How to Make a Good First Impression on a Potential Employer?

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A professional cover letter and resume are the critical elements for creating a lasting first impression on the employer. Every aspiring job-seeking candidate must take great care to prepare the best cover letter and professional resume.

They must showcase all their best features and highlight why only they are most suitable for the job in every possible way. It is vital to show creativity and professionalism in the cover letter to stand out from other application forms, creating a stunning first impression.

Cover letter 

Cover letter 

Writing the cover letter is an art because it can get you the job or make the employer trash your resume without looking. A good cover letter should use professional fonts in the right size and highlight necessary things to catch the readers, attention.

It must always have the candidate's name on top in bold and preferably in the company logo color. The contact details like email address and number should come next, right under the title. The formal letter starts with the date, the name, and details of the contact person in the company on the left side.

The next part is the salutation which must start with Respected or Dear (Name of the person). Introduce yourself briefly in the following line highlighting what position you are applying for, and give your details. Mention how you heard about the job like “in referral to your ad dated …. On so and so place.” Use adjectives like “As an enthusiastic and aspiring receptionist.”

Pay attention to keeping the cover letter short and within three paragraphs max. Since the detailed resume is on the next page, the cover letter must only highlight your best features and kindle HR to view the next page.

Resume and cover letter service can help you to make your cover letter look ideal. The cover letter must give a glimpse of your resume and showcase your best quality and subject matter knowledge. It is like a movie trailer, and the actual resume is the real movie. The trailer should kindle the viewer to watch further and get excited about the main picture.

“I will work with dedication as a receptionist” is the regular writing. At the same time, “My experience in hospitality management will help me serve the customers better at the front desk enthusiastically” is the polished way of writing it.

Resume writing 

The actual resume attached with the cover letter must have four major aspects.

  1. It must be proofread several times and be free of any grammatical spelling errors.
  2. It must not exceed three pages, and two pages are ideal. The HR department people go through thousands of resumes a day, and they want all the information in one single look.
  3. The first page must have your professional photograph and contact details listed on the left side. Mention your educational qualifications, extra skill sets, and certifications on the right side. The last part of the first page must highlight the experience and your best features.
  4. Quantify all the things you have achieved in your professional life on the second page. Always list the important projects you worked on here. Highlight your contribution to them and your position on the project. Talk about your different skills, languages you know, and professional accomplishments on the second page.

Customized second page 

Use the second page to peek into something better about yourself and mention all your best qualities. On the second page, you can list your sports achievements, art prizes, and community involvement.

Always link how these elements will help the company and your job to make it look relevant. A designer joining a company might list their community service in a hospital and mention how their design skill helped them manage space better in the hospital.

An athletic person joining a corporate firm for a marketing job must highlight how their high stamina and enthusiasm will help them travel relentlessly. Such things will differentiate your resume from others. The HR tired of reading boring stories will love to see how your skill will benefit them.

Highlight them in various shades of gray or variants of the company color like dark blue and light blue to catch the concentration of the person reading it. Professional writing services call it “tailoring” because it must always suit the job profile.

A person applying for a music teacher job can use musical symbols to border such details. Others can use the company logo as a subtle watermark or write how they adore the company's founder. It proves you are ready to walk the extra mile to get the job.

Creating a personal connection 

Creating a personal connection 

The entire cover letter and resume must create a personal appeal to the person reading them. Use anecdotes, quotes, funny jokes, and even stories to make them stand out to read. The resume must talk to the reader on your behalf and persuade them to select you without a second thought. Use italics, subtle color changes, and quotation marks to differentiate things.

Most candidates use the second page to list their life goals and school achievements. Using it wisely to tell HR you have had a penchant for this job from a young age will get you the job. A candidate who won a prize at school for debate must say they always loved proving their point. They must highlight they have had this important management quality necessary for the current job since childhood.

Seeking professional assistance to get the resume and cover letter done for the first time is always advisable. Work with the professional and make your first cover letter and resume the best. Improvise it or change it with other templates when applying for multiple jobs or looking for a position change. Do not hesitate to pay for professional resume writing services because it might be the best investment for your job.

Highlight the future

Most people end the resume and cover letter stating they will work with dedication if they land the job. End the resume by stating you are upgrading your skills necessary for the job by online learning to perform better.

A receptionist job applicant must say, “the online excel and communication classes I am currently taking will help me serve our customers better.” Ending the resume with positivity increases your chances of landing the job multiple times.

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