How Does XNSPY App Fare Against the Competition?

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Monitoring apps could be a lifesaver in many present-day scenarios. Suspecting a cheating partner? Snoop. Got a screen-obsessed child? Set screen-time limitations with a monitoring tool. Don’t fully trust your employees? Simply monitor their computers and phones.

There are so many great options to choose from that it can be a difficult choice to narrow down. Currently, there are a lot of practical use cases for monitoring apps.

For this post, we will be doing an in-depth review of the XNSPY monitoring app for Android and iOS smartphones and see how well it holds against the rest of the competition.

XNSPY: An Introduction


XNSPY is perhaps one of the most popular monitoring apps available. It is available on iOS as well and can run on both the jailbreak and the non-jailbreak versions of iOS.

It is a similar story to the Android version. It can work on both rooted Android versions and non-rooted Android devices. XNSPY has a reliable remote monitoring algorithm.

XNSPY does not require any special hardware to run. It can manage a smartphone from afar, making it a refined remote monitoring solution. It is also one of the few options out there that offer incredible value for the price.

To effectively employ XNSPY's features, users must first need to buy a subscription, which they can get from their website. Many websites consider it a dependable mobile tracker app for Android and iOS for a host of different reasons.

It is easy to install, works in stealth mode, and can give live updates as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after installation.

How to Install XNSPY on a Smartphone

  1. Purchase a subscription of XNSPY, either basic or premium depending on your requirements. The installation steps will be the same for either.
  2. Log in to your email address, you will be sent a link to download XNSPY app
  3. You will also be emailed credentials to your online account. This is the Dashboard. Here you can remotely view calls and messages of the monitored smartphone.
  4. You will download the link on the device you want to monitor
  5. For an iOS device, the installation process is a bit different
  6. If you want to track an iPhone, you'll need to provide its iCloud credentials. The iCloud backup will be uploaded to the control panel once they are successfully input.

Different use cases of Xnspy

These are some of the most common situations in which you can use Xnspy.

XNSPY for Parents

Parents can use XNSPY to track kids' cell phones and monitor the online activities of their children. It can do so on an Android phone or any other smartphone.

While XNSPY cannot prevent children from ransomware attacks, it can serve as a warning. Parents can use such surveillance tools to ensure that their children are never again victims of ransomware.

XNSPY app for monitoring child's phone can also be handy when it comes to dealing with bullies or online predators. Kids are too young to realize when someone is luring them.

Parents can check voice calls, read text messages and check their kids' social media posts and instant messages. XNSPY is an easy solution for parents. It can quickly identify cases of bullying, sexual harassment, and or grooming.

XNSPY for Schools

Educational institutions can also install XNSPY on school-owned devices since they were the most vulnerable to cybercrime during the pandemic. Due to cyberattacks, schools and universities lost $2.73 million last year.

If you’re thinking, can schools track your phone, the answer is probably yes. Especially with XNSPY. Schools are usually vulnerable to cyberattacks because they have a poor IT infrastructure and operate on a tight budget. XNSPY prevents schools from falling victim to cybercrime as it ensures school resources are utilized for educational purposes. More information about how Xnspy is assisting schools in creating a safe tech environment can be found here.

XNSPY for Employers

Remote monitoring apps help companies track employees during critical times. Many companies use these apps to track and assist their workers whenever they are behind schedule or stuck at a vital task. XNSPY allows employers to check on their workers to ensure they are not involved in any illegal activity or sharing confidential data with anyone without permission.

XNSPY can show SMS messages, phone conversations, GPS, calendar, social media, network traffic, and multimedia. XNSPY can also operate the device remotely to activate a smartphone's microphone or camera. It can uninstall or install software or lock a device.

What Are Some Pros and Cons of XNSPY?

Pros and Cons


  • Customers can try out all of the features in a live demo before making a purchase.
  • It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Provides quick updates
  • Is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones, as well as rooted and non-rooted Android devices.
  • Offers massive discounts throughout the year
  • Constantly add new features
  • Premium mobile tracker app for Android


  • Can take time to process refund requests on purchases
  • Users will need physical access to the device theywant to monitor.
  • No free trial to check all the features on actual use cases.
  • Data may take some time to upload to XNSPY servers

How does XNSPY fare against other monitoring apps?

Now let's take a look at how some of the other major players do against Xnspy.


FlexiSPY is another popular alternative and competitor to XNSPY. The app has its own unique set of features, but most of them are shared between it and other popular alternatives on the market. The one place where FlexiSPY has a leg up from XNSPY is in its ability to allow users to keep track of phones or a computer, whereas XNSPY is only meant for phones and tablets at the moment.

FlexiSPY is marketed as an excellent option for both parental monitoring needs and employee surveillance, and the feature set is impressive too. This software also gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to its features and settings, and users can fine-tune their preferences accordingly.

The app supports the usual call and text message monitoring and has an additional call recording functionality too. The location of the target device can also be monitored using FlexiSPY, and it shares the same Ambient Recording feature with XNSPY.

