5 Ways to Build Your Internet Presence – Guide for Up and Coming Influencers

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Being an influencer can be one of the most rewarding works one can do. It’s true that you need to put in a lot of work but the gain is considerably big too. Or it can be, if you know how to package what you work on.

If you are a part of the ever-growing Influencer industry you probably already know a lot about the importance of marketing yourself. Mastering even the simplest advertising strategies is an absolutely necessary skill for anyone who wants to become involved in the field.

Obviously, the most important thing for newbie influencers is to have a strong presence on internet social media platforms. We have decided to make things relatively easy by providing a simple guideline for those just starting. Here’s a bunch of tips that will help you build your internet presence.

Choose the platform

And we cannot stress this enough. There are many different social media platforms and it’s extremely important to know where you want to establish yourself. Doesn’t mean you have to choose one. In fact, it is better to choose several popular social media but don’t overdo it. If you want to stay on the local market look for the ones that are especially trendy in your city or country.


If you are aiming big the choice you need to make rests on the current global hits. Don’t worry, trends may change too fast when it comes to content creation but a big social media platform popularity stays stable. If something, the more history helps them in developing into a brand name.

Choose the audience

Now that you know deciding the platform is a key step, here’s the next thing you need to do. Decide who you want your target audience to be. You will get the engagement from outside of your target audience as you go but it’s better to be clear on the people you primarily plan on introducing yourself to.

To be transparent, nowadays everyone uses everything. But there are still slight preferences in peoples’ choice of social media. Older generation prefers to stick to Facebook these days. Tik-Tok is considered to be used by young people mostly. Twitch and SoundCloud users come in all ages.

You get the point. If you have a preferred audience in mind the choice of your platforms will partly depend on it. This is why we advise you to have several social media pages.

Numbers Matter

Doesn’t matter who tells you what. Motivational speech about hard work and creativity alone won’t get you anywhere. It’s as simple as that. Bigger numbers mean bigger chances at getting noticed by popular brands and names, more engagement and even more followers, viewers or likers. Luckily you don’t have to struggle or wait for a miracle to happen in order to boost your follower count on social media.

There are ways to get organic engagement without wasting a fortune on it. Go ahead and make use of SocialWick. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. The biggest influencers you know? They do it too. Everyone does and there’s nothing shameful about it. It’s the same as a commercial on TV or an ad banner for a particular product.

We advise you to do this as soon as possible. Nobody wants to put out a great work without getting any recognition for it. Recognition counts with numbers in the influencer industry.

Get Creative

Now that you know your platform, have a target audience in mind and a considerable number of engagements it’s time to get creative. Following trends is unavoidable, that way you will be involved in whatever is currently popular among masses.

But don’t forget that most people get bored easily, they want something new. Have you thought about why there are a number of new viral challenges on Tik-Tok and Instagram every other week?

It’s because of this reason. Novelty is important. You may ask how is it possible to keep up with the trends and be original at the same time. Easily. You don’t have to invent or re-invent anything. Put in some original little details in your work and that will be more than enough. It will help you with establishing your brand as well.

Be Active

Don’t slack on this one. Whether you schedule your posts twice a week or Story what you do every hour, make sure to stay active. People wanting novelty works the same way when it comes to your presence too.

They want to know new things that happen to you on a daily basis. As an influencer it’s kind of your job to update them on what’s going on in your life. Being active will definitely get you far, so don’t stop!

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