How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord – Lookup IP Location Now!

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Do you know how to get someone's IP from Discord? Here are three of the best ways to grab someone's IP address from Discord.

You may be wondering what discord is? In simpler terms, this is a chat app that has a similar concept like Skype and TeamSpeak or a professional platform like slack. You can start a server for free while using this platform. The benefit of using discord is that it has no ads and people can chat freely with whoever they want.

Discord ip finder

The safest way to use discord is to only accept friend requests from people you know and participate in private servers with people you already know. This app also became popular since various games such as Fortnite use the servers to communicate. Moreover, discord can also track the games you play without a choice.

The disadvantage of using Discord is that one can get your IP address without your knowledge. Hence, here are some ways to get someone’s IP from discord:

1: Discord IP Grabber

The first step is to download the discord app and install it accordingly.

You are then supposed to use the Discord IP grabber. It is a python file that can send the target users’ IP, country, city, and other details over the Discord network. Discord IP grabber grabs a user’s IP and Discord Tag after visiting a web page using Discords oauth2. Here are the steps to use:

Step 1: Go to the discord developers site using the site.

discord developers site

Step 2: Press “New Application” and name it however you want.

discord New Application

discord Application Name

Step 3: Go to OAuth2 and add your Redirect URL.


Step 4: Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret and enter them in the .php file.

OAuth2 Client ID

Step 5: You should make sure to create a new file called logs.txt in the same directory.

2: Discord IP Resolver

Step 1: First, download and install the discord app accordingly.

discord app

Step 2:  After opening the app, click the settings option in the left corner to open “develop mode” in appearance.

Discord develop mode

Step 3: The next step is to select Person in the Discord panel, right-click then copy ID.

Discord panel ID

Step 4: Then open the website Discord IP resolver and paste your copied ID into it.

Discord IP resolver

Step 5: This will help you to get relevant details on someone’s IP from the Discord app.

Discord ip result

Note: You can only look up the respective person’s IP address from that site when users are online

3: Short Links

Step 1: Find an interesting video or image online and copy its URL.

image URL

Step 2: Open the IP blogger website and paste the link you copied. Then click the option “shorten “to produce short links.


iplogger shorten option

Step 3: You are then supposed to open the generated short links and send them to users on Discord so that they can click the links and open them. Through that, you will be able to see the people who clicked on the respective links and their IP addresses will be recorded.

iplogger generated short links

iplogger ip result

This method can also be used on people in the following platforms: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, and Steam.

You can therefore refresh the page where the IP addresses are recorded and use it wherever you want but do not do any illegal stuff.  You can also find out the person’s location using the IP address displayed on the IP blogger of those who clicked on your links.


These methods will help you to easily look up a user’s IP address from Discord. However, please be humane and consider the respective person and not use the IP to do illegal stuff. It is recommended to protect their privacy.

If you also want to protect your IP address, use an efficient VPN service. A VPN which is Virtual Private Network allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. While using a VPN, your web traffic and IP address cannot be tracked.

The application is safe from hackers, but as a user, you are not guaranteed safety from hackers. The best way is to avoid opening links or any documents that may lead you outside of discord. Also, you should not add strange bots and most importantly do not give out any of your personal information.

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