Increasing Organic Traffic to your Website – 5 Effective SEO Techniques

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Want to increase the organic traffic to your website? Looking to boost your online presence? Do so with the help of 5 effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic to your website!

Want to retain the organic search presence of your website? You can do it with the help of a few basic yet highly important SEO techniques to drive organic traffic. Google is getting more powerful and smarter every day.

It is no longer analyzing the pages based on keywords alone – to rank higher on the search engine, you not only have to provide quality content but also display it in an alluring way.

If you want the best rankings, then you should hire a professional digital marketer and boost your online presence. From formatting your content for the web (increasing its readability) to improving the user experience on your web page, there are a few tips that will help you make your mark in the digital world.

Let’s take a look at a few actions that you need to take immediately to boost your online presence and increase the organic traffic to your website.

SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

1. Do an SEO Audit of your Website

Wondering why your website isn’t getting enough search traffic? Start by auditing your site. You can hire an SEO expert to do this – however, it is fairly simple. If you learn how to do it yourself, you will save a lot of money!

It is very easy to overlook basic on-page SEO such as meta titles and descriptions when you are creating the website. With an SEO Audit, you can easily fix this! The things that you need to ask yourself while doing an SEO audit are:

  • Do all the pages of your website have SEO titles and descriptions?
  • Have you optimized the pages with SEO Keywords?
  • Is your URL short, simple, and structured for SEO?
  • Are all the blog posts properly formatted?
  • Have you used images and added their links?
  • Do your posts contain internal and external links?

2. Keep the Needs of your Target Audience in Mind

Anything that you post on your website is going to be read by an audience. Whether they like it or not, will determine the traffic you get on your page. Understanding what they want plays an important role in developing the content that will draw them in.

If your content will not be interesting and enticing, the number of time that readers spend on your website would decrease. This affects your ranking in the Google search results.

Now that we have established that getting the feedback and opinion of the users counts, comes the million-dollar question – how to find out what the average user likes and dislikes? There are plenty of ways to find this out. You can:

  • Reach the target audience via social media platforms
  • Use Google Analytics to check which of your pages are most popular
  • Check which posts get the most shares
  • Read the comments that the readers leave on your blog posts.

3. Designing Attractive Landing Pages

When it comes to lead generation and sales, a well-designed and SEO Optimized landing page brings a lot to the table. Most of the B2B companies direct the users to a homepage and not to a landing page.

The importance of a home page is there, but a landing page is a place where you market your brand – it is here that you can initiate a strong, long-lasting relationship with your user.

Now that you know why a landing page is important, a few things are necessary when you are creating a landing page. There should be no navigation on the landing page since you want the readers to stay on the page.

Moreover, there should be useful, informative, and alluring content on the page that would draw the attention of the users and not bore them. Make sure that there is a call to action on the landing page.

It can be anything from signing up for your product to downloading a lead magnet. Keep in mind – the call to action should be natural and not at all forced!

Designing Attractive Landing Pages

4. Keeping Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Let us ask you a question: How many times do you use your mobile phone to search for something? Compare it with the number of times you use your laptop or desktop to Google something up.

A pretty stark difference, right?

According to statistics, 60% of all the daily searches are made from mobile phones. This points to one thing – you can’t afford to neglect the mobile version of your website.

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5. Add Images and Infographics

Imagine reading a long paragraph with lots of facts and information. It is highly likely that you will get tired or bored in the middle of reading it.

However, if the same information is depicted in the form of an attractive graph or chart, not only will you find it alluring, you will be able to understand it better as well.

Quality infographics are a sure way to increase organic traffic to your website. Don’t just focus on the graphics – pay attention to the information you display as well.

Use quality facts alongside good design to keep the attention of your readers drawn.

Add Images and Infographics

SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic – Final Word

When people hear the word SEO, they automatically think about keywords. It is a misconception that by stuffing your content with keywords, your website’s ranking will increase.

However, SEO optimization is not all about keywords – it is more about determining the needs of your users and then optimizing your site in the best way possible accordingly.

If you follow the SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic that we have mentioned above, you will definitely see an increase in the traffic to your website.

Happy Optimizing, Folks!

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