7 Tech Solutions for Students to Optimize Their Research

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With technological development, everything becomes much more manageable. We don’t need to wait for weeks for a love letter anymore. Humans can fly to the opposite part of the planet in less than a day.

With the invention of domestic appliances, we don’t need to spend hours doing dishes or cleaning the house. And of course, among others, technologies improve students’ lives.

Education has never been as accessible and easy as it is now. EdTech is trendy and useful, especially since distance learning became a necessity because of the world pandemic. Fortunately, to find almost any information now you don’t have to visit the library and go through piles of books. Nowadays, you can just find it on the web.

Solutions for Students to Optimize Their Research

However, finding precise information will also require some research skills. When you are a student and discovering new things is your main task, it’s a good idea to learn some tips on researching. In this article, you will find seven tech solutions to optimize your research.

7 Tech Solutions to Improve Students Research Strategies

1. Don’t Refer to Wikipedia. Use it to Find Other Sources

Wikipedia to Find Other Sources

Even though mentioning Wikipedia as a source in your final paper is a bad idea, you can use it as a platform for finding more reliable references. Because of its hyperlink system, you can easily find any information you need to know on a topic put in different perspectives. You can also use the following tips to become a more advanced Wikipedia user:

  • Save the article you are interested in as an e-book to read it when you have no internet access. You can do it by using an in-built Book Creator.
  • Try Wikipedia browser extensions. Programs like Wikiwand allow you to give your favorite online encyclopedia a new look, optimize the content and make your research even more manageable.
  • Discover the Wikipedia tips in the digest of its site. You can find many tips in making your research advanced or even how to create your wiki articles.

2. Improve Your Writing Skills with the Help of Professionals

Even when you find the best sources for your research, it is still hard to create a perfect essay. Especially when you are a fresher and everything you experience in college is new, exciting, but stressful. To avoid pressure, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are companies like essay writing service that allow you to buy an essay from professionals writing your paper. That doesn’t mean you’ll use it all the time, but sometimes it’s easier to learn from samples.

Improve Writing Skills

By using these kinds of services, you can receive a perfect essay example with a great list of trustworthy sources. You can use them in your next assignments, and be sure the sources are peer-reviewed.

3. Join Research Communities

Sometimes students need to write papers on very narrow and specific topics. One thing to do is to ask for help from people related to the subject. That’s why we would advise you to interact with people on the web by joining the online research communities.

online research communities

Such websites as Reddit and Quora can help you to ask people from all over the world for a piece of advice. Of course, you should keep in mind that you have to use critical thinking using strangers’ advice.

4. Use Bibliography Helper Apps to Master Referencing

Let’s imagine you’ve already found sources for your thesis. But you still need to reference them in a suitable format for the biography, remembering where to put the author’s name or book title.


With all these MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, you can get frustrated.

Luckily, tech solutions come to the rescue. Apps like EasyBib are designed to help you with creating a bibliography. To reference your paper in the style your college demands, just scan the barcode or type in the book title.

5. Check the Best Citation Manager for Google Docs

Another practical application to simplify your student life is called Paperpile. It could be beneficial for those who prefer to use Google Docs to write their papers. Paperpile has a straightforward interface. With the help of this program, you can organize your papers, search in a library and create references.


It’s a very convenient solution because all of your documents are always available on your devices. Even if you forget your laptop at home after a sleepless night, you still could submit your paper before the deadline.

6. MarginNote is not Just a Notebook App

Optimize your reading notes now, so it’s easier to use the citation in the future with the help of MarginNote. This app is designed for Apple products. That is why it’s the perfect e-reader for your iPad or MacBook.

Margin Note

With this app, you can easily organize your notes from multiple books and articles to impress your professor with your knowledge. Another exciting feature of this app is that you can create flashcards from your notes. It’s an excellent tool for exam prep.

7. Manage the Reference on All Devices with ReadCube Papers

ReadCube Papers is another multifunctional program to use for your study research. One of the main benefits of this application is that it is available for every device. You can use a desktop version, a web app, or use smart citing from your smartphone. ReadCube Papers even has a browser extension, so you can note something for your paper any moment while surfing the internet.

ReadCube Papers

Personalized recommendations and related article feed of this program will help you to improve your research skills. And with advanced research filters you can be sure you’ll find everything you need on the topic.

Wrapping Up

The variety of applications for students in the current market can make your education a lot easier. It’s essential to take advantage of the technologies and stay open-minded to new tools. Stay curious, search for new solutions, try them out, and find the best for yourself.

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