How to Play DVD on Windows 10/11?

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Since Microsoft removed Windows Media Player from Windows10, many people may worry about how to play DVDs on their PC. Well, in this post, you’ll see some powerful DVD players that can meet all your needs.

According to Microsoft, DVDs have become old-fashioned today. In their minds, modern people watch movies, TV shows on Streaming Platforms and television instead of DVD players. Not to mention that many computers and laptops don’t even have DVD drives now. DVDs are no longer needed.

Well, is this the truth? Indeed, with the development of technology, Streaming Platform seems more convenient. However, there are many nostalgic people too. They have a DVD collection and try to pop a disc into their computer to watch their favorite movies or TV series.

For those people, the new Microsoft system may cause inconvenience. That’s why you’re here. To search for a solution for playing DVDs on Windows 10 or other Windows versions, please keep reading.

How to play DVDs in Windows 10/11 by using Windows DVD Player


Due to licensing issues, Microsoft released the Windows DVD Player to replace Windows Media Player. So Windows10/11 users can still play DVDs on their computer as usual. Please note that Windows DVD Player is not free. You need to purchase it for $14.99 in Microsoft Store. But if you are an old windows7/8 user, luckily, your money is saved, because you can get it for free.

The only requirement is to upgrade your Windows7/8 to Windows10. If you don’t want to spend your money, you can try its 7-day free trial. Yes, Windows DVD Player offers a 7-day free trial. However, you can just use it to check if your PC is compatible with this app and can’t play any DVD within the free trial version.

To play DVDs on your computer with Windows DVD Player

Step 1: Download it from Microsoft Store, install it and lunch it.

Step 2: Insert the DVD into the disc drive, then the DVD will automatically start playing.

Windows DVD Player may be a good option for those people who don’t want to use third-party apps. It’s the official DVD player from Microsoft, and the function is powerful enough to meet the needs of most users.

Though Windows DVD Player is certainly convenient, it does not support all DVD formats. For example, it can’t play Blu-ray discs. Also, some users may still complain about its playback problems.

If you’re worried that you may meet the playback error or don’t want to pay $14.99 for it, there are some better options for you. There is no doubt that VLC is the most famous DVD player software for Windows10. It’s open-source and supports almost every DVD format.

In addition to VLC, there is another powerful DVD player and ripper software which I want to introduce to you – WinX DVD Ripper.

How to play and convert DVDs in Windows10/11 by using WinX DVD Ripper


WinX DVD Ripper is the most powerful DVD player and ripper software for Windows10/11. It can be used to convert almost any kind of DVD, including 99-title DVD, encrypted DVD, homemade DVD, workout DVD, regional DVD, burned DVD, etc. Sometimes, you may want to play your DVD movies on your iPhone, Android or other devices. At this time, you will need to convert the DVD format.

What should you do? With WinX DVD Ripper, you can easily do that task. WinX DVD Ripper can rip DVD to MP4, HEVC, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc. We all know that Windows DVD Player cannot play every DVD format, but you don’t have to worry about it if you’re using WinX DVD Ripper, since it supports virtually any kind of DVD format.

In addition to this, WinX DVD Ripper provides the No.1 fast ripping speed which allows you to rip DVD to MP4 just in 5 minutes. That’s because of the level-3 hardware acceleration powered by Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU, AMD, Multi-core CPU & Hyper-Threading.

Compared with Streaming Platform, the DVD player may occupy more space and memory. And DVD movies always take up a lot of memory, which will burden your computer.

However, you can resize your video storage by adjusting the resolution, codec, frame rate, and bitrate of DVDs through WinX DVD Ripper. Even compressing the DVD will not cause any damage to it and retain the original quality.

To convert DVDs to play on Windows10/11 with WinX DVD Ripper

Before that, download WinX DVD Ripper for free, and install it.

Step 1: Insert the DVD into the computer’s disc drive.

Step 2: Lunch WinX DVD Ripper and load the DVD.

Step 3: Choose an output format and click “Run”.

Many DVDs often have more than one title, for example, a 99-title DVD. WinX DVD Ripper can automatically check the main title content perfectly. So that you can decide to rip the full titles or just the main title content, which can help to save your time and hard disk space.

You can also trim, crop the video. The built-in DVD editor allows you to add subtitles to your video and enables you to remove the black bars from it.

If you are a DVD collector and have a large collection of DVDs, you may be afraid of the damage to DVDs. As we all know, discs are very fragile. Once damaged, it cannot be repaired, especially those old, classic DVDs. To avoid such a tragedy, you’d better backup your DVDs.

You can use WinX DVD Ripper to protect them from kids’ scratch, disc rot or other damages. This DVD ripping software has some unique copy modes which allows you to clone DVD disc to ISO image, to a folder at 1:1 ratio.

Final Words

For Windows10/11 users, there are many other third-party DVD players such as 5KPlayer, Kodi, MPC-HC, and so on. Each of them has its features and advantages and can meet the needs of users of DVD players.

Although Windows Media Player is no longer supported by Microsoft, it’s still not a difficult thing for users to play DVDs on Windows10/11 with these free DVD players. So just pick up one software you like most, and enjoy.

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