How to Find How Much is Your LoL Account Worth?

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How many years have you had your League of Legends account? Would you want to know how much your LOL account is worth depending on the heroes, champions, level, and skins? There are some calculation websites you can use to estimate your LoL account’s worth.

Do you know how the value of a League of Legends account is evaluated? It depends on how many heroes, skin count, rare skins, account level; (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond), influence points, riot points, and champions you have.

These are the major determinants of how worth your Lol account can be. Here are some online tools that you can use to evaluate how much your LoL account is worth. Moreover, there are some reliable websites that you can use to buy and sell LoL accounts.

How Much is My LoL Account Worth?

Player Auctions

The player auction website is recommended for checking LoL accounts' worth.

Step 1: You simply need to fill out all the fields.

Step 2: Once done, click on Calculate account value now. Make sure to write the right details for correct calculations.

Calculate account value

Step 3: Check the estimated account value. That’s the real value of your account.

Step 4: Click on “ Sell your account now” if you want to sell it. You will be redirected to another page that allows you to buy or sell.

Sell your account now

Step 5: The other option is to click “Browse similar offers”.  On the next page, you will be able to see other accounts that are on sale. Scroll down to find the best offer.

find the best offer

How Much Money Did I Spend on League of Legends?

Would you want to know how much you spent on League of Legends? Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Go to this League of Legends support. Click on Login to enter your account and evaluate its value.

League of Legends

Step 2: A popup will appear with your estimated spendings. If you are not sure of what you spent on it, open your LoL game.

popup will appear

Step 3: Check the emotes, wards, chromas, icons, champions, runes, and items. If you have bought any of these, it means that's where you spent the most money. On the upper right, you will see the total number of the specific item in your collection.

Step 4: The items are arranged according to when you bought them. The more items you have in your account, the higher its value.

Is It Legal to Sell My League of Legends Account?

Riot does not allow game players to sell their accounts, but some websites can convert your game account into cash. The official platform explained that because of online fraud, both buyers and sellers are likely to cause losses and may cause harm to the community, and never believe others' lies.

However, there will always be people to do things that have interests. The following is the secure trading platform we have organized, on which you can trade your LOL account at ease.

Where to Resell My League of Legends Account

a. Player Auctions website

Step 1: Open the Player auctions website.

Player Auctions website

Step 2: Create an account to sell your LoL account. While creating the account, post the details about the account that you are looking to sell. Give elaborate information on the account specifications.

Step 3: Payment will only be released when the buyer confirms having received the account. The accounts are free to register, but a small commission is charged after selling.

i. Types of LoL accounts:

1. LoL smurfs – Sell LoL smurfs to make a good amount of money. Many players are always on the lookout for the LoL smurfs account.

2. All champ account – Building a champ account can be hard, but it is worthwhile. It can help you get some good returns.

All champ account

3. Rare skins account – If you have an account with rare skins like silver, kayle, young Ryze, and much more, it can be worth a lot of dollars. This is mostly when you have unique skins.

4. LoL gold account – If you have a Gold account, be sure it is worth a lot.

ii. Payment and supported regions

The LoL account payments are done in terms of dollars

Payment and supported regions

The Player auction platform supports different regions such as North America, EU West, Eu Nordic and West, Oceania, Turkey, Russia, Latin America North, Latin America South, Brazil, PBE, Japan, Garena.

auction platform

b. Account warehouse

Step 1: Open the account warehouse website.

account warehouse website

Step 2: Fill out the quote so that the LoL account you want to sell can be considered.

Account warehouse

Step 3: Write the right information about your account for better accountability.

lol accounts stats

Step 4: The details include the summoner’s name, region, LoL level, number of champions, skins, rare skins, division, fight tactics, borders, current RP, current IP, and expected price.

Step 5: Click on Submit quote. Wait for the team to review your submission.

Click on Submit

i. Type of accounts

They accept smurf accounts, number of riot points, unlocked champions, rare skins, ranked games, and game modes.

ii. Payment and supported regions

Regions supported are:

Regions supported

Payment is done in $ (dollars)


Supported payment methods:

payment methods

c. Account Kings

Account kings allow you to sell your League of Legends account. They sell a wide variety of account options. They buy and sell LoL accounts in all regions.

Step 1: Open the account kings website.

Step 2: First, you will need to create an account by filling in the account information details. You will need to provide your summoner’s name, region, LoL level, current RP, current blue essence, honor level, rune page count, division, number of skins, rare skins, and champions. Answer all the questions truthfully.

account kings

Step 3: Click on “Request a Quote”. You will then receive a quote at your email address.  If you accept the offer, you get paid right away.

i. Payment and regions

Once you have submitted the information to your account, you will be sent the quote. After you accept it, the payment department will send the agreed funds.

The payment process can take up to 24hours. Account kings use Paypal as their payment method for buying accounts. You will be notified about the payment options early enough.

ii. Region supported: No restrictions.

d. G2G Website

Step 1: Open the G2G website.

Step 2: Create an account as a seller or login into your account.

Create an account as a seller

Step 3: Select the games and services that you want to sell. Make sure to fill out all the details correctly. Submit the form after agreeing to the terms of service.

Step 4: If you want to make any changes to your listing, select “Listings” on the menu and click “Manage listings”. You can make any necessary changes.

Step 5: To withdraw payments, click on Payment, choose to convert your funds to any currency, or proceed with the withdrawal. You can withdraw to an existing payment account or create a new one. Double-check all the information and confirm the withdrawal.

The support center can help you if you get stranded at any point.

support center

Thinking before selling

Once you sell your account to a platform, you can no longer own it. If you have victorious or rare skins, think carefully. Once you sell, all account rights go to the buyer. Hence, when making the decision think carefully. Moreover, check the account pricing to know whether it is the best time to sell your LoL account or not.

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