How To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer?

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You, or a loved one close to you, sustain injuries as a result of someone’s negligent actions. It is natural to expect to receive at least an apology from someone whose carelessness caused you physical pain. Sadly, that rarely happens in the real world today.

People and organizations are not always ready to take responsibility for their actions.

Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Qualified personal injury lawyers know the governing laws from top to bottom. Professional lawyers understand that a layperson has no idea how to protect their legal rights or the right way to take legal action against a person or organization not willing to take responsibility for their negligent actions.

Experienced personal injury lawyers like Dothan Injury attorneys build a legal case for their clients against the perpetrators who do not assume legal responsibility for their actions. You can choose to file a personal injury claim without a personal injury lawyer but remember: it will not be easy.

A problem when you represent yourself in a court of law is that you realize that insurance companies are not always acting in the best interest of upholding justice. Insurance companies operate in the best interest of their clients or to maintain maximum assets in inventory.

Insurance companies find legal ways to avoid paying large amounts of indemnification on behalf of their client. An experienced personal injury lawyer is aware of the policies of local insurance companies.

A personal injury lawyer can represent your best legal interests in a court of law. There is a possibility that your case can end up in court if the two parties do not reach an agreement. A personal injury lawyer knows all of the legal standards and practices that you need to follow to proceed with your case to court.

What Is The Cost Of A Personal Injury Lawyer?

A contingency fee is one of the ways a personal injury lawyer can charge for their services. The lawyer fee is contingent on the amount of compensation you receive for the case if you win. The lawyer does not get any attorney fee for the case if you lose. The contingency fees percentage that lawyers charge varies from state to state.

The contingency fees for personal injury lawyers are one-third of the total compensation their client receives in a majority of the states. Contingency fees can go up to 35% or 40% of the total compensation if your case goes to court.

The contingency fees for workers’ compensation cases are generally lower than contingency fees for personal injury cases. You want to avoid a lawyer who charges hourly fees for a personal injury claim because that can be expensive if you do not win.

The Difference Between Attorney Fees & Costs

The Difference Between Attorney Fees & Costs

Attorney fees and costs of litigation are two completely different items. You might have to pay your attorney for the costs associated with your case if you lose. For example, the court charges a filing fee whenever you file a lawsuit. In some cases, you have the option to pay the costs associated with the case after hearing the conclusion of the case.

The cost of the case is deducted from the final compensation if you win the case.

How To Find A Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

You can look for a personal injury lawyer in many different ways because there is no one best way to find a personal injury lawyer. You can find a lawyer by taking advice from friends, relatives, or other qualified professionals.

Another way to look for a personal injury lawyer is to use an online lawyer directory or referral service. The State Bar lawyer referral service is another place to look for a personal injury lawyer.

Getting A Referral From A Trusted Attorney

Consulting an attorney you trust is one of the best ways to find a personal injury lawyer. Speak to your friends, family members, or colleagues and ask them if they have come in contact with an attorney they trust.

Right now, it doesn’t matter if the attorney does not specialize in the same field of law like the one you are looking for. It is more important that your acquaintance is content with the services the attorney provides.

An experienced attorney is well-positioned in the local community and can recommend a qualified lawyer who specializes in personal injury. The experienced attorney might not help you but might still earn a commission by referring new clients to the specialized lawyer.

The referral fee is significant enough for the new lawyer to take on the position responsibly. The referral fee can be anywhere from a quarter to a third of the wages the personal injury lawyer who handles your case receives.

The possibility of earning a referral fee ensures that a reputable attorney refers you to a qualified lawyer to handle your case. People who are discontent with this setup should voice their concerns from the beginning.

Do not hesitate to ask the experienced lawyer if they expect to receive a referral fee from the lawyer they refer to you. It will give you less to worry about as your case proceeds forward.

Using Referral Services

Using Referral Services

State bar organizations within the United States offer referral services to individuals looking for an attorney. The only problem is that you can’t be 100% certain that the lawyer they refer is qualified to handle your case because any organization member can enlist as a referral.

On TV, the local paper, or the internet you can see advertisements from private legal referral services. These referral services connect clients to participating lawyers based on the consumer’s requirements.

Some of these referral services are cautious and refer clients to qualified lawyers. A majority of the referral services charge a fee to all participating lawyers for every referral they make because they send them qualified leads. Some of the lawyers on their list might not be so well established or reputable at the moment.

Should I Hire A Personal Injury Law Firm With A 1-800 Number On TV?

Taking everything into consideration, lawyers that advertise their services on radio or TV are not always the best. You will notice that the 1-800 number provided in the advertisement is not for a specific law firm. Referral agencies pay for the high costs of advertising. A referral agency collects many calls and routes them to several different lawyers to receive commissions from all the lawyers.

It is very unlikely that all of the clients go to the same law firm even if a law firm provides a 1-800 number in their advertisement. The law firm can recover advertising costs by referring clients to other lawyers.

You will notice that law firms advertising 1-800 numbers do not have an office close to your location. The agency keeps the cases that are worth a lot of money and refers the other cases to different lawyers to recover advertising costs.

Reputable lawyers seldom advertise on mainstream media. Qualified lawyers rely on referrals from their clients and colleagues.

Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer With A Big “Yellow Pages” Ad?

There was a time when the yellow pages were one of the best sources of information for everything. The importance of the yellow pages decreased with the development of the internet. You will notice that there are two kinds of “full page” ads in the yellow pages. The first type of full-page ad is from a local lawyer, who has paid the price for the full page.

The second type of ad is going to be from the same organization that runs the 1-800 number law firm. These huge organizations anticipate making a lot of money from these advertisements.

Remember that the most successful lawyers often spend little to no money on advertising their services. Digging a little deeper we find that the law firms advertising in the yellow pages are doing so to represent themselves as successful lawyers.

In reality, the complete opposite is true. Most of these organizations have very little experience dealing with clients. Their main objective is to get more clients with the help of this full-page ad. The size of the ad does not guarantee that the organization is capable of handling your case.

Finding An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

You need to start looking for a personal injury lawyer similar to the way you look for a qualified doctor for a certain illness. Speak to people that practice the same profession without divulging the confidential details of your case.

Reputable lawyers will be more interested in your overall well-being instead of being concerned with how much they will get paid. Qualified personal injury lawyers will speak to you with clarity regarding all matters, including their fees, from day one.

Stokes Stemle, LLC is one of the few law firms that specialize in personal injury and has highly qualified lawyers. Their team provides a free case evaluation so you can know exactly where you stand.

They encourage you to ask questions about the entire legal process so that you can make an informed decision about your case. The law firm has qualified lawyers in many different kinds of personal injury specialization cases.

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