and ensuring graphical consistency between versions. This enables a publisher to save time when porting their games from one platform to another, ensuring that their titles are bug free and look great on all supported systems.

Video game porting

Their expertise even extends further than just console-to-PC ports; they also provide services for cross-platform ports between other compatible devices such as mobile phones or web browsers. Also, iLogos can help supervise the entire publishing process while providing guidance on compliance regulations such as age ratings or online services integration in order to ensure maximum success with a new version release.

Overall, iLogos truly stands out amongst its peers in terms of excellence when it comes to porting video game titles between different platforms. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has become a cornerstone of their business model which makes them an ideal partner for publishers who wish to bring their games onto new platforms efficiently and effectively.

How to Port Steam Games to Xbox One (EASY Guide)

How to Port Steam Games to Xbox One

Porting video games to Xbox One can be a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. With the help of iLogos, an experienced game porting and development company, the process can be made easy and painless. They specialize in helping developers port their games from Windows PCs or Macs over to Xbox consoles quickly and efficiently.

The iLogos team has extensive experience in both porting titles from one platform to another and also creating custom solutions for complex projects. This expertise allows them to effectively address any technical hurdles associated with such a project like performance optimization, resolution scaling, input mapping or controller support. In addition, they can provide additional services such as localization for international ports, age ratings for specific regions or even post-release support for online servers.

Using iLogos’s range of services not only makes the process of porting Steam games easier and more efficient but also provides extra peace of mind that comes with having professional assistance throughout the entire project.

Their reputation for quality is well-known among developers and publishers due to their commitment to delivering workable solutions that meet deadlines without compromising on quality or stability. And because they are budget conscious too, iLogos also makes sure that clients get the best possible value for their money every time they avail their services.

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