How to Convert Word to PDF in Laptop

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As we all know, PDF and Word files are two popular file formats in the field of office and school. Compared with PDF, Word is more editable, but its security is very weak. When PDF was invented, it attracted the attention of the whole world with its easy transmission, high compatibility, and absolute security.

For this reason, when people need to transfer Word content to another platform for sharing and want the content to be protected to prevent others from making arbitrary modifications, converting Word files to PDF is a perfect choice.

The post will show you 3 top methods for you to convert Word documents to PDFs on a laptop with the online free PDF tool PDFgear, Mac default function, and the Microsoft Word that is installed on Windows. Now, let’s follow the tutorials below.

How to Convert Word to PDF on Laptop Online for Free

How to Convert Word to PDF on Laptop Online for Free

For most people who need to convert formats, using an online and free tool is the easiest way to achieve the goal. This method not only does not require people to download any third-party tools on their laptops but also does not add additional costs. It only needs a stable network to complete the conversion of Word to PDF with only two clicks.

It is not easy to find a trustworthy and easy-to-use free online tool, but PDFgear will meet all your expectations. PDFgear is a remedy for all popular PDF issues with its extraordinary functions. It is consist of the PDF compressor, PDF editor, PDF Split & Merge tool, and so on. And a variety of file converters are also one of its best functions, which can easily meet the needs of users to convert Word to PDF.

Also, you can open the website of PDFgaer and use each tool unlimitedly in a laptop with a browser on Windows, Linux, Mac, and even mobile phone systems like iOS and Android.

Here are the simple 3 steps below with clean screenshots.

Step1.  Open the Tool Page

Navigate to the tool page for converting Word to PDF by clicking the link.

Step2.  Upload and Convert

Hit the button to upload the Word document or just drag and drop the document into the blue box.

Step3. Save the PDF

The conversion will complete automatically and successfully. Click the download button that appeared, now you can save the PDF you want to the output location.

In the whole process of changing Word to PDF with PDFgear, there will be no pop-up windows, ads, cost, or watermark. All your information will also be permanently deleted from the Cloud by PDFgear when you close or refresh the page window.

We do recommend PDFgear as your preferred conversion method, but for Mac users, here is another efficient way that is supported by Mac built-in app Preview for them to choose.

How to Convert Word Document to PDF on Macbook

The Preview app in Macbook will play a big role in converting Word to PDF. Its built-in functions can help Mac users sweep to the conversion without limits.

Let’s see the detailed tutorial.

Step 1. Open Word with Preview

Right-click the Word file and use the Preview app to open the document.

Step 2. Export as PDF

In the open Preview window, click “file” in the top menu bar, and select the “Export as PDF” button in the pop-up form.

Step 3. Rename and Save

You can choose whether to rename the folder in the pop-up file explorer window. Then, choose an output location and save the new PDF in your Macbook.

The MacBook's own app can smoothly solve the problem of converting Word to PDF, but for Windows, which is also one of the computer systems with a large market share, there is also a useful way to turn Word document into PDF file.

How to Convert Word to PDF File on Windows

How to Convert Word to PDF File on Windows

The Microsoft Word on your laptop also has the excellent performance of converting Word to PDF.

The 3 simple steps are shown below.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Word

Open a Word document or just create a new one with Microsoft Word, hit the “File” button on the top menu bar, and choose “Save as”.

Step 2. Save as PDF

Choose an output folder you like and click it, then a window will pop up immediately.

Step 3. Get New PDF

Select “PDF” as the “save as type”, decide the saving location, rename the file, and tap the button to get your new PDF.

Before you start following this method, please make sure that Microsoft Word is purchased, downloaded, and installed on your laptop.

The Closing Thoughts

This post introduced 3 practical methods for converting Word to PDF. Each method has its own characteristics. If you want to use the free online converter, you can choose PDFgear and save the website URL so that you can use other free tools at any time and anywhere.

If you are a Mac user, please directly select the Preview app provided by the system for conversion which is the simplest conversion method. If you are a user of other systems and Microsoft Word is installed on your computer, please open a Word document through Microsoft and save it as a PDF.

These 3 methods are extremely effective, but how to choose will depend on your actual needs. Please choose a more suitable tool according to your situation. If this article is helpful, please share it with more people around you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Word to PDF Conversion

How to save a Word document as a PDF in Word 2007?

If you'd like to get a PDF from Word 2007, you should open a Word document, and choose the Print option. Select “PDF or XPS>Option> ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)>Ok>Publish” in order, then you can get your PDF files.

Also, we highly suggest you convert Word to PDF with an online free PDF converter PDFgaer which can finish your job within three steps. Here is the detailed tutorial for you.

Step 1. Click the link to open the tool page for converting Word to PDF

Step 2. Upload the Word document you want to convert

Step 3. Tap the button to save the PDF to your device.

How do I convert a Word document to PDF without the software?

Here we recommend the easiest method for you to convert Word documents to PDF without any software. The free online tool PDFgear Word to PDF converter can offer you support. All you need to prepare is a stable network, now follow the simple steps below to achieve your goal.

Step 1. Navigate to the tool page with a browser.

Step 2. Hit the blue button to upload a Word document.

Step 3. Download the PDF converted automatically and save it.

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