5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO Ranking

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Running a business in this digital era requires not only your physical presence but also your online presence. Your business may survive without a physical presence. Still, if it lacks an online presence, your goals of achieving high revenue might go down the drain.

The digital marketplace thrives on the online presence. Many businesses are achieving their goals by embracing the digital realm and technology. When we enter the digital realm to promote our business, we have many challenges like pitching the right marketing campaign and having a well-engaged website.

A website not only represents your business, but it also serves as a representative to the visitors. Every small business owner wants to appear authentic and increase their consumer base. If we have to search for a word’s meaning or fetch information about a brand or a company, our first go-to place is Google. A few words in the search and we have good results displayed within seconds on our screens. SEO is the most common yet very significant term for everyone working in the digital realm.

The word SEO involves highlighting the visibility of your online content to make it visible. Search engine optimization also refers to your site's improvisation for a search engine to display it as top result searches of particular keywords.

Do you have a website, and yet your rankings are low? If you face such issues and Google your business every time, you feel upset about the results. It is time you analyze what your grey areas are. Just like a company has its financial audit to assess the accuracy and mistakes in their financial sheets, your website needs an audit too. You can identify and scan the errors in your site by visiting https://www.semrush.com/siteaudit/ to ace up your website’s ranking. Other than opting for auditing, here is what you can do to vitalize your web ranking.

Enhance user experience

Will you revisit a website that is taking too much time to display its content? The answer is NO. We are most likely to switch to some other website that offers quick results with minimum loading time. Providing a good user experience makes your site easy to navigate. A website with poor navigation leaves a negative impact on the user about your brand.

A navigated website ensures that visitors stay on your site by providing what they want. If you want your users or visitors to stay, try to simplify the navigation as much as you can. Whatever features you wish to instill in your site, make sure that even the complex features are no more than three clicks away.

Grab higher close rates

When we use the term close rates, it refers to the percentage of leads turned into conversions. It is a sales term, but it is also associated with digital marketing. Many surveys reveal that an average close rate of 14.6% is easily achievable through SEO leads compared to the ones obtained from outbound leads.

Outbound leads are the ones that involve reaching out to the customer, which often results in lower conversion rates. When it comes to a higher close rate in SEO, a user researches your product or service that directs your website’s traffic and higher conversion rate.

Better cost management

A website's ranking thrives on costly lead generation and often gives a tough time to emerging small businesses. Incorporating inbound strategies in your ranking can reduce the expensive lead generation by 61%. The inbound marketing strategy refers to creating valuable content on your website and experiences tailored to them.

Better cost management

With SEO focused strategies, you can have better cost management and low advertising costs. When your website is at improved ranking, you do not have to pay per click to advertise your page. As long as your users continue to click on your page, your page will stay on the top.

Increases brand stability

Your ranking builds your rapport among the people who are visiting your page. Seeing your page in top results sends a message about your brand’s credibility. The more you climb the top-ranking ladder, the more it speaks on your behalf. Your ranking assures the visitors that you are a top player, and many people have searched about your brand. It also helps you build your brand awareness leading to better product marketing. Search engine optimization ensures that your product is easily visible and increases users on your site.

Improves your site’s speed

The Google algorithm has specific criteria that count for the website’s ranking, and one of them is speed. The extended time it takes to load a page on your site, the lower is the ranking. Studies say that a user only takes four seconds to decide if they have to stay on the website or not. Suppose a website consumes more than three seconds to display. In that case, you can imagine the number of people visiting the pages unless it is the last option. If it exceeds 3 seconds, you might lose 50% of the website visitors. Your organic traffic is directly proportional to the number of visitors you get. The factors that can affect your website loading is as follows:

  • Large image file size
  • Script handling
  • Browser caching

These three factors can impact your site loading speed to a greater extent. If your site is still taking a while to load, it is better to assess these three aspects of improvisation. Search engine optimization allows you to expand your page loading speed and insight into how you can take it to the top tier.


Websites are an essential part of any business’s online presence. It not only plays a dynamic role in SEO ranking, but it also boosts the marketing campaigns. Google has its algorithms set on some factors that determine a website’s ranking. To obtain a higher ranking in Google, make it easy for the algorithm to know about your pages.

What they do, what they are, and who they are targeting. Inserting metadata on your pages or fixing the existing ones is a surefire way towards improved SEO ranking. Many other benefits of SEO strategies to enhance your website ranking is that it targets the right audience, relevant to your business. It also offers a continuous promotion for your product and brings quality traffic to your site.

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