Ambient Recording allows users to enable the target device’s microphones at any given time, and listen in to its surroundings. Conversations and background noise can all be picked up and relayed through FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY also has support for tracking social media apps including Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Its instant messenger list is even more impressive with Skype, Hike, Kik, WhatsApp, and Viber all supported. FlexiSPY can also tune into dating apps like Tinder.

It also has a keylogger built-in and can even view all of the multimedia files saved on devices. But these similarities are shared with XNSPY too, so one might wonder where the two differentiate. This is found in FlexiSPY’s pricing.

First-timers can find its asking price of $200 every three months a bit difficult to stomach. Fret not, as the app has two cheaper plans titled Lite and Premium. The Lite plan runs at $30/month and has no social media, instant messenger, or dating app tracking capabilities. This somewhat limits its functionality for people looking to get into the finer crevices of the target device.

The Premium version runs at $68 a month and has some additional apps and tools unlocked for the user. For the ultimate experience, users are recommended to shell out the exorbitant $300 asking fee.

And while XNSPY has one plan for all devices, FlexiSPY urges you to purchase separate licenses for each device. This can quickly start to run above $500/month on payments for an Android, iOS, and Windows device.


Hoverwatch is yet another entry into the mix of monitoring software, and while late to the party, it has a strong showing. Today, it has become a solid app for monitoring a child's phone, as well as becoming the go-to monitoring tool for clients who want to keep track of various devices.

Hoverwatch is unique in the compatibility aspect as it not only supports Android and iOS devices but macOS and Windows computers too. This versatility makes it an ideal option for most users as they can assign multiple devices to a single control center. Users can also turn on or off covert monitoring right from the comfort of their own homes.

The app has one of the most reliable monitoring and remote tracking algorithms on the market and boasts an impressive catalog when it comes to features. Like XNSPY, Hoverwatch works in stealth mode which makes the application virtually impossible to locate and delete on the target device.

It can also record phone calls, view internet history and track all incoming and outgoing text messages. Hoverwatch also has a good selection of social media apps that it can monitor. Snapchat and Facebook are supported, and WhatsApp and Viber are two instant messengers it can keep tabs.

Users can even access the camera of the device to see what the device sees at any given time, and can take remote screenshots of the phone or computer when in use. It does all of this and more without so much as a notification to alert the tracked person.

The app is free to sign up for but can be used seven days after the subscription ends. Once the free trial elapses, users have a choice between three payment plans. Hoverwatch comes in with its Personal, Professional, and Business plans.

The Personal plan starts from $24.95/month and only allows installation on a single device. The Professional plan begins from $9.99/month and can support up to 5 devices at a single time. This plan is great for parents and small businesses. The final Business plan is geared toward larger corporations that would like a widespread implementation of Hoverwatch in their ranks. This plan starts from $6/month and supports 25 devices at a time.

Hoverwatch is also privacy-conscious. All data stored on its servers is deleted within 7 days after the end of your subscription, and the company keeps none of the data for itself.

Features XNSPY FlexiSPY Hoverwatch
Price Basic: USD 4.99/month

Premium: USD 7.49/month

Lite: USD 30/month

Premium: USD 68/month

Personal: USD 24.95/month

Professional: USD 9.99/month

Compatibility All Android versions 4.0 and above. All iOS versions 15 and below. All Android versions 6.0 and above. All iOS versions 14 and below. All Android versions 60 and above. All iOS versions 13 and below.
Do I need physical access to the phone? Yes. Only for installation. No further access is needed.


Yes. Only for installation. No further access is needed. Yes. Only for installation. No further access is needed.


Is it hidden? Yes Yes Yes
Call log Yes Yes Yes
Call recording Yes Yes Yes
Call interception No No No
SMS monitoring Available Yes Limited
Spoof SMS Yes No No
IM & Social media Yes Limited Functionality Limited Functionality
GPS tracking Yes Limited Functionality Yes
Geofencing Yes Limited Functionality Yes
Email Access Yes Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes Limited Functionality
Videos Yes Yes Limited Functionality
Audio Yes Yes Yes
Web history Yes Yes Yes
Content filtering No No No
Camera control No No No
Screenshot Yes Limited Functionality Limited Functionality
Microphone recording Yes Yes Yes
App blocking Yes Limited Functionality Limited Functionality
Phone lock Yes Yes Limited Functionality
Phone data deletion Yes No No
Instant alerts Yes Limited Functionality Limited Functionality
Rooting Required for some features. Yes Yes

Some Departing Words on XNSPY

As a smartphone monitoring app, XNSPY is reliable for its customers. It offers detailed support to its customers who are stuck at the downloading or installing stage. Its customer support can guide thoroughly at every stage. XNSPY tries to ensure every customer gets what they pay.

You can test all the features to your heart's desire before purchasing a subscription for XNSPY using the live demo option.

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