How to Increase Instagram Profile Visits? 9 Ways to Drive Your IG Profile Views

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Are you curious about how many profiles visits your Instagram account is getting every day? Do you know how to keep track of your IG profile views? If you are looking for ways to drive more traffic into viewing your Instagram profile and leverage the platform algorithm in your favor, you are reading the right page.

What Counts as IG Profile Visits?

Instagram Profile Visits

Any visiting impression on your profile by another Instagrammer is counted as an IG profile visit. The visit is registered as soon as another account lands on your account’s profile page. It does not matter how long they spend on your profile. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind about IG Profile views:

  • Firstly, your account needs to be a Business Account. At present, only business accounts are able to avail of Instagram’s Insights registering profile views.
  • Secondly, the profile visits count you see only accounts for views tracked over the past 7 days.
  • Thirdly, this is a count of unique visitor reach. In other words, only counts from visitors get calculated. Profile views by people already following you do not get accounted for here.
  • Also, Instagram’s algorithms do not count multiple profile views made from the same source account.

Why are Instagram Profile Visits Important for Account?

Instagram Profile Visits benefits

Profile visits are essential for your Instagram presence because the count is an indicator of how many people (who are not already on your follower list) are checking out your profile daily. When you get new followers or new engagement on your posts in terms of reach and impressions, you can easily calculate an estimated ratio of how many have simply glossed over your account and how many were interested enough to stay on and engage with your account.

Although not all engagement stems from profile views, this gives you a helpful metric to figure out how your account is relatively doing in the niche you are operating in. You can base important decisions like changing your activity strategies or marketing strategies using this count as one of the deciding factors.

Hence, regardless of whether you use Instagram for personal or business purposes, if you want your profile to have maximum audience engagements, you most certainly should aim for your profile to be viewed by as many people as possible. Let us take a look at how you can manage to steer visitors to your profile.

10 Tips to Increase Visitor Traffic to Your IG Profile

1. Turn Your Profile into a Search-friendly One

Search-friendly IG Profile

The rules of SEO can be advantageous for you here. Instagram’s algorithms sort your posts based on several metrics to determine where on the home feed it should place. It’s further customized according to the user behavior of each Instagrammer to give everyone an individualized experience of the site.

To be able to work the metrics in your favor, optimize your profile information using keywords. Use your primary keyword in both your username and profile name, if you can. Make your bio keyword-rich. Fit in as many secondary keywords as you can while being very clear about who your target audience is.

Think of Instagram as a search engine and ask yourself how word searches you would like your profile to pop up prominently in the results. The higher you rank in searches performed in Instagram’s Search and Explore tab, the higher your chances of getting Instagrammers to tap and check your profile out.

2. Keep Information on Your Profile Fresh and Comprehensive

Fresh Instagram Profile

The bio, username, and account name are not the only parts that can pull traffic to your profile page. There are many other fields on this page that you must be attentive to. Ensure that all fields, especially your clickable landing page, call-to-action tabs, and preferred contact route, are complete. Also, keep in mind that while keeping the bio keyword-optimized is essential, this is not a static space.

You can customize the description as many times as you need with fresh and relevant content. Use the space to tell potential followers and clients more about your business. This can be announcements dog upcoming sales and giveaways, events and collaborations, or a new store opening.

Remember that you can likewise also keep updating your clickable landing page to create avenues for engagement and lead conversions. You can use the company website here or an e-site where you are selling your services. You could link to your featured product or forms like surveys, sign-up sheets for email notifications, and many more.

3. Direct Visitors to Your Profile Page through your Captions

Instagram Profile through Captions

The Search and Explore tabs are not the only way by which Instagrammers can discover you. Depending on when and what you post, non-followers may find your upload while scrolling through their home feeds. When they watch your content, they also read the accompanying caption for context, additional information, and so on.

Use the Caption space to strategically direct the visitor to your Profile page to find further information on you or find the clickable URL for more details. If your content is engaging, your call to action is likely to generate a click on your profile page.

4. Make Reels

Instagram Profile Reels

Reels have a separate explore feed. The Reels tab displays Reels from not just the accounts one already follows; it also showcases Reels from popular and trending accounts on Instagram. Reels are the latest fad on Instagram. They have a high visibility rate, and thereby a higher audience engagement rate too.

