How Do I Copy an Elementor Page To Another Website?

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Copying an Elementor page to another website is like knowing how to duplicate a page in WordPress. Fortunately, bringing your content from one source to your WordPress site is straightforward.

Copying an Elementor page

Once you've created the perfect layout, you'll need the best tools to ensure it's transferred effortlessly to your site.

What Is Elementor?

WordPress builders are top-rated since they allow you to explore creative options outside of WordPress. With the ability to customize your site, you can craft unique content that catches your readers' eyes.

Elementor explained

Elementor is one of these builders that offers an impressive number of professionally-designed tools to make effective websites. It's an all-in-one solution that streamlines your entire workflow when designing a website. You'll find it loads quickly, offers superior visual design options, and is 100% flexible to your needs.

Often, website administrators will use Elementor to prepare their WordPress sites' pages. Once you've established the perfect content, you can then copy and paste your work to your WordPress site. Whether you're a professional freelancer or an agency, the options are limitless with WordPress site builders.

How To Cross-Domain Transfer Content

Cross-Domain Transfer Content Elementor

It's known that Elementor makes it simple to transfer content to and from sites on the same domain. However, what if you want to bring your work from one website to an entirely different one? Elementor allows you to copy and paste content to your various WordPress sites with addons.

How Does It Work?

You can save valuable time with the right addon by preserving your hard work and beautiful website. Instead of replicating content on another platform, this process is far more streamlined. Whether you've previously designed a layout or if you've made minor tweaks to content, it can be copied and pasted.

By avoiding the need to start from scratch, you can save plenty of time moving to another platform. Website administrators could move saved templates in the past, but now, you can quickly move individual pieces of content.

A few other areas where copying will be handy include:

  • Copying Sections

If you want to bring an entire section or column of data to another website, you can do so with this feature. If you have specific edits that you want to make, you'll frequently reach this tool. It can also be beneficial for adjusting certain items throughout the site.

  • Copying Widgets

Copying Widgets

Widgets are a fantastic way to breathe life into your website. Web administrators can add fun and interactive components to their sites.

Widgets are also ideal for cleanly displaying content that you would otherwise have to program yourself. You can quickly copy every Elementor widget and third-party widgets.

  • Copying Videos and Images

When you choose a section you want to copy, it will also bring the text, images, and videos to the specific area.

Using Ultimate Addon for Elementor

The Ultimate Addon for Elementor, also known as UAE, is the standard option for transferring content from site to site. It's a built-in addon that you can access in your settings menu when you've logged into your account. All you have to do is ensure that you have UAE enabled, and you can begin the two-step process.

Using Ultimate Addon for Elementor

Fortunately, there's no need to pay for a paid account or subscription to take advantage of this addon. Website administrators with a free account can easily transfer content for free.

Step #1: Select the Copied Content

Select the Copied Content for Elementor

First, you'll want to find the content you want to bring to your WordPress site on Elementor. When you've decided what you want to bring, you'll need to right-click on the content. With the addon enabled, you'll be given a menu with several editing features, including “Copy.”

Step #2: Paste the Data

Paste the Data for Elementor

After selecting “Copy,” you can then visit your WordPress visual editor, which is where you'll be inputting the new content. At this point, all you have to do is click “Paste,” and your content will be immediately transferred.

When you're pasting, you might be prompted with a menu that asks if you want to display all the content on the site. You'll want to make sure you select “Allow” to see the text, images, and videos you've transferred.

Using Happy Addons

An alternative to Ultimate Addon for Elementor is Happy Addons. Transferring content is equally seamless, with a user-friendly interface for beginners and professionals. You might prefer to use this tool, as it allows you to copy and paste individual items compared to whole pages.

using happy addons for elementor

With the Ultimate Addon for Elementor, you can copy an entire webpage in one shot. On the other hand, Happy Addons allows you to select individual items, such as single photos and text blocks.

Depending on your needs, you might find this option gives you a little more creative freedom. However, if you're looking for the least time-consuming platform, UAE might be better.


Bringing your Elementor content to another domain is as simple as getting it to a secondary page on the same one. With either Ultimate Addon for Elementor or Happy Addons, you can master the art of copying and pasting. This time-saving feature is essential for casual and professional website designers alike.

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