7 Proven Tactics to attract more followers on Instagram

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Instagram has now become a part of people’s lives across the world. The platform’s visual format and its high volume have made it the best choice for those who want to engage and connect. It is this high volume of people and the visual format that has made business brands to all head to Instagram for marketing purposes.

There is no iota of doubt in the fact that today, everyone wants to join Instagram and get followers. But one question you need to ask yourself is, are you getting the right type of followers? The answer to this question is fundamental, as it will determine the success of your business on Instagram.

While it is true that it might be difficult to get more Instagram followers, it is much possible to get as many followers as possible if you follow these nine proven tactics to attract more followers on Instagram.

How to attract more followers on instagram

Stick to one theme

instagram themes

One great way to get more followers on Instagram is to pick a theme and stick on it. This is crucial, especially if your target is to convert as many followers into loyal followers. Instagram users will follow you due to various reasons, and when these reasons are no longer there, then chances of them unfollowing, you are very likely.

To retain your current followers and attract more, you need to choose a theme that you know will entertain and educate them.

Post consistently

One common mistake with most Instagram users who want to attract more followers is a failure to post consistently. Chances of your growing your followership on Instagram without daily posts are minimal, and you might end up with less than 1000 followers even after being on these platforms for years.

To attract more followers, you need to make sure that you post at least one content each day. To achieve this, you will need to stick to your posting schedule.

Utilize hashtags properly


The value of hashtags on Instagram has drastically gone up, thanks to the new Instagram algorithm. These hashtags will prove most valuable to your efforts to attract more followers if you use them correctly.

For you to benefit from hashtags, you need first to conduct proper research on them and make sure they are relevant to your audience. And to make this tactic even more useful, make sure not to use more than thirty hashtags per post.

Consider buying Instagram followers

Get More Real Instagram Followers

very business needs some form of investment, and so buying Instagram followers is very much in order. You need to save some money to ensure that you get as many followers as possible that will enable you to compete favorably online.

Remember that while getting Instagram followers, organically is always the best way, not so many users will be willing to follow a profile without followers.

According to Instagrowing, an online platform for Instagram followers, likes, and comments, buying Instagram followers is a catalyst for organic followers.

Make use of Instagram geotag feature

Instagram’s geotag feature is so important when it comes to attracting more followers on Instagram. It gives your users a sense of where you are at the time of posting your visual content. You need to geotag your photos or places where you expect your audience to be.

Understand the best time to post

best time to post instagram posts

It is very crucial to understand the various times when your audience from different locations is awake. We know that Instagram users might be in various time-zones, and thus understanding the best time for them is crucial to getting more followers. To get the most out of your efforts, research the times when most users are on Instagram, then post.

Encourage your existing followers to share your content

share your content

While your efforts in attracting more followers are vital, you need help. The best help you can get is from your existing followers.

You need to request them to share your posts after reading them. This will help you reach out to users who might not be able to see posts on your timeline.

But for this to happen, you need to ensure that the content you post is both interesting and shareable. If the content is not pleasing, then it might be very hard for someone to share the content with his friends.

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