3 Ways to Track Someone’s IP Address from Youtube Account

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Do you know how to find someone’s IP address on YouTube? You may be getting nasty comments and want to know the identity of the other user. There are some methods you can use to trace the other user’s IP address.

YouTube is widely used by people globally. You may stumble upon a video and be curious to view it. Do you know there is a way the owner of the video channel can know your IP address?

Not only that, but when you click on a link in the comment section, the one who posted it can capture your IP address. You may also want to track someone’s IP address if they wrote a nasty comment.

Alternatively, if you created an account using your email address or full names, someone can still try to track your IP address or approximate location that way. I will share some of the ways someone can capture your IP address on YouTube.

Method 1: Use a Short Link

You can use a short link to find someone’s IP address on YouTube. This can be done effectively through the comment section or the live chat part.

Do you have a YouTube channel with a specific visitor that keeps on writing nasty comments? You can decide to send them a link under one of their comments or when you are doing a live video in the live chat when he/she becomes active.

Step 1: Create a shareable link by uploading a file on Google Drive or DropBox. Alternatively, you can take a random website link and customize it.

Create a disguisable link

Step 2: Use an IP logger to customize the link by pasting it in the URL and image shortener field.

iplogger to produce short links

Step 3: On the next page, you will see the IP address “logger link for collecting statistics” and “link for viewing statistics”. Those are the two vital links that you should copy and paste somewhere.

iplogger short link foramtion

Step 4: You can either decide to change the “logger link for collecting statistics” through the dropdown or leave it as it is. You can use bitly to make it even shorter. Simply paste the link in the “shorten your link” field to customize it.


Step 5: Once you acquire the link, copy and paste it under your target user’s comment or in the live chat. Alternatively, if you can capture the person’s email address, send the link directly to the target YouTube internet user through email.

youtube chat

Step 6: Once the person clicks the link, you can access their IP address through the IP logger page in the Logged IP part. If you had copied the “link for viewing statistics”, you can paste it in the web URL. However, you need to be careful about the specific internet user to be sure he or she is the one who clicked it.

iplogger ip tracking

Step 7: Use WhatismyIPaddress to find the exact location of the person.

whatismyipaddress ip details

Method 2: Find Through the Email Address

You can also trace someone’s IP address through their email address. There are different methods you can use to trace someone’s IP address through their email address.

Step 1: Click on the specific user’s name. It will redirect you to their profile.

specific users name on youtube

Step 2: This can only work if the person has written their email address in their “about” part. If not, you won't be able to track their IP through their email address. Verify that you are not a robot and check the email address.

about in youtube channel

Step 3: You may then send the person an Email; when they reply, you can access their IP address. If using a Gmail account, click on the Settings icon (three dots) on the top right part of the message. On the dropdown, select “Show original”.

Show original in Gmail

Step 4: It will redirect you to another page. You will see the message ID created at, From, To, Subject, SPF, and DKIM. Copy the complete original message in the large text area.

email header original message

Step 5: Search for the whatismyipaddress.com website. Scroll down till you get the “Trace email” option and click it.

Trace Email Analyzer


Step 6: On the next page, scroll down, read the instructions and paste the message you had copied from the email in the Trace Email Analyze box. Click the “Find Email Sender” button. When you scroll down, you will see the sender and their IP address.

sender and their IP address on whatismyipaddress

Step 7: Copy the IP address and on the menu bar, click on the IP lookup tool. Paste the IP address on the search bar. The results will show the IP address’s location. You can read the comments to see whether it is a malicious email address.

whatismyipaddress Look up IP

Method 3: Use Command Prompt

First, close all the other applications and browsers to ensure you don’t get too many IP addresses in the command prompt log. This method is most effective when you have a live stream and on the YouTube desktop app.

Step 1: Open your YouTube software.

YouTube software

Step 2: During the online YouTube video, start an online chat with the other user. It needs to be long enough to fetch the IP addresses.

Youtube live chat

Step 3: Click the Windows key + R button to open the command prompt, then type CMD.  On the dialog box that appears, type nestat-an. This will help to detect all the IP addresses connected to the computer.

windows 10 run cmd

netstat-an command

Step 4: Check the IP addresses that appear and deduce the specific one for the other user. Then click Enter. The CMD dialog will show a list of IPs together with your IP address.

netstat-an ip details

Step 6: If you find the specific IP addresses, use WhatismyIPaddress.com to find the specific location of the user.

whatismyipaddress ip details


To prevent being tracked, keep your personal information private. If on YouTube, try not to use your real name as your username. Keep your email address private so that no one can take it and track it deeper.

If you are uploading videos on YouTube, try not to display too much information on your home, family, and other personal information to prevent hackers from invading your privacy. Don’t reveal too much in your videos or channel.

As a YouTube channel owner, you can track all the activities that happen in the channel. Advertisers can track your IP address through the YouTube Ads and what you search for on the internet. However, you cannot find someone’s IP address if they are using an internet proxy.

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