5 Innovative Ways to Get More Bitcoins

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Purchasing Bitcoin in large amounts is not a financially viable option. As such, these people look for ways to get more Bitcoins without spending a lot of fiat money.

And, there are many alternatives that you can use to earn more of this cryptocurrency. Here are some of the most innovative ways to get more Bitcoins.

Using a Crypto Interest Account

Like you can store money in your bank account and earn interest on your deposit, a crypto interest account is an exciting and latest model in the blockchain industry that lets you do that.

Crypto Interest Account

Some people see a crypto interest account as a way to lend other people Bitcoin for interest. However, a crypto interest account allows you to transfer your Bitcoins to a service provider and then earn some interest over time.

Several companies allow people to earn interest in the holdings they have in their crypto accounts. Essentially, you send your Bitcoin to a wallet that you get with the service provider.

And you do this on their website and keep your cryptocurrency there to earn interest over time. And this is a good option for crypto HODLers that want to make interest while storing their crypto holdings.

Get Bitcoin Cash-Back when Shopping Online

Customers can get cash-back for purchases they make on different websites using Ebates. Ebates, which are browser extensions, work with various online retailers. A customer needs to install the extension on their browser and then create their account.

Get Bitcoin Cash-Back when Shopping Online

That way, they will be notified whenever an online retailer has discount offers. Ebates sends customers checks regularly with their cash-back balance.

Essentially, Ebates enable Bitcoin users to get cash-back whenever they shop online. Stores have varying incentive amounts for attracting customers. With some online stores, customers can get up to 9% cash-back.

Others offer a specific Bitcoin amount. Thus, getting cash-back is a smart way to get free Bitcoin when shopping online.

Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers earn a living via affiliate marketing. Even social influencers and new sites can earn money through this form of marketing. Companies offer unique promo codes or URLs for affiliate marketers to send to their target audiences.

Affiliate Marketing

When somebody clicks on the provided link and purchases a commodity on the link’s provider site, the affiliate marketer gets a reward.

The amount of Bitcoins you can earn from affiliate marketing depends on the program. Nevertheless, most programs provide a specific percentage of the order amount paid by the referred customer.

In subscriptions, the affiliate marketer gets a set commission for the people that sign up using their promo codes.

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Many businesses are now accepting Bitcoin as part of their payment methods. This option is desirable for individuals that want to get more Bitcoin. For instance, freelancers and work-from-home moms can earn Bitcoin by doing jobs that pay via this cryptocurrency.

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Social media managers, editors, and artists can currently earn Bitcoins by working on various job boards that pay via cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Trading

You can also get Bitcoin by trading online. Platforms like BitQT App allow you to easily exchange Bitcoin even with little or no knowledge of how this cryptocurrency works.

Crypto Trading

This auto-trading robot helps users find the right trades even without experience or skills. For more information you can visit pattern-trader.app and start trading now.

Generally, crypto trading is among the easiest ways to get Bitcoin. And you can leverage trading. And this entails borrowing funds to boost your trading. A leveraged loan in the crypto world is known as a crypto-backed loan.

There are many ways you can earn more Bitcoin. However, you should select a method that works best for you and then master how it works.

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