How Does Live Chat Work for Marketing?

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Adding live chat to your customer support will help you to increase your revenue. ✓ Find out the benefits you’ll have by bringing together live chat and marketing.

There is an undeniably increasing demand for high-quality and faster communication. Meeting such a demand is a must for businesses to maintain a favorable reputation in providing enhanced customer experiences. It is for this reason that most companies are opting for live chat support.

Some business owners still assume that live chat agent skills are only for answering queries and are yet to fully grasp how it works as an excellent tool for increasing revenue, sales, and lead generation. This article will help elaborate on how to use the said channel for marketing so you can attain stability for your brand.

What is Live Chat?

What is Live Chat

It is software that allows users and customer support agents to interact with each other when users visit your website. Site visitors can initiate a chat session by simply typing a message in the chat window or widget.

The said communication channel is a game-changer when used aptly. Not all companies have a clear and concise idea of where to start when improving their connection with target audiences.

Live chat for marketing entails speaking to your customers naturally via live messaging tools and asking them questions about your company’s product rather than directing them to a generic contact form.

6 Reasons To Add Live Chat To Your Marketing

Add Live Chat To Your Marketing

The efficiency of live chat is higher than other messaging channels. A recent study shows that around 83% of customers are more willing to buy products from a business that supports live chat functionality on their website.

It is especially true now that people spend the majority of their time online to browse pages, or purchase products and services.

However, that’s just the surface of how this particular mode of communication becomes highly advantageous for developing your business.

Here are the top three reasons why you should know why it is vital to add live chat for internet marketing.

You engage with potential customers immediately.

People visit your website to learn more about your products and services, ask questions, check out your price range, and make an informed decision as to whether they will proceed with a purchase or not. Live chat allows you to successfully convince even potential buyers who are hesitant about trying what your business has to offer.

It is quite handy for capturing and retaining the interest of new customers at the perfect moment.

Say, someone is about to click the ‘Check Out' button and complete an order for one of your products. They click on the pricing page and add the item to their cart. There is one thing holding them back: They still have pending queries about your products that need clarification. They may be comparing the differences in the price and quality. When customers reach a point of indecisiveness, that is the exact moment that you can interact with them. Engage with them in an instant and offer to clarify their questions.

Live chat speeds up the sales cycle.

Combining live chat and marketing together is highly cost-effective. One of the reasons is because consumers expect an instant response, and real-time replies have a stronger convincing power when enticing people to complete a purchase, subscribe to your brand, or even follow you on social media. Seamless messaging allows potential buyers to reach out to your support agents instantly.

Maintaining a short response time also speeds up the time it takes to complete a sale. Establishing a steady exchange of information with prospects from the time they show interest in your products reduces opportunities for competitors to steal them or distract them from choosing to do business with you.

In terms of improving marketing strategies, live chat helps prompt visitors  to fill up form subscriptions, ensuring prospects get notified the moment they show interest. It enables the utilization of collected customer data for strategic enrichment of your ads. You get to align your future campaigns with your audience’s needs, thereby reinforcing repeat subscriptions, purchases, and more constructive feedback.

Live chats operate 24/7.

One of the most notable advantages of live chat messaging is it can operate 24/7. With a chat widget on your website, your support representatives can assist customers anytime. You can never tell when a potential customer can drop by your website or page to gain info on your products.

Fortunately, live chat support can help your sales team continuously engage prospects on your site in the most effective way possible. Who knows, a simple inquisition could lead to years and years of buyer loyalty. Once your agents step outside of the office at the end of their shift, have chatbots take over and keep the answering streak going. In this manner, your potential customers will be more satisfied with your assistance and stick with your brand.

Create a fully integrated user experience

An integrated customer experience plays a vital role in your marketing. If customers have any questions or problems with your products or services, and you can’t resolve them quickly, this will result in a negative experience for your customer.  Also, the process of buying from you will feel more seamless for them.

If you want to get all the relevant information about your customers without having to ask them directly, live chat helps you do that. For instance, you want to conduct a quick survey about their latest purchase. It is easier to strike a follow-up question with them via a real-time messaging channel. Hence, integrating live chat is the key.

You gain the zdvantage of combining all your systems for full context about a lead or a customer at any moment. More importantly, live messaging gives your customers options on how they will contact you. Not only will this improve people's experience with your business, but it will also make them trust you more.

Your Customers Want It

Most users are busy, and so they want their transactions to be carried out as quickly as possible. They prefer to communicate with businesses with live messaging enabled on their website or social media channels. Who doesn’t enjoy response time at lightning speed?

Let’s say that your customers want to buy products. When the customers ask for the details of the products, no one is there to answer them immediately. This will lead to customers switching to competitors. But, if you implement live chat in your marketing team, and resolve customers' problems quickly, the result is a significant boost in your company’s growth and revenue.

Live chat can reduce product returns.

There is a reason why established businesses are keen on the best live chat for marketing. It makes sense that if you inform your customer in advance about the product, the less likely they are to return it. You can use live chat to actively encourage your customers to ask questions.

It’s the digital equivalent of a store assistant inquiring and doing a follow-up on whether there’s anything wrong about the product, except this is often less intrusive.

On the other hand, it is still better to be courteous and respectful of your customer’s time and privacy, even when using chat to communicate.

A simple reminder to let the customer know that a support representative is always available and ready to answer any questions about the products and services they purchase.


Ultimately, the key to a successful promotional strategy is to learn how live chat, as a channel that connects you with your audience, affects the success of your operations.

Of course, the focal purpose of executing it is to bring more users to your website. Without utilizing it properly, it is more likely that you will lose both new and long-time customers. Meanwhile, once you use it appropriately, live chat brings a tremendous effect on your marketing strategy and positively elevates other areas of sustaining your services.

These six key pointers should be more than enough to ensure that your marketing strategy goes hand in hand with your customer engagement plan. More importantly, the consistently quick replies creates an unforgettable customer experience. Give live chat a go now to grow your company and boost ROS for your business.

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