How to Deal With Office Pests: All You Need To Know To Keep Them Away

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Keeping the office area clean is indeed not as easy to do compared to keeping a regular house clean.

This is because the office is crowded with many people who are busy with their own job and activities. Sometimes it is hard for them to focus on anything else other than their work, thus they neglect to maintain the office's cleanliness. The presence of pests around your office is the obvious telltale that the office needs a thorough cleaning.

Spending hours every day at the office unwittingly leads you to perform several actions and activities that have the potential to put you at risk of pest attack! Here are the 4 common mistakes we usually make when working, which attract pests without us realizing it!

First Mistake: Not Cleaning After Spill Foods and Crumbs

Not Cleaning After Spill Foods and Crumbs

We tend to eat at our desks for lunch or munch on a snack during break. While it is okay to get the sustenance you need to energize yourself, there is also a chance for you to spill food crumbs around tables, chairs, and floors. As a result, this will attract pests, ants, and even cockroaches to your workplace.

Second Mistake: Leaving Unsealed Drinks or Leftover Foods

Leaving unsealed drinks or leftover foods lying on the table is a common habit among employees. Leftovers or drinks that are not cleaned and disposed of after working hours, can provide moisture that attracts common pests. Especially for sweet-scented drinks that contain honey and sugar, it will attract lots of pests and ants around. You definitely do not want to get itchy when working due to the ants around your desk.

Third Mistake: Improper Waste Management

If your office trash is full of food and drink waste but you are not emptying the bin regularly, then the garbage pile will be the ultimate place that easily attracts pests. Thus, it is important to always keep in mind that you need to diligently dispose of waste in areas that are prone to pests, such as pantries and work desks.

Fourth Mistake: Unclean Pantry

The pantry is the common room that employees use for resting and preparing food at the office. It is also where most of the food scraps and waste will be left behind. If this pantry area is not properly kept clean, it can be at high risk of attracting pests that need sources of food, litter, and moisture to breed.

How To Prevent Pest At The Office?

How To Prevent Pest At The Office

We have discussed some of the common mistakes that we often make which result in pest problems at the office. Here are some of the important things you should keep in mind to prevent a pest problem from brewing.

Throw Leftover Food Immediately

Throwing away any leftover food is one of the easiest ways to stop the pest from emerging. If you do not want to throw the food away, and plan to save it for later -what you can do is pack it up in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator instead.

Clean Work Desk

Wiping your work desks every day before you go home is a great habit that you should definitely do to maintain the cleanliness of your workspace. Keeping this habit will not only help to make your work more productive on the day after but it can also help to prevent pests from infecting your work area.

Always Keep All Areas Dry and Clean

It is important to keep the area in your office dry at all times because moisture has a tendency to attach to numerous surfaces. The wet and damp area is the favorite type of environment for pests. Thus if you want to prevent pests from growing in your office, you should always keep all areas dry. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean wet surfaces at the office.

After you wipe all surfaces, you can top it all with disinfectant to ensure even more cleanliness for your office area. Not only will it keep the pest at bay, but it will also help to remove any bacteria or viruses that can be dangerous to employees' health.

Dispose of Food Waste Properly

The office will need a reliable waste disposal system to keep all the pests away. This is important because the pest is drawn to anything perishable. The company should also have garbage cans in every corner of the office to make it easier for employees to throw their trash.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

The ultimate key to keeping the pest away from your office is to maintain its cleanliness. It will be hard to do so if you do not have a janitor to help assist in cleaning the office. This task cant be given to employees because they are hired to help do the business –not to clean the office.

If you don’t have an in-house cleaner but need help keeping your office in spotless condition, you should hire a professional cleaning service. They will help to keep all the pests away by providing your office with the ultimate cleanliness. Worry not about the cost, because it is definitely much more affordable than hiring your own janitor team. Check out if you are currently looking out for a trusted and professional cleaning service for your office!

Hopefully, this tell-all guide will help you to keep all the pests at bay! If you already have a pest problem and it has grown out of control, you should hire a pest control service to fix it all.

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