How to Making Money Online With Beermoney

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These days, there are a ton of ways to make money online for free, most of which include downloading apps and visiting websites.

Among the terms making rounds in the industry these days is Beermoney, a popular approach students use to make extra money online. It makes use of methods that involve completing various tasks to boost income while also helping publishers monetize their platforms efficiently.

The platform works by awarding users who play games, watch videos, take surveys, and scan barcodes with cash, pints, gift cards, and the like. It has become increasingly prevalent due to the win-win situation it offers both users and publishers.

It has also led to the development of other similar platforms that allow users to accomplish various tasks with the main goal of earning a profit. So, what else is there to know about beer money? Let’s find out.

Websites To Earn Beer Money From

Websites To Earn Beer Money

There is a slew of apps and websites you can earn beer money from, and these are just a few.


This is an app that can earn you beer money for doing practically nothing. All you have to do is use the internet to earn an income and make a difference in your life. Nothing more than registering either your phone or computer is required to get the job done. Don’t let the fact that this is too good to be true get to you because Honeygain is 100 percent legit.

Honeygain involves exploring the internet’s unused potential through your smartphone or laptop. It is a platform utilized by data scientists to link to the internet and, once it does, uses strict safeguards to protect and manage these connections. They offer a rate of one dollar per 10 GB of internet.

When you first try this platform out, you may notice the fast data consumption. However, this figure will gradually reduce until it feels like virtually no data is consumed. Stick to this for an entire month, and you could get as much as a $50 monthly payout through PayPal. Unused internet has definitely never been this valuable.

Instant Gift Cards

Earning beer money is never as fun as it is with Instant Gift Cards. This site lets you earn instant rewards for doing what you’re probably already doing on the internet. With InstantGC, you can make money by visiting sites, watching videos, and accomplishing different tasks. Unlike other platforms that let you wait, the company enables you to cash out on your prizes whenever you want.

Let’s just say Instant Gift Cards has earned its reputation as among the lowest-minimum payout sites for beer money. Shopping, watching videos, and answering surveys can earn you gift cards and points.

A hundred points earn you one dollar, which you can redeem instantly as either cash or a gift card. Gift cards offered are for the usual suspect companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

While this website isn’t a replacement for your regular job in any way, it can earn you more than a hundred bucks over the course of three months.


At, you can participate in a rewards-based program that pays members to use the World Wide Web. It allows you to earn while doing online tasks like playing games, shopping, completing surveys, and watching videos.

Its beer money comes in the form of Honey Dollars, which you can earn immediately after signing up and creating a profile.

It also has special offers up for grabs for online ad-watching and movie-trailer watching. Not to mention, you also get HDs by logging in on a daily basis. You can redeem HDs for actual cash or items you can use at home.

The biggest ways to earn using EarnHoney is by trying out their offers or products and services, answering polls and surveys, playing games, and watching films. Earning rates also vary, depending on the activity.

For instance, you get a 0.2 HD reward by watching a minute-long video ad. In comparison, 10 minutes of playing a game can get you up to 3 HD. This tells you that earnings will be based on the amount of time you can dedicate to the website.

What To Be Careful Of When It Comes to Beer Money

Be Careful

As legit as the above-mentioned sites and applications are, not all platforms share the same legitimacy. In fact, there are a good number of websites and applications that will try to scam you and not pay you for doing tasks.

Thus, instead of aimlessly scrolling and spending your time online, spend it researching authentic beer money websites that will actually make awesome side hustles.

Options for Monetization

Options for Monetization

You must be wondering how these platforms generate revenue, right? Like it or not, it’s what solidifies the authenticity of a platform. How are we supposed to believe that a company would be happy giving out cash without anything in return?

Companies that award beer money use a variety of monetization techniques to earn revenue and pay their users. Some of these methods include rewarded surveys, rewarded videos, and offerwalls.

Rewarded Videos

This strategy involves prompting users to view videos to earn cash and other prizes. Of course, it also makes publishers money for every video a user finishes viewing.

Rewarded Surveys

For rewarded surveys, publishers earn their income from completed surveys. It also allows some of the top companies in the industry to use this information for research and development. This is among the most fun approaches for monetization because it allows users to interact with companies and realize the value of their opinions.


Offerwalls present users with a variety of options for earning extra income. They can either take surveys or quizzes, play games, watch videos, or do other activities. What makes this monetization strategy so popular is its ease of application in both website and app platforms.

Beer Money: A Worthy Side Hustle

Beer money lets you earn by doing things online that you’re probably already doing. Some platforms also allow you to redeem your rewards instantly, which is great if you’re in urgent need of cash. Just think about it: the things you’re currently doing on your laptop or phone?

You could get paid for them. We’re talking hundreds of dollars over the course of a few months. Now, anything that gives you that opportunity is definitely worth trying out.

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