How to Get IP Address of Zoom Participants

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When you're using Zoom for meetings, or when you're taking an online class, strangers entering your zoom meeting and screen sharing graphic images. What a Pain in the neck. How to get his IP address from Zoom?

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing software apps that allows you to virtually interact with people during meetings. It is essential for small, medium, and large-sized teams who want to keep in touch. It can be accessed through a mobile phone or desktop.

The free version only allows up to 100 participants while the paid version allows more people. The advantage of a paid version is that you can easily get the data you need of the participants.

After facing several class action lawsuits, Zoom has also bumped up its security features. Getting access to the IP address of participants is essential to prevent hackers or intruders from accessing the minute. Another safety precaution is having a password for the meeting that will only be shared with the participants.

Top Ways To Find Someone’s IP Address from Zoom

1: IP Usage Report

Step 1: Access Zoom through the official website.

Zoom official website

Step 2: Download the zoom app to access it either on your Android phone, iPhone or desktop.

Step 3: Sign-in or sign up to the zoom web portal.

zoom web portal

Step 4: In the navigation panel, click Dashboard and click the meetings tab. You will also be able to use your specific Zoom IP address.

Zoom meetings tab

Step 5: Click the IP Usage Report and you will be able to see the meetings live ID

zoom Usage Report

In the IP usage report, you will see the meeting’s live IP address, geographical location of the IP address, meeting count, and participant count.

meeting’s live IP address

Step 6: Click on the number under the meeting count column and it will provide a list of the current meeting IDs the addresses are connected to.

zoom usagereports

2: Communicate with Zoom Servers

You can use Zoom’s participant endpoint to get values of the meeting’s duration, leave time, join time, and meeting ID.

Step 1: Zoom doesn’t work end to end hence you can’t access data directly. The only way is through zoom servers.

Step 2: Access Zoom through the official site or download the zoom app. After you set a meeting, try to capture traffic during the zoom session. You will be able to see your IP address and the IP address of the zoom servers.

Zoom official website

Step 3: Communicate with the zoom servers or contact the zoom support to get the specific IP addresses you need due to malicious activities.

3: Access the Dashboard

Step 1: Access your zoom software online or zoom desktop app.

Zoom official website

Step 2: Sign in to your account and access the zoom meeting. You need to be the administrator of the specific zoom meeting to use this method.

zoom web portal

Step 3: On the dashboard, click on the meetings tab and you will see live meetings or past meetings.

Zoom meeting

Step 4: If you have been an admin to various meetings, you will be able to see past meeting participants, current participants, and a list of meetings.

zoom meetings participant’s

Step 5:  You will see the participant’s display name, device used, IP address, location, network type, health, issues, location, type of device, microphone, speaker, camera, connection time, and join time and leaving time.

Final Thoughts

Using the zoom app is good when you want to host a meeting. As an administrator in the paid zoom app, you have access to many benefits. Hence, for security reasons also ensure to have a password for the meeting to ensure no malicious person accesses the meeting. Also, you can investigate the participant's IP address for the safety of what you discuss in the meeting.

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