7 Ways How Even a Fresher Can Ace Essay Writing

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Essay writing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to evaluate student progress and identify their knowledge gaps. Even though this type of assignment has been continuously criticized by students, teachers love it. It is clear that a shift to hybrid or online education will only strengthen the status of writing assignments.

However, college paper writing can be quite challenging, especially for freshers. It takes some time to get into the matter and understand what it is that professors expect from you.

To make it easier, this article will list several steps that will definitely help students in their writing endeavors.

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Read Instructions Carefully

Writing college assignments becomes a lot easier if you understand what exactly is expected from you. Thus, always start with checking instructions.

Read them carefully, taking into account every detail. Find the respective rubric or syllabus and read it, too. You might find there some valuable information on the needed approach to writing assignments.

Remember that whoever checks your paper will be guided by those instructions. If you do not include something mentioned there in your writing, your grade will be deducted.

Create an Outline

When you understand the given topic, you can start with the writing process. For that, you should create an outline. Usually, your background knowledge of the topic is enough to plan a paper. If the topic is new and complex, you can start with research to form your opinion.

Having an outline for a paper consisting of two and more pages is critical. It is better to brainstorm before you get to writing than while doing it. A plan will make you stick to the topic and the required structure.

Read More

Even if you manage to write an outline without any external sources, you will definitely need them while writing. Referencing credible sources is critical for every writing assignment. Do not think that a paper without support and evidence from reputable books and journals can earn you a good grade.

Do not waste your time on sources like Wikipedia. It is not recognized by any educational institution. You cannot reference it in your paper. Instead, focus on books, ebooks, journal articles, working papers, etc.

Apply Critical Thinking

Every college paper aims to test the student’s ability to use facts to support their opinion. Thus, your task is to speak your mind on the topic, using evidence from credible sources. There are different approaches to writing, but all of them require critical reasoning.

For example, if you are supposed to write a movie review, and you just discuss the plot, such a paper will have zero value. Instead, if you present theories and support your ideas, you’ll write a killer essay.

Structure Matters

It is essential for you to adhere to academic principles and rules while writing. First of all, make sure your paper has a proper structure. It should start with the introduction, followed by the body and conclusion.

The body is the biggest part that should contain all your main arguments. The conclusion simply summarizes the key ideas for readers.

A clear and logical structure will ensure your readers stay focused on the ideas you want them to follow. It will also make your thesis more consistent.

Avoid Plagiarism

This rule is a must. You should avoid plagiarism by all means. There is no excuse for you to use someone’s ideas without putting a proper reference. Even if you refer to your own paper, you should mention the source on a reference page.

Plagiarism is banned in any educational facility. Failure to comply with basic rules concerning referencing and using external sources may end in huge problems for you.

Ask Someone to Proofread It

Ask Someone to Proofread It

If you have someone you can trust, do not hesitate to ask them to proofread your paper for you. There is nothing bad about getting some critics from a friend. It is much better than receiving it later on from a professor. Also, while reading, your study buddy can provide you with some fresh ideas that you can use.

Proofreading for stylistic, grammar, and spelling errors is very important to ensure your academic paper is of decent quality. If you have no one to do the job, try leaving your paper for several hours before getting back to it. You’ll have a fresh eye in such a case.

Final Words

Acing in writing requires time, diligence, and dedication. Forget about writing a 500-word paper in just one hour. Good grades are only given to critical essays with enough insight and evidence.

If you want to have zero problems with writing in college, begin with learning the matter in the earliest stages. Learn about the specifics and try to comply with the main rules. Most of them are basic for all educational institutions.

Do not ignore professional advice and read as many samples as you need to see what it means to write well. After several assignments, you’ll definitely recognize a pattern that makes writing excellent and brings good grades.


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