How to Download High Quality Photos from Instagram

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Instagram is the biggest image-sharing platform, and the new content is uploaded every second globally. Moreover, there are so many pictures and videos that some accounts don't need to produce their own content.

It's a common practice to download pictures from various bloggers and photographers and post them on special niche feature accounts.

If you know how to download Instagram photos in 2022, you can create a community. For example, you can save Instagram photos from various travel photographers and publish them on your account.

As a result, you can gather your tribe without even taking your own images. But the crucial condition of repurposing someone's content on Instagram is its exceptional quality.

It's impossible to legally save pictures when using the app. But you can benefit by applying downloaders for Instagram that help you get the media files in the original quality.

Further, I will show you how to save content and three fabulous accounts that you might find interesting if you save content.

How to download Instagram photos of other users

As I mentioned before, you need to apply web services to download content that was posted by other users. How does this system work?

  1. Find a downloader for Instagram on the web. There is a multitude of services that allow you to keep images and videos, IGTV, and streams from Instagram. Usually, these services don't charge money if you need just several images. If you aim to save media in bulk or the whole profile, you will need to pay a fee.
  2. Copy a URL or a nickname on IG. As a rule, these web platforms work based on a link to a post or by an Instagram username. You can copy this link from the web browser address bar or from the menu in the Instagram app.
  3. Paste this data to the downloader. You are just one step from having this piece of content on your device. Now you need to input the link or the nickname you copied into the text field. As soon as you do it, the download usually starts. If you use modern services, keeping an image will take you no longer than several seconds.
  4. Check your gallery or the downloads on the computer. You can save pictures on your mobile device and desktop. After you receive this media content, you can edit it. Remember that when you use specialized services, you can freely edit even videos because they will be in high resolution and in the original size.

As you see, the process of downloading Instagram photos is simple, but it requires using additional services.

3 accounts with eye-popping content

If you want picturesque images for creative works, check on these three accounts that regularly update content. You can download images from here, but it's a must to give the author/ photographer references if you aim to publish them elsewhere.

@cntraveler  – heaven for travel enthusiasts


Check on this account even if you don't need travel images for your own Instagram. You will find inspiring locations, hidden cities, and wonderful resorts all in one place. Moreover, the account is informative, so you can educate about these beautiful spots and share this knowledge in your blog, website, etc.

Apart from cities and natural wonders, travelers can find catchy Airbnbs finds all over the globe. If you notice, all the images used in this account are commissioned by influencers and travelers, so this account is likely to apply downloaders.

@yogapractice – valuable content for workouts


This account is one of the biggest yoga communities on Instagram. And it's also a good source for downloading content if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and fitness. You will discover 5-minute mobility lessons, computer-all-day flows, multiple tutorials for beginners.

On this account, you will find videos and posts from yoga tutors that live all over the world. The community moderators carefully pick this content, downloading it from the original accounts, and place it in one IG account with over 2.2 million followers.

@stylishpug – a mood-booster for dog lovers 


If you want to make your feed full of sentimental and cute content, keep an eye on communities devoted to animals. You will discover over 2.6 K images and videos of cute pugs that originate from different resources on this account.

The selection of pugs pictures is so vast and diverse that you are likely to want to download some of them for your own use or to show outside Instagram.

By the way, the moderators of this account use exclusively images made by pug owners or other communities specified on these fun animals.

My final word

Now you get a precise understanding of how you can download Instagram images. What is more, you don't need to always take photos for an IG account by yourself. Many communities publish media generated by other users, and they find their audience.

Having a trusted downloader for Instagram is at your fingertips will help you produce diverse content without the necessity of shooting and filming.

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