How to Get lvl 30 Account in LoL: Top 3 Fastest Ways

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Are you looking to level up your LoL account as quickly as possible? If so, you've come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know to speed level your account to level 30.

Your summoner level will determine which game features you can access on a new account, primarily the ability to play ranked games. This mechanism ensures that new players are familiar with the game's mechanics before hopping into ranked mode.

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand how the leveling system in LoL works. Each time you level up, you receive an item, most commonly the Champion Capsule. These capsules contain shards that can be combined into champions, and blue essences that summoners can use to purchase the champion of your choice.

To level up your account as quickly as possible, you'll want to focus on playing games and winning as many as possible. The more matches you win, the higher XP you'll earn and the faster you'll level up.

Of course, winning games isn't always easy. If you're struggling, these three methods will significantly increase your leveling rate:

Team Up With Other Players

Team Up With Other Players

There are a multitude of reasons to play League of Legends with friends. Not only will it ease the monotony of the grind, but it will save you valuable time and eliminate many of the variables that come with random matchmaking.

Your games are subject to potentially negative players, trolls, and low skill levels when playing alone. These situations could cause your games to run on much longer than they should and amount to avoidable losses if you had cooperative teammates.

Since you earn more experience when you win a match, you want to be sure to promulgate any leverage you can get over your opponents. By queuing with a duo partner, you can ensure that you and your partner have one side of the map locked down, especially if you're not proficient in playing a hard carry.

In non-ranked games, most players are uncoordinated and easy to pick off. Playing duo will also allow you to complete objectives such as dragon, taking down turrets, and putting pressure on the enemies' jungle and lanes. Most importantly, a potent duo can push quickly to end the game if the rest of the team is wandering aimlessly.

While extending the game can earn you slightly more experience, it's best to move on to the next round as quickly as possible for the highest amount of XP over time.

If you can assemble an entire premade team of 5 people, this can speed up your progression. You will likely face another premade team, so this won't guarantee a higher win rate unless you have some pro teammates.

Take Advantage of Runes and Items

First, make sure you're using the proper runes and masteries for your champion. Consider purchasing items that will help you win your lane and dominate your opponents. You can find out the best items and runes for each champion by checking out websites like LoLKing or

If you're planning to buy Riot points to purchase a boost, you might consider purchasing an account at instead. You'll be spending money either way, but you can save countless work hours and frustration by buying a pre-leveled account.

Boosts are another great way to boost your efforts and save time getting to level 30, but you'll want to manage your time effectively depending on which ones you use. If you're not spending money on your account, there are still ways to utilize items that you receive as you complete quests and level up.

The most common reward you'll receive upon leveling up is blue essence. Disenchanting unneeded champion shards can also create blue essence. You can use these essences to buy champions, extra rune pages, chromas, and summoners can even use them in Hextech Crafting. However, if your goal is to reach level 30 as quickly as possible, you can employ these essences to buy the optimal champions for your journey to 30.

You'll also receive XP boosts periodically as you play more. If you have time to play consecutive matches back to back, the most effective boost for you is the time-based boost, which summoners can purchase in intervals of one day, three days, seven days, 14 days, and 30 days.

If you intend on using one of these boosts, whether receiving it through an event or purchasing it with Riot points, be sure you'll have time to knock out as many games in a row as possible to take full advantage of it. You can also stack these boosts with per-win boosts and team boosts applied by you or your teammates.

Missions, Events, and Game Modes

Missions, Events, and Game Modes

Many other things are going on in League of Legends outside of the matches. There's a plethora of daily and weekly missions and game modes, and Riot is always running a new event with plenty of rewards.

You'll want to log in daily to get your first win of the day, which will grant you an additional XP and blue essence.

Other tasks to earn extra XP through your matches include:

  • Liking other players after the game
  • Playing games with a teammate
  • Killing Baron or other creeps a certain amount of times
  • Playing as a specified champion class
  • Playing a specified game mode

Different events will also include similar objectives and rewards, but the primary aim for our purposes is to farm as many XP boosts as we can.

Summoners can use different game modes to level up, but you'll most likely find yourself in the normal PVP mode. Playing against bots can be a lot faster, but after level ten, the amount of experience from winning bot games will decrease dramatically. You should save any boosts you've acquired after level 10 since the amount of XP required to level and the difficulty of winning in PVP will increase significantly.

Finally, always keep practicing and trying to improve your skill. The more you play and improve, the easier it will be to win games.

Following these tips should help you level up your LoL account reasonably quickly. Remember to have a good time while you play, and don't take things too seriously!

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