How to Improve Employee Onboarding Process

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Onboarding is a famous cornerstone for companies, businesses, and organizations of all sizes.

The most experienced or skilled employee won’t show their full potential until the end of an onboarding. To make things even worse, without one, it may take them months to fully adapt to the company and reach their potential.

Seeking new employee orientation and onboarding ways and strategies have become a continuous process, as improving the onboarding process can take time and effort. The benefits of effective onboarding new hires are clear, yet the path to transforming the onboarding process is far less so. Today’s article covers the main approaches and onboarding tips.

Automate everything

Automate everything

One of the first and most important answers to how to improve the onboarding experience is automating as many processes as possible. Employee onboarding is uncharted territory for automation. Such automation should touch every aspect of onboarding. For example, you can use forms to let the newbies send all the required information and documents conveniently for both sides.

Introducing new hires to your company policies, traditions, and practices, as many onboarding strategies imply, is one of the goals and objectives. Using an LMS can help to build an effective onboarding process for new hires. You can use Mobile Learning platforms to upskill your employees and for onboarding. LMS can help automate information sharing, communication, and other onboarding processes.

Make the first day easy

The first-day onboarding experience means a lot for newcomers. They start learning processes and practices in your company. Hassling with the onboarding of newcomers may overwhelm them with information and tasks, decreasing their productivity. The first day is their most impressionable moment, and making it easy and engaging is wise.

A pre-planned system is a good idea, so you won’t have to guesstimate every new step. Effective onboarding of new hires requires careful planning. After deciding which information is essential for the first day, divide it into smaller portions. Ensure the newcomer can return to those bits of data at any time. For example, if you use an LMS, you can create separate courses covering single topics. Divide them into steps according to complexity, add interactive elements, and a first-day engagement plan is ready.

First-day engagements are excellent. Combined with pre-boarding, they will improve your onboarding process. When the worker accepts the initial offer, send them the necessary materials and manage the paperwork till the first work day.

Make learning gamified

Make learning gamified

Significant texts and long videos contain lots of helpful information but are boring. Engaging in energetic activities drains less energy than the obligation to deal with large lectures or reading long manuals, filling numerous pols, and downloading handbooks. Gamification of the onboarding is the key to keeping interested and making the process memorable and engaging.

In the case of an in-person onboarding, arranging a thematic party with costumes can be a fun way to engage newcomers. In the case of online onboarding, LMS platforms offer a bunch of gamification means, including quizzes, puzzles, leaderboards, etc.

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