How to Enjoy Royal Ascot For Less

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Caption: Saving those pennies is possible, even on this royal day out

Some might say that the clue is in the name; Royal Ascot is a Royal affair, which can get quite expensive. However, that's not to say those on a budget can't enjoy this prestigious horse racing event. There are plenty of tricks to bring the cost of your grand day down to an acceptable level.

So, if you are set on attending the race course, we have some tips to help you ensure that the day is as kind to your wallet as possible, without compromising on your enjoyment.

Choose Your Enclosure Wisely

Choose Your Enclosure Wisely

The first thing that will save you the biggest lump sum of money is choosing your enclosure carefully. Royal Ascot has four different enclosures: The Queen Anne Enclosure, The Windsor Enclosure, The Village, and the Royal Enclosure. While the Royal Enclosure is by invitation only, general admission tickets go on sale for all the other enclosures.

We recommend the Windsor Enclosure, as it's the cheapest by far at just £49 per ticket, and still affords you excellent views of the track. For the lowest price, book your tickets for the Tuesday. This day offers an incredible day of racing, including The Queen Anne Stakes, St James Palace Stakes and the King's Stand Stakes; plus, it's preceded by the Royal Parade, which is a spectacle not to be missed.

Opting for the Windsor Enclosure also means you won't be held to strict dress code rules. This can be a great way to save some money, as you won't need to invest in a top hat or even a fascinator to gain access to the course.

Let's discuss the dress code next.

Opt For Charity Shop Chic

Royal Ascot is a place to see and be seen, particularly Ladies' Day on Thursday. Everybody enjoys the chance to look glamorous occasionally, and while it might be more straightforward if you have an unlimited budget, it isn't impossible even on a shoestring. Scouting out charity shops ahead of time can be a great way to get your hands on a designer look for a fraction of the price.

A good tip for snagging the best charity shop finds is to shop in the affluent areas of your city. If you know there are incredibly expensive houses or an excellent private school nearby, then these are the charity shops that you want to target.

You might have to spend a little bit more to get your hands on that Christian Dior suit or a Vivienne Westwood cocktail dress, but it is guaranteed to be a tiny percentage of what one of these items would cost new! Plus, being able to tell people that your outfit is vintage is more fashionable now than ever before.

Look Out For Betting Offers

If you enjoy having a flutter on the day, then taking advantage of one of the many Royal Ascot free bets on offer at the moment can be a good way of saving a little cash. Head online to do your hunting, online sites have lower overheads than betting shops or on-course bookmakers so they can afford to hand out the best offers.

If you want to pinch the pennies even further, consider setting a limit for each race. There's a lot of fun to be had with a pound per race, plus if a long-priced horse is a winner, you might end up leaving with more money than you started with.

Bring a Picnic

Bring a Picnic

One of the largest expenses on any day out is food and drink. Ascot is no exception, but you are permitted to bring a picnic. There are some rules on what you are allowed to bring: your picnic must be in a picnic basket or hamper (carrier bags and rucksacks will not be allowed) and within your hamper, you can pack whatever food you like.

All soft drinks are permissible, and you can enjoy whatever food you bring with you on the East Trackside Lawn, the Old Paddock and the Plaza Lawns.

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