How to Get Sling TV 7 Days Free Trial

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Are you wondering how to get the Sling TV free trial? These steps will guide you through the process to redeem the free trial and enjoy free streaming and other amazing services the platform offers.

What is Sling TV?

It is a streaming television service provider. Sling TV is owned by Dish Network and has been in existence since 2015. Sling TV first began with the name ‘Discworld’ to enable users to stream online. You can access the platform from every part of the United States. The main purpose of Sling TV is to provide its users with high-quality entertainment. The website’s services became available through a partnership with Roku TV.

Through this partnership, Sling TV was able to possess live television. Several users registered for the platform and subscribed to it. As of now, Sling TV partners with lots of other streaming platforms and services such as Scripps Network Interactive, A&E Networks, and Disney. This is to provide its users with loads of entertainment. Sling TV is one of the best streaming platforms where you can watch movies and live television.


The platform has become so popular on the internet as a nice platform for streaming video content. It enables you to stream live television on every device type. It is widely used in the US and remains one of the foremost streaming platforms to provide users with high-quality TV at a relatively cheap price. This means that it allows you to stream free Cable TV through its provision of a free trial.

The Sling TV site has been in existence since 2015. With the platform, the way users consume entertainment has entirely changed. In this article, we will discuss how you can get Sling TV free trial and enjoy streaming at no cost.

Best Step-by-Step Methods to Get Sling TV Free Trial

With Sling TV, you are going to get a seven-day free trial period. With this, you will be able to experience how the service works before you eventually subscribe to the complete plan. It is practically easy to get the free trial; all you have to do is follow these steps.

Step 1

The first step to get the Sling TV free trial is to install the application on your device. Whether on your Laptop, PC, or smartphone, download the Sling TV application and register via a recognized platform in order to redeem the offer. At present, Sling TV has introduced a happy hour system that enables you to register via your computer’s web browser.

Step 2

Once you have installed the Sling TV application on your device, the next step is to visit the official website of Sling TV. Once you access the site, there is an option to sign up.

Step 3

On the registration page, input the necessary information to get the Sling TV free trial. The only details needed to use the happy hour service are your password and email address. After registering for a Sling TV account, the next thing is to sign in to the application on any device you wish to use. Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed the Sling TV free trial.

Get the Sling TV free trial

Sling TV Features

Sling TV has various features and uses for your benefit. Several persons find the site extremely useful. Its free trial helps you enjoy its services at no cost. The platform has amazing features that you can enjoy. Below, we are going to examine the various features of this nice streaming platform.

1.Multiple Applications

One thing about Sling TV is that you can easily access its services all over the world via multiple applications. It also has various versions of the application available. The application is present on all devices supporting the service and can easily be downloaded from the official site. One unique thing is that you don’t have to sweat over setting it up as it is quite easy and does not need any professional experience.

2. Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR is another splendid feature you can enjoy. With this feature, you can pause and play online live TV. The feature is of great benefit to those who are always busy. It is practically used when you don’t wish to miss your favorite TV show. Because everyone is quite busy these days, it is nice to try out this feature. It also provides you with high-quality TV; so you don’t have to worry about the quality of what you will be watching.

3. Online Device Compatibility

This is one feature you are certainly going to enjoy on this platform. It provides you with online device compatibility, which is to say its services are compatible with online devices. The only thing needed from you is a subscription. Once you have this, you will be able to access the site with your device. Several of the well-known formats are Roku TV, Amazon TV, Onestream, Xbox, PS4, Android, iOS, PC, etc. The platform has become entirely well-known among users because of its availability on all platforms.

4. HD Streaming

Once you begin to stream on this platform, you aren’t going to regret it. The platform offers you an HD streaming experience. With this platform, you can stream content from 1080p upward. It is something every user would like to experience.

5. Substitute for Cable TV

One thing about the Sling TV application is that it functions as a befitting substitute to cable television. The platform has lots of movies and live channels that give you a desirable streaming experience. Sling TV offers well-known TV networks across the US. The platforms once acted as an online-based subscription service such as Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

The Sling TV Happy Hour System

If there is any streaming platform that is considerate of its users, it is definitely Sling TV. The platform, through its website and application, offers users a newly introduced system called ‘Happy Hour.’ This is to enable everyone who is stuck in their respective homes to be able to stay entertained despite hard times such as the Covid-19 that ravaged the world in 2020. With this initiative, you will have access to free Television channels.

This free access begins from 5 pm to night hour because it is the time people usually watch TV. This service is highly commendable and is one to embrace considering this tough time everyone is stuck in. Make the most out of the Happy Hour System in this period of coronavirus pandemic to stay entertained.


If you want to enjoy free streaming, you should go for Sling TV. It is one of the few streaming platforms that offer a free trial to its users. It is quite easy to redeem the free trial service. All you have to do is follow the steps we have discussed in this article and you are good to go.

You can also make the most out of the Happy Hour System the platform offers its users to help minimize the boredom of staying at home in this coronavirus time. Access the website today and enjoy free streaming.

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