How to Download Youtube Videos Using 4K Video Downloader

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How do you download YouTube videos to your device? Well, 4K video downloader is an amazing software that you can use to download your videos and access them on your computer device. 

How often do you search videos through YouTube and find something amazing that you would want to download? Many times right. Well, at times you may get stranded and not know how to do it. Well, 4K Video downloader is here to the rescue.

Not only do you get to download the videos but you are also assured of quality videos. In this article, we will provide a step to step guide on how to install and use the 4K video downloader. It is easy to use and after the initial installation, you will be able to use it with no problem.

There is the free option and the license option. Hence, if for commercial use, you can buy a license for more effectiveness.

How to use 4K Video downloader

  • Install 4K Video downloader

4K video downloader is an amazing software that allows you to download YouTube videos of your choice. However, itt is only available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. Hence, even if you try to download through your phone it won’t be successful.

Step 1: You can access it through its official site at 4K video downloader.

Video downloader

Step 2: Choose the 4K video downloader option first. The other options include 4K YouTube to MP3, 4K Stogram, 4K slideshow Maker, and 4K Video to MP3. Each of the options has a specific function.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate Operating system you are currently using to install the software. It will then download immediately.

Step 4: After it has finished download, click on it to start installing. Also, agree to the license terms and start installing.

Step 5: The installation process may take a while, but you need to be patient.

Set 4k download

Step 6: After installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer which you should do immediately if you want to use it. That’s it.

Download a YouTube Video Online

Step 1: Find a YouTube video you like and copy its URL from the search bar.

Step 2: Open the 4K Video Downloader on your device and click “Paste Link” in the top left corner.

Download a YouTube Video Online

Step 3: Select the format and quality of the video you want to download. Also, ensure to choose the download location to save and click, “Download”.

Step 4: Wait for the progress bar while it is downloading.

Step 5: You will have your desired video.

Other Highlights

  • It supports downloading of playlists and videos from subscribed YouTube channels.
  • It extracts YouTube subtitles.
  • It can be used to download audio and videos from YouTube, TikTok, Likee, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, and Flickr.
  • The supported formats are MP4, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MP3, M4A, and OGG.
  • It also allows downloading of 3D videos and virtual reality videos.
  • It also allows you to make your downloaded YouTube videos private.
  • You can also easily download embedded YouTube videos from any website.


It is easy to download your favorite YouTube videos using a 4K Video downloader. It is also easy to install and make any necessary adjustments as needed. Not only do you get to download videos, but also audios in different formats. This is essential if you want to make a local playlist of videos and audios that you prefer from the supported video playlists.

Also, be cautious while downloading the software. If it is not from the official site be wary of it to prevent viruses from affecting your computer. We love this software because of its great capabilities.

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