4 Clever Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

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When growing up, your parents or guardian may have told you always to work hard if you want to get something valuable. And this is a timeless notion that also applies to earning Bitcoins. You have to spend money or work hard to make a substantial Bitcoin amount.

Bitcoin trading is the most common method that people use to get Bitcoin. Currently, platforms like Crypto Engine enable people to buy and sell Bitcoin with ease. But if crypto trading is not your thing, you can try other methods to earn Bitcoin.

Most people nowadays use Bitcoin faucets to make this cryptocurrency fast. Here are innovative ways to get free Bitcoin that you might want to try.

Play Online or Mobile Games

If you're a fan of online or mobile games, you can earn Bitcoin while engaging in this fun activity. And this is an exciting way to earn free Bitcoin. And there are many online games that you can play on your desktop computer or smartphone and receive Bitcoin payment.

Mobile Games

However, Bitcoin faucets serve many advertisements because they want to pay players and make money.

However, you can avoid these advertisements by joining a Bitcoin casino. That way, you can bet with Bitcoin or fiat money. Such casinos allow players to bet on sports matches, traditional games, and lotteries. The majority of these games have higher Bitcoin payouts.

Do Odd Online Jobs

Some websites require visitors to complete some tasks and get Bitcoin payments. For instance, a company can give you free Bitcoin for testing their service, taking a survey, retweeting their posts, or completing other types of tasks.

Do Odd Online Jobs

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A website can also reward you with Bitcoin for answering a specific question. Such sites feature competitions where the person with the best answer receives a Bitcoin reward.

Get Bitcoin Reward for Reading Classic Books

Paying individuals to complete repetitive tasks or play games may seem like an attractive way to draw more users. And this brings more advertisers to a website. However, some Bitcoin faucets compete for advertisers' and users' attention. And this makes standing out from the competitors hard for them.

Get Bitcoin Reward for Reading Classic Books

Also, users don't depend on faucets only as their primary income source. Therefore, little Bitcoin rewards might not be sufficient to coax them to do repetitive tasks whenever they are free. Bitcoin faucets look for better ways of engaging users to increase advertising revenue and activity.

One way of doing that is encouraging people to start reading classic books. And this works by bringing people that love reading classic books on board.

Write about Bitcoin

Some cryptocurrency news outlets, forums, and blogs pay people to write about Bitcoin. Thus, you receive Bitcoin payment for sharing your insights about cryptocurrency. This method of getting free Bitcoin is ideal for you if you know about the crypto industry.

You can also find a cryptocurrency forum that provides monetization opportunities for established members. With such platforms, companies advertise their services or products in their posts' signature.

Advertisers look for top-ranked members to partner with them. And forums increase the ranking of their members based on their activity. As such, members can't easily spam the systems to boost their ranking. So, members have to provide high-quality posts to increase their ranking and get free Bitcoins.

Final Thoughts 

Most people know they can mine or buy Bitcoin online. However, these two options are costly for most people. However, Bitcoin faucets allow users to get Bitcoins free of charge slowly.

And you can earn your Bitcoins by completing simple tasks, playing online or mobile games, and even writing about this cryptocurrency.

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