How to Introduce Your Ukrainian Bride to Your Relatives? The First Acquaintance of a Girl with Your Family

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With the beginning of a serious relationship, life changes, and plans for the future, but in these plans, you also need to involve your relatives. They  should know who you are dating, no matter how old you are and how independent you are from them.

It’s especially important to get your Ukrainian bride and parents acquainted. And you don’t need to hide the fiancee from your children either. If you are confident in your feelings and plan to marry, be sure to introduce the woman to your kids. They must understand that their dad has met the woman he loves and wants to start a family with.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to arrange a meeting of your related people with the chosen one, so that it goes favorably. What is worth talking about beforehand with girl and parents?  How to prepare for this memorable event?

How to arrange an introduction of your parents to the fiancee?

How to arrange an introduction of your parents to the fiancee

Tell the family about your chosen one, making it clear: the relationship is very serious. It’s desirable to tell where your beloved is from, where she works, describe her character traits and hobbies.

  • Talk to your Slavic bride about the upcoming acquaintance, telling her about the relatives. It’s worth mentioning what topics are best left out and what can be mentioned in the conversation. The other half should know the preferences of your related people and behave accordingly.
  • It’s better to organize the introductions on the day which coincides with a holiday and to discuss it with each party beforehand. It is desirable to have a few days to prepare for meeting.
  • Tell the relatives not to ask too many questions to the chosen one in the first meeting, so that it won’t look like an interrogation. Otherwise, she’ll feel uncomfortable.
  • If your fiancee likes dressing in bold outfits, you should ask her to put on more conservative clothing for the family gathering, so as not to shock the parents. Most mature people have a negative attitude towards long bright nails, rich makeup. And Ukrainian brides always look amazing, it’s a fact. So ask your beloved to dress up modestly, make natural makeup.
  • Choose a gift for the relatives together, because no one knows their tastes better than you. The gift shouldn’t be too expensive or pretentious, but it’s not customary to visit empty-handed. You can supplement it with flowers for mom and a bottle of good alcohol for dad.

When your family meets the girl, you should support your woman in every way, not leave her alone, take care of the table, make her feel comfortable. If any awkward moments arise, you should smooth them over by taking the initiative into your own hands. By the end of the gathering, communication will improve, and there will be ease.

Don’t expect that people will understand each other from the first introduction. All this will happen gradually. It should be at least once a month to visit parents with the girlfriend, so they get used to each other.

Introducing your bride to the children

This won’t be difficult if you have separated from your wife peacefully, and now each of you is building a personal life of your own. Get the children to know your girlfriend as someone you sincerely love.

Go all together to the zoo or a movie, or invite the children to visit you. Give them time to get used to the new woman in your life. Regular meetings will help them bond and become friends.

Introducing a girl to the friends

Introducing a girl to the friends

It’s important to introduce your Ukrainian bride not only to your mom and dad but also to the friends. If you are a companionable person, it’s important that she gets along with your buddies and you can spend a lot of time together.

When you bring the lady to a friend's party, don’t leave her alone. Chances are she’ll be bombarded with questions, sometimes not very tactful, and you must save her immediately. Take care of your girlfriend, show how important she is to you so that the guys start taking your relationship seriously.

Believe us, if you and your Slavic bride are sincere towards each other, your parents and friends will take it for granted and love her.

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