Reels that interest will have users go through your other posts and reels. Visitors are more likely to check your profile out as well. You can caption your reels, too, so be sure to add a call to action here that directs the viewer to your IG profile, among other things!

5. Collaborate with Established Instagrammers

Collaborate with Established InstagrammersWhether you co-host an event or recruit an Influencer for your business, working closely with someone who already has an established organic presence on Instagram will bring you higher call-to-action conversion rates.

When you collaborate with someone who already has built up trust and credibility and ask their followers to check your account out either through a video or through their captions, you are like to have several of their followers stopping by your IG profile.

6. Make Use of the Promote Your Post Feature

Instagram promote post

Among the several features available to a Business account on Instagram is choosing and promoting individual posts. Use this to turn your strong posts into crowd-pullers. When you select a post, you get the option to choose the primary goal for the post’s promotion. Opt for More Profile Visits and specify where you would want visitors to be directed to when they interact with the call to action.

Specify your audience, budget, and the duration you want the promotion to run. Click Create Promotion. Instagram will take some time to review your promotion details to ensure you meet the site’s rules and regulations. The promotion will begin running as soon as it gets approved, and you will be able to see the results in your IG profile view count soon!

7. Create Shareable Content

Instagram high-quality content high-quality content

In addition to making high-quality, engaging content, create posts and videos that people will want to share on their feeds and DMs. Make your posts shareable, so they can be cross-posted on several social platforms. Auto-share your posts on Facebook simultaneously to bring traffic over from the sister social media platform.

In addition, encourage followers to share your posts and to tag you in their caption or comments when they do so. Keep in mind that people prefer sharing content that catches their interest. So, focus on the quality of the posts you make. When your content is shared, it gains visibility among your followers’ audience. The curious among them are sure to check your account!

8. Post at Optimal Hours

Instagram posting schedules

You must research your optimal time of posting to generate more IG views and profile visits. Study your Instagram insights carefully and note when your content generates the most audience engagement. Observe patterns of audience behavior to estimate when your viewers are active online, what kind of content they like, share or comment on the most. Posting when your organic audience is also active can boost your visibility quotient by a high degree.

Experiment with different posting schedules to figure out what brings you the most traction. Once you find out what times suit your account for the highest audience engagement in terms of reach and impressions, develop a posting strategy. Post frequently and consistently to create predictable user behavior on your end. You can also use tools to automatically schedule and post on your behalf. A planned posting strategy will not only bring you more engagement on your posts but will also push up your profile visitor count.

9. Use Niche-specific Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

You are probably already aware that you can add up to 30 tags on a regular post and 10 tags on a Story. Have you figured out your best hashtag strategy yet? Keyword hashtags are a must if you want to raise your visibility on IG users’ feeds and in the search rankings on the Search and Explore tabs. You can use common hashtags, but given the frequency with which these tags are used, your post is likely to disappear from the ranks faster and get replaced by the newest content uploaded with the said tags.

In addition to creating your brand hashtags, build up a strong hashtag strategy by employing niche-specific tags. This will bring up your content (and profile) in searches run by your target audience. When the right content is made discoverable to the right audience, your profile gains a higher chance of being visited by potential followers.

How Can You Check if These Tips Work for You?

If your account is a Business one, you can easily keep a tab on the increase in your profile view counts. All you have to do is keep checking your Insights. Currently, this feature cannot be used by personal accounts, but if you are very curious, simply use the switch to business account option and follow the steps there to technically turn your account into a business one. You will have access to the insights now!

Summing Up

Although increasing one’s profile views is not very easy, it is not something you need to shell out a fortune for either. With a bit of meticulous planning and execution of a smart strategy, even new Instagram accounts can assuredly increase visitor traffic to their profile. If you are aiming to build a formidable presence on Instagram, increasing profile view counts should definitely be an important part of your audience-building strategy.

Instagram profile visits give your account a huge number of footfalls, and this creates opportunities for an increase in impressions and reach. A great social media marketing strategy looks at ways to grow your business organically. Getting genuine profile visitors fits into such a POA perfectly. So, get your game on, and watch your insights tick up your profile visitor counts!